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14CALL CENTRE & CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT EXPO PREVIEW11-12 October 2011National Hall, London OlympiaCE01CE03CE02CE0409:30 - 10:3014:00 - 15:0011:45 - 12:4515:15 - 16:15Giving Customers A Voice Creating Customer LoyaltyLearning From The Customer ExperienceMulti-Channel Customer ExperienceManaging The Customer Experience. Hear how to empower staff and remove barriers to enable them to provide outstanding customer service. Why managing customer feedback effi ciently is absolutely key to delivering above and beyond your customers' expectations . Discover the real value that delighted customers bring in helping you support other customers on Facebook and Twitter. Find out about some simple low tech solutions to help you deal better with everyday issues. Take away practical ideas on ways you can engender trust amongst your suppliers, employees and customers. Hear the latest research on the importance of customer feedback. How using customer reviews helps you to learn what customers really think of your products and services . See how Charles Tyrwhitt uses customer feedback to drive an action plan to improve internal processes . Why posting reviews helps you build advocacy amongst existing customers and credibility with new customers. Understand how this improved level of customer engagement helps to boost internal morale and profi ts. See the latest results of a multi-channel research report highlighting the challenges facing organisations. Get valuable insight from Sky about what works and what doesn't. Discover the importance of customer profi ling to ensure the success of your multi-channel strategy. Gain insights into best practice around the use of social media in customer service. Find ways to ensure that your multi-channel strategy reduces costs without impacting on customer experiencesJo HaleHead of Sales and Service Contact Centre, RACBen Reardon Head of Logistics and Customer Service, Abel & ColeMathis Wagner Head of Customer Services, Charles TyrwhittSharon ReevesHead of Eservice Operations, BSkyB Adrian Crossland Business Development Manager,Customer and Colleague Experience, RACPaul Blunden CEO, FovianceTurning customers into fansGetting the real story with customer reviewsWhy self-service shouldn't mean no service. Hear how the RAC transformed the services they deliver by gathering the "voice of the customers and colleagues". How this rich information allows you to be smarter, quicker and more responsive to customers' needs . Why it is critical to get the right focus and eliminate preconceived ideas before you begin the journey . See how providing a feedback mechanism to raise and fi x problems drives employee engagement and empowerment. Discover how the right values and behaviours build a customer centric culture resulting in positive fi nancial benefi ts for a businessTransforming your centre by enhancing customerand colleague satisfactionDAY 1 TUESDAY 11TH OCTOBER 2011Book Call Centre Focus Conference sessions online at