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EXHIBITOR Scottish Learning Festival 2010 Show GuideLightspeed Systems Europe is all about helping schools get the most out of ICT and the Internet. Our product Total Traffic Control (TTC) has been designed specifically for education. We specialise in protecting students online from bullying, harmful information and threats while ensuring they have access to age appropriate material. We make sure students (and staff) do not misuse ICT resources and are protected from malicious activity. We offer comprehensive, cost effective monitoring, control and security for your network, desktops and laptops. Additionally, we are able to enhance Web 2.0 learning by safe sharing of YouTube videos with our Educational Video Library.LIGHTSPEED SYSTEMS EUROPEB22Whitegate, Alexander Lane, Essex, CM15 8QF Tel: 01277 240 630Fax: 01277 240 631 Web: www.lseurope.comEthCo links global issues to enterprise, financial education and citizenship and education for sustainable development. It supports an interdisciplinary approach to learning, building knowledge, skills and attitudes for active, campaigning citizens and increasing awareness of ethical issues in business. Pupils see the impact that choices made by individuals within businesses, organisations, families and communities make on poverty in other countries. In action based enterprise activities they take a first step to 'making a difference' through positive challenges to existing practices, illustrating that consumer and citizen power can impact on poverty reduction.ETHCOG69Email: Experiences and Outcomes is a new business which has been created specifically to support the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland. EEO provides early years practitioners with project packs which cover all eight curriculum areas within a particular theme. Visit my stand and let me introduce you to my latest project, The Lighthouse.EARLY EXPERIENCES AND OUTCOMES (EEO)EY528 Leithen Mills, Innerleithen, EH44 6JJTel: 07825 794168Web: rate telephone helpline, 0845-120-3719. Website providing advice and support - Free courses outlining computer access options for Disabled People, their carers and local disability, support and parent groups - 020 7426 2130.AIDISJ64D3 Gunthorpe Street, London, E1 7RQTel: 07795 107020Web: Stop Press

to help the understanding and practice of numeracy. Numbershark addresses many of the difficulties which lead students to dislike maths. Includes 45 MOTIVATING games to help anyone understand and improve basic numeracy. Now includes FRACTIONS, DECIMALS and simple PERCENTAGES. Provides GRADUATED LEVELS of difficulty to support MENTAL MATHS at all levelsto help acquire reading and spelling skills. Includes a discrete course and specific activities for the teaching of SYNTHETIC PHONICS. 9,000 recorded words selected and grouped for easy use. You can also add YOUR OWN WORDS including those in Gaelic. Over 50 GAMES provide motivation to raise reading and spelling 020 8748 5927STANDE27STANDE27