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Are you intelligent yet?Visit to see how some of the more than 4,000 Interactive Intelligence customers have differentiated their contact centres.To learn more, visit us at Booth #D9 at theCC Expo in Olympia, London, October 11th - 12th.ClouD-BaseDContaCt CentRe solutionsfrom Interactive IntelligenceContact CentreEnterprise IP TelephonyBusiness Process

Since 1999, Mindpearl have been providing outsource solutions for our customers across the globe in multiple markets and time zones. Today, with contact centre operations in Barcelona, Brisbane, Cape Town and Dubai we have recently added Suva - the capital of the Fiji Islands.Having been a Crown colony until independence in 1970, has resulted in excellent cultural affi nities and an understanding of all things British. In education, the language of instruction is English and this has resulted in native, fl uent English speakers being abundantly available.Mindpearl's brand new 1000 seat facility deploys Avaya, Aspect, Qfi niti and other proven contact centre technology solutions. Fiji is an integral part of Mindpearl's global network meaning full DR and BCP provision. Most importantly Mindpearl Fiji combines, high quality, well trained, natural English speakers to provide a very cost effective contact centre solution. Among our fi rst clients to use our Fiji facility are Air Pacifi c, Coca Cola Enterprises and Swiss International Air Lines.Please contact for further information and details of how we may help give your business the edge.Our fi rst language is English...our second language is Customer ServiceFiji For further information, please visit or call 07903 820192