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JRI Ingeniería and AVEVA - raising the benchmark in minerals processing In 1998, JRI Ingeniería made a technological leap when it deployed its first AVEVA software, bringing powerful 3D engineering and design capabilities to its mining and minerals- processing business. The result was a major increase in its competitive strength, and the start of a long and successful working relationship between the two companies. Karla Moises and Kelvin Davis AVEVA Marketing Page 14| AVEVA PIPELINE | 2010 Issue 1 Top: A large minerals screening facility nearing completion. Above: Javier Pozo, mechanical engineer and PDMS Administrator, with Mario González, chief of JRI's Integral Design Area. Images courtesy of JRI Ingeniería.

For JRI, its AVEVA Plant deployment has proved an important differentiator in an industry where many of its competitors continue to use conventional engineering and design tools. ' With AVEVA PDMS we can offer quality, accuracy and a notable reduction in the time and resources required to develop our proposals to the mining companies,' explained Mr. Mario González, Senior Specialist, Mechanical and Piping, and Chief of JRI's Integral Design Area. Real innovation One of the principal advantages that AVEVA gives JRI is the ability to win and deliver large- scale minerals projects, an important and growing market worldwide. ' This is a real innovation for JRI,' continued Mr. González.' No other applications have given us this level of business value.' Among the most important projects that AVEVA has enabled JRI to carry out was the Basic Engineering for the expansion of the A2 Concentrator for Codelco Norte. This was a ground- breaking project for JRI, demonstrating its ability to use digital design tools to efficiently execute very large- scale projects. In 2005, JRI went on to team up with Cade- Idepe and PSI on a collaborative project for the Mauro recirculating tailings disposal for Minera Los Pelambres, where it was responsible for the Basic and Detail Design stages. Later, between 2006 and 2007, JRI carried out a two- phase development of a new molybdenum plant for the Minera Escondida mining company, operated by BHP Billiton. More recently, the company completed the detailed engineering of a new truck maintenance shop for the huge tipper trucks used by Minera Escondida, and is today involved in another major project which will enable the company to produce one million tons of fine copper per year. The project is, of course, being developed using AVEVA Plant products. AVEVA Review for collaboration From the AVEVA Plant portfolio, JRI uses AVEVA PDMS for all its 3D design, complemented by AVEVA P& ID for creating intelligent process schematics. But Mr. González also emphasised the value of AVEVA Review as a collaboration tool, explaining that JRI uses it to create animated movies of their designs and to simulate complex movements and interactions between the various project elements. These animations enable JRI to design in safety from the outset, allowing early detection and avoidance of problems during construction and, most importantly, helping to ensure the safety of construction workers. ' The most important strength of these applications is that they are integrated,' explained Mr. González. ' They let you conceptualise a project from the earliest stages of engineering to the most advanced ones; they strongly support the construction phase; and they give the final user solid and comprehensive plant operation and lifecycle management information.' Consistently, JRI has found that its clients understand and value the benefits that the AVEVA software delivers. Using AVEVA Review, JRI can model and animate moving elements such as these massive tipper trucks, for effective review of site operation at the design stage. Image courtesy of JRI Ingeniería. ' One of the principal advantages that AVEVA gives JRI is the ability to win and deliver large-scale minerals projects... No other applications have given us this level of business value.' An excellent example of how JRI use AVEVA PDMS to create complex minerals processing facilities on large, multi- level sites. Image courtesy of JRI Ingeniería. AVEVA PIPELINE | 2010 Issue 1 | Page 15