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CALL CENTRE & CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT EXPO PREVIEW25VANESSA CLARKE, SENIOR MANAGER, CUSTOMER PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTThis session will provide an insight through facilitated debate into the key future customer service opportunities and challenges based on seven key trends which are likely to grow. Vanessa will share some of her experience of helping leading organisations think about the future of customer service.She will give clarity on what to focus on to be a customer service leader in the future, how to challenge existing thinking on key trends, and provide tangible examples of companies who are leading us into the future.JOEL DAVIS,CHIEF EXECUTIVEAs more communication between companies and their customers moves onto social networks, dealing with complaints and queries quickly and effectively becomes a necessity.Sales and marketing are typically equipped to push promotions, but don't have the structures in place to deal with those who speak back. Customer service teams provide the best channel for dealing with complaints and questions, but do they have the expertise in managing public brand communication?How can you manage communication and collaboration between departments to effectively respond to the social media challenge?Already confi rmed:DAY 1Tuesday 11 October 2011 10:45 - 11:30DAY 1Tuesday 11 October 2011 14:45 - 15:30Future trends: Customer Service in 2020Integrating social media within a multi-channel service solutionINSPIRATIONAL KEYNOTE SPEAKERSPresented by industry experts, these keynotes contain a mix of revolutionary customer management techniques, as well as motivational thinking, addressing the most pressing issues the industry is facing today.The keynote sessions are available FREE to all visitors.Sponsored byDR NICOLA MILLARD, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE FUTUROLOGIST,Customers are moving faster than the organisations that serve them. In a multichannel world, customers are becoming 'shopper swots', often cutting organisations out of the conversation until the last minute. The role of the contact centre is becoming less about processing calls and more about complex problem solving, providing advice and reassurance, as well as being the hub for new channels, such as webchat and social media. All this means that the contact centre is morphing into something that has never been before - a networked (and increasingly virtualised) hub of expertise.Clouds, crowds and autonomous customers: doing business as unusualDAY 2Wednesday 12 October 2011 10:45 - 11:301DAY 1DAY

26CALL CENTRE & CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT EXPO PREVIEWFOUR DEDICATED SOLUTIONS THEATRESIf you want to be fi rst to hear about the latest product unveilings, or would like to learn more about the range of products on display at the show, then head to the four dedicated Solutions Theatres.The Solutions Theatres presents over forty 20 minute sessions showcasing the latest technology, applications and solutions on offer, through a mixture of supplier demonstrations and end-user case studies.Free to attended, the programme focuses on 4 core areas of operation: Call Centre Technology, Customer Management Technology, Call Centre & Customer Management Services, as well as the brand NEW Social Media theatre, offering the opportunity to gain advice and knowledge on recent product and service developments and insight into how they can these new solutions can be successfully be applied to your organisation.Whatever your purchasing needs, we've got it covered!Call Centre & Customer Management Services TheatreSponsored by:At Sage, we live and breathe business every day. We're passionate about helping companies of all sizes overcome the day-to-day practicalities of running a business and achieve their ambitions. Our range of award-winning CRM software can help businesses acquire, retain and develop the profi table customer relationships they need to succeed.Call Centre Technology TheatreSponsored by:Sword Ciboodle is a world leader in customer interaction software: award-winning, multi-channel technology which manages customer interactions from a centralised, web based architecture and provides the end-user with a 360-degreecustomer view. Sword Ciboodle's dynamic customer-centric solutions offer optimised and intuitive interfaces for agent, customer and manager alike.