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CALL CENTRE & CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT EXPO PREVIEW1911-12 October 2011National Hall, London OlympiaDAY 2 WEDNESDAY 12TH OCTOBER 2011DC01DC03DC02DC0409:30 - 10:3014:00 - 15:0011:45 - 12:4515:15 - 16:15Aligning Your Call CentreWith Company GoalsStarting A Transformational JourneyReducing Costs Without ImpactingOn Customer Service Dealing With Unpredictable Call Volumes Defi ning Your Contact Centre Strategy . Learn how to create an innovative call centre strategy which aligns to your company's vision, goals and strategy . Discover how to successfully embed your vision, culture and goals within your call centre . Get ideas on how to cascade your strategy making it meaningful and relevant to every individual . Identify how you can link an operator's objectives back to your company's strategy. Find effective ways to communicate to staff about how they can personally contribute to the success of the business. Follow Staples' two-year programme that combines the art of great communication and the science of perfect performance. Learn how to identify critical success factors across customer service and the wider organisation. Discover how forward-thinking service is delighting Staples customers. Hear how empowered people can provide dynamic yet simple solutions - and are willing to go the extra mile. Gain insight into planning your own improvement journey, the lessons, opportunities, risks and results. Discover the new thinking that needs to be in place if you continually need to do more with less resources. Why really knowing your customer is the fi rst pivotal step in understanding where you can cut costs . Understand the possibilities and limitations of driving effi ciency. Gain insight on areas where you can potentially save money without impacting on your customers. Identify what changes in management styles and cultures need to exist for real benefi ts to be achieved. Hear about the challenges Which? faced when developing their call handling strategy. Discover what can be done at a strategic level to deal with either under forecast or over forecast of call volumes. How operational plans, processes and partnership models can be usedto support business strategies. Why developing relationships with internal and external stakeholders and partners is vital in dealing successfully with unpredictable call volumes. Get practical top tips on what worked and what didn't and how success was measured and achievedLucy HarrisHead of Helpdesk, AtkinsDawn CoxHead of Customer Service, StaplesSimon Roncoroni Director, SR ConsultingCatherine Murton Telemarketing Manager, Which? Natalie Calvert Managing Director,Calcom GroupGraham Hoskins,Managing Director,Kinetic GBTop down or bottom up: aligning strategies to achieve successServicology: service up, costs down, people onboardNew ways of driving effi ciency in contact centresUnder forecast, over forecast: you rarely get what you expectSponsored byBook Call Centre Focus Conference sessions online at

20CALL CENTRE & CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT EXPO PREVIEW11-12 October 2011National Hall, London OlympiaDAY 2 WEDNESDAY 12TH OCTOBER 2011MM01MM03MM02MM0409:30 - 10:3014:00 - 15:0011:45 - 12:4515:15 - 16:15Effectively Managing A Diverse Call MixInnovative MetricsImproving The Way We Measure Quality Successful CustomerExperience MeasurementMeaningful Measures. Understand the link between targets and behaviours. Identify what behaviours are needed to deliver a great customer experience. Explore how advancements in technology and analytics are supporting this movement. Discover how APEX have used these tools to change the way they deliver for their customers. Why we are just scratching the surface regarding the potential that analytics have to offer to change the way we measure. Discover why current QM practices are ineffective and representa considerable misuse of time, effort and resource for most contact centres. See why the focus on agent misunderstandings are the cause of most quality issues. Find out how current call sampling is ineffective and misleading. Investigate the central notion of quality that drives most QM; and how it is fl awed. Take away tips for implementing a comprehensive quality model that adds value to your organisation. Get new ideas on ways to gather customer intelligence . See the business benefi ts of acting on that customer intelligence. Investigate what you can learn from escalations in yourcontact centre. Hear how gem is using social analytics to transformthe customer journey . In a world of rising customer expectations, discover the future of measuring the customer experienceCarol Roberts Data Analyst, Lloyds Banking GroupRichard Furlong Contact Strategy Manager, APEX Credit Management Dr Guy Fielding Director, Horizon TwoJonathan WilsonAccount Director,gemValerie SujobertOperations Manager,CiscoColin Whelan Head of Training,Professional Planning ForumAligning behaviours with metricsQuality management is fl awedCan it be rescued?Customer analytics: the metrics that matter. Learn how Lloyds has created a tool that compares actual call lengths against target to rank agents. Hear an explanation of differing call types and the mixture of AHT results. Discover how this alternative measure helps to identify training needs and improve effi ciency. Gain insight into how the Lloyds system compiles metrics and produces com-parisons. Learn how to identify individual agents inappropriate behaviours and overall performance over a six week periodApplying uniform targets for AHT doesn't work.So what's the alternative?Book Call Centre Focus Conference sessions online at