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SEN New@ BETT www. bettshow. com New technology gives special assistance AbleNet ( stand SN46) makes its debut at the BETT and will demonstrate a range of wireless switching devices and other assistive technologies. They include the new Bluetooth Impulse, which attaches via an electrode and allows even the smallest muscle control anywhere on the body to control a keyboard, mouse or wheelchair. Texthelp Systems ( stand SN70) will showcase the newly-upgraded BrowseAloud v6, its text- to- speech software. The application now appears as a floating toolbar, which keeps all features readily accessible. New functionality includes a translation tool, for single- word translation between English, French, Spanish, German and Italian, and a screen- masking facility so users can mask off part of the screen to aid concentration. On show at Assistiveware ( stand SN60) will be the new version of Proloquo2Go, which was the first consumer device- based communication solution for people who can't speak. Running on an Apple iPod Touch or iPhone, the software is much more affordable than many competing solutions. The new version features British voices and vocal personalisation. Ginger Software ( stand SN32) will highlight its spelling and grammar checking software. Operating as an online service, Ginger supports Microsoft text editors such as Word and Outlook and support for Internet Explorer is imminent. The company says that Ginger can eliminate up to 95 percent of writing errors common to sufferers of dyslexia. Also going online, GL Assessment ( stand E96) has launched online versions of its Dyslexia Screener and assessment software. The new versions provide a range of new reporting and administrative features, including a new report specifically designed for parents. Demonstrations are available at the GL Assessment website. Speech Link ( stand N68) will launch a range of animated speech games for listening practice in the mainstream classroom. Designed to be played by a child and adult together, the games provide a fun way of developing listening skills and guide the pupil through a graded series of challenges. Spellzone ( stand SN26) makes its BETT debut in 2010 and will showcase its online spelling course designed for secondary students with dyslexia, and poor spellers above KS3 level. With more than 450 pages of teaching and around 150 practice activities, features in the lastest version include improved record-keeping, additional tests in game formats, and extra audio. WizCom ( stand SN44) will launch the latest version of Reading Pen, the mobile device to help anyone with reading difficulties. The new version lets you scan and read aloud sentences with British pronunciation, insert text, hear words spelled aloud, and get immediate definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary. Good to talk: Proloquo2Go from Assistiveware. 46New@ BETT in association with