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page 68 Scottish Learning Festival 2010 Show GuideSeminar Ticket Desk If you haven't pre-booked a conference session you can obtain free tickets for the remaining seats by going to the Seminar TicketDesk on stand A22 within the exhibition in Hall 4Conference Programme Themes and KeynotesAs the most popular educational event in Scotland, SLF offers something for everyone in education. Come along and find out more about exciting new developments and catch up on what's going on in the world of Scottish education. SLF 2010 gives you the opportunity to:. Hear world renowned keynote speakers. See for yourself what new products and services are available to you. Discuss and debate key issues with colleagues. Interact with new technologiesAddressing the key theme of Curriculum for Excellence: Enhancing Experiences, Raising Standards, the seminars will demonstrate just how individual practitioners and educational establishments can develop their skills, knowledge and creativity, in addition to showcasing how best to utilise Glow and other technologies, to maximise successful learning and teaching.With over 6000 visitors, 200 exhibitors, 160 seminars, eight spotlights sessions and 4 keynote sessions there are thousands of reasons to attend SLF 2010.KeynotesMichael Russell MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Cabinet Secretary KeynoteHear the Cabinet Secretary give the opening keynote address in this important year for education as Curriculum for Excellence is fully adopted in schools across Scotland. Learn how Curriculum for Excellence will deliver on the aspirations we hold for all our children and young people in Scotland. Seminar code KAWednesday - 11.00 Clyde Auditorium Richard Gerver, Inspirational Leader and EducatorCreating Tomorrow's Schools TodayRichard Gerver, author of "Creating tomorrow's schools today", draws on his philosophies of communication, empowerment and impact, sharing his expertise with education and corporate audiences alike. Richard will explore the process of curriculum design, provoking the questions that schools need to generate if they are to develop curriculum approaches that are fit for the future, including insights into leading a community through curriculum transformation.Seminar Code KBWednesday 14.30 Clyde Auditorium Eric Booth, Leading Arts and Creative Learning ConsultantCreativity as Catalyst: Manifesting the Potential of Curriculum for Excellence'Scottish education can be the envy of the world, if the challenge of 'creativity across the curriculum' is embraced as the catalyst.' Eric Booth, award-winning actor, author, entrepreneur and arts education specialist, shares some of the research and realities of bringing creativity into the habits of mind and daily practices of students and teachers, as well as into the atmosphere of a school and the evaluation practices of a school system. Seminar Code KCThursday - 11.30Clyde Auditorium Professor Sugata Mitra, Professor of Educational Technology, Newcastle UniversityThe Hole in the Wall: Self Organising Systems in EducationDrawing on evidence from his "Hole-in-the-Wall" experiments, as well as more recent research, Prof Mitra will discuss how children can use technology and achieve many of the objectives of schooling independently. He will also focus on Self Organised Learning Environments and Remote Presence technologies, hinting at a future of education that may be very different from what wehave today. Seminar Code KD Thursday 15.00 Clyde Auditorium SLF offers the opportunity to hear the following experts delivering Spotlight seminars:. LTS staff and practitioners: Curriculum for Excellence and Glow. Detective Chief Superintendent John Carnochan QPM, Violence Reduction Unit: Born to Fail - The Perfect Storm. Graham H C Donaldson, Review of Teacher Education: Emerging Strengths and Challenges from the Review of Teacher Education in Scotland. Prof Stephen Heppell, Why our Young People Embrace Technology to Engage in Learning. Eric Booth, Leading Arts and Creative Learning Consultant: Creativity as Catalyst: Manifesting the Potential of Curriculum for Excellence. Heather Reid OBE: Climate Change as a Context for Learning. Assessment within Curriculum for Excellence. Dr Bill Maxwell, HMIE: The Evolving Role of School Inspection and Quality Improvement. Harry Burns, Chief Medical Officer for Scotland: How Do We Create Health? Scottish Learning Festival 2010 Show GuideConferenCeConference ProgrammeWednesday 22nd SeptemberTimeSession nameCodeRoom09:30Enhancing Experiences and Raising Standards through the Experiences and Outcomes - MathematicsA1AAlsh 1Preparation in Linking Cognitive Models and Classroom Practicalities in ICT: The Development of Evaluative Considerations for Utilising Online ContentA2AAlsh 2Northern Lights - Developing CreativityB1ABoisdale 1There's no Such Thing as a Gruffalo! Oh Really!B2ABoisdale 2Working with Parents as Partners and LeadersB3ABarraHealth and Wellbeing: Conceptual Understanding, Curriculum Architecture and Effective DeliveryC1ACarron 1Using E-assessment to Support the Objectives of Curriculum for ExcellenceC2ACarron 2"Curriculum for Excellence: Enhancing Experiences, Raising Standards Building your Curriculum - The Senior Phase"D1ADocart 1Come Cook With UsD2ADocart 2Leading Change - Raising StandardsF1AForthLiteracy Across Learning PrimaryG1AGala 1Enhancing Experiences and Raising Standards through the Experiences and Outcomes - SciencesG2AGala 2Extending Financial Capability in the College SectorJ1AJuraEarly Years Learning Outdoors in North LanarkshireL2ALevenCPD for Curriculum for Excellence: Teachers make the DifferenceM1AMorarNot all Those who Wander are Lost - Support for Delivering Curriculum for Excellence through Outdoor LearningN1ANessMake Art Not War: A Dynamic, Interactive, Cross-curricular Experience for S2 pupilsS1AStaffaCommunity Learning and Development: The Financially Capable ChildS2AShuna12:30West Dunbartonshire Maths ChampionsA1BAlsh 1Computer Games Development: Showcasing the new National Progression AwardsA2BAlsh 2E-twinning and Curriculum for Excellence - Creating Global CitizensB1BBoisdale 1Towards a Joint Understanding of Partnership and Teamwork - How do we Build Collaborative Advantage to Support our Children and Young People within Curriculum for Excellence?B2BBoisdale 2Joining Up Citizenship and Young PeopleB3BBarraEnhancing Experiences and Raising Standards through the Experiences and Outcomes - Health and WellbeingC1BCarron 1Implications of the Principles of Assessment in BtC5 for Learning and Teaching Practice and for InspectorsC2BCarron 2Using Schools Global Footprint as a Tool to Enhance Experiences and Raise StandardsD1BDocart 1A Shared Journey through the Early Level of NumeracyD2BDocart 2Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT) and its place in Curriculum for ExcellenceF1BForthRaising Literacy Standards: North Lanarkshire Council's Active Literacy programme P1-P7G1BGala 1Enhancing Experiences and Raising Standards through the Experiences and Outcomes - Modern LanguagesG2BGala 216+ Learning Choices - Practice and OpportunityJ1BJuraEarly Years Teachers Making a DifferenceL2BLevenSharing Curriculum Change through the EDUtalk ProjectM1BMorarGeography Online for English and Gaelic PractitionersN1BNessEnhancing Experiences and Raising Standards through the Technologies Experiences and OutcomesS1BStaffaDeveloping Capacities and Learning in an Interdisciplinary ProjectS2BShuna13:30Curriculum for Excellence: Action Research Approaches to Qualifications, Assessment and AchievementA1CAlsh 1Curriculum for Excellence - Manga Style!A2CAlsh 2Curriculum for Excellence: Enhancing Performing Arts Experiences through GlowB1CBoisdale 1"Curriculum for Excellence: Enhancing experiences, Raising standards Building your Curriculum - a seminar for senior managers in ASN/Special Schools and Units."B2CBoisdale 2Working with Difficult BehaviourB3CBarraSex and Relationships Education in the Primary School - Staff Training PackC1CCarron 1Curriculum for Excellence Assessment and Moderation - A Western Isles ApproachC2CCarron 2International and the Global CitizenshipD1CDocart 1Curriculum for Excellence - Assessment: National Qualifications and Secondary StructuresD2CDocart 2Pupil Leadership AcademyF1CForthLiterature in Learning: Improving Attainment in Literacy through Learning through ExperienceG1CGala 1About Scottish BaccalaureatesG2CGala 2Delivering the Senior Phase of Curriculum for Excellence through 16+ Learning Choices and Activity Agreements in North LanarkshireJ1CJuraTeacher and Child Talk in Active Learning Contexts - Implications for Children from Economically Less-advantaged Home BackgroundsL2CLevenProfessional Learning Communities (PLCs) Supporting Partnership with EmployersM1CMorarTaking Curriculum for Excellence Outdoors in Secondary SchoolsN1CNessBig Noise; Orchestrating ExcellenceS1CStaffaEnriching Curriculum for Excellence through Entrepreneurial Learning ExperiencesS2CShuna15:45Enhancing Experiences and Raising Standards through the Experiences and Outcomes - Numeracy Across LearningA1DAlsh 1Using Computer Games to Support NumeracyA2DAlsh 221st Century Literacy is GlowingB1DBoisdale 1Enhancing Experiences for Pupils on the Autism Spectrum in Mainstream Education: The Autism Toolbox: An Autism Resource for Scottish SchoolsB2DBoisdale 2