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Join us at THE BIG REVEAL 11.30am, Wednesday 13 January Freebees for everyone! National Hall, Stand K10, hosted by Synetrix www. openhive. net Come and see what the buzz is about... ... when we introduce a unique and fully integrated system for personalised learning within one environment - the ultimate in choice and flexibility.

10 New@ BETT www. bettshow. com Let the games begin! Prof. Stephen Heppell, who last year developed the hugely popular Learning Elsewhere feature, makes a return to BETT and puts the fun back into the classroom. ' Playful Learning' is the exciting new central feature at BETT 2010, where Prof. Heppell and a class of learners will be on hand to show teachers how games and technology can make learning fun, using the latest technology and gaming devices. While many are sceptical about the benefits of gaming in education, there is plenty of recent research to support the fact that games can add significant value to learning. Prof. Heppell feels very strongly about the importance of making learning fun: " Survey after survey suggests that our UK schoolchildren may be some of the least happy in Europe. When children flick from channel to channel, bored by the bland fare on offer, we call them ' butterfly brained'. When they focus real engagement and concentration on the complex, problem solving, world of a game, we call them addicted. Actually, they are smart, love to learn, and love a tough challenge. Games are bringing that challenge back into learning." Playful learning is great fun and has re- energised classrooms, rekindled school parent relationships, re- engaged brains and provided at time a powerfully competitive space for problem solving, and at other times a place for real individual concentration. In the Playful Learning BETT feature, play has escaped from its boxes and much of it now uses GPS trackers, handheld and pocketable devices, collaborative teams, international links and more. A host of play based activities are taking place at Playful Learning - a whole class of children from Lampton School in Hounslow will be playing, learning, challenging, tweeting and provoking BETT guests using a diversity of hardware, software, devices and ideas. If you are game for a challenge, visit Playful Learning and test your gaming skills against Prof. Heppell, his team, and learners from Lampton School and hear exactly why we should all learn to have more fun! Playful Learning What's on Sponsors include New@ BETT in association with