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The environment contains only approved design information which has been through existing quality processes. As this is not work in progress it can't be edited, but quality can be checked, and errors, problems and missing or incorrect equipment and items can be located, taken outside the portal and run through existing engineering processes. All this was revolutionary for Aker Solutions, as, in the past they had been dependent on a variety of heavy applications.How does it help?The Endeavour portal is hosted in Australia and enables global project execution, as shown in Figure 4. It shows how it is possible to coordinate and maintain synchronisation of complex and varied information, and transmit it to the site, with globally dispersed specialists, and without on-site 3D CAD source systems.Aker Solutions has found that the portal works very well over a moderate bandwidth (i.e. good quality broadband); it does not need a high performance or specialised infrastructure to make it work, and where the necessary bandwidth is not available, a satellite hub server is used and updated on a periodic basis.Implementing EndeavourAVEVA promised Aker Solutions that the system would take roughly 30 man-days to implement, using Aker Solutions' information to build a pilot project, and with a capped price. They guaranteed that Aker Solutions would want to buy the system even before the pilot was complete, and that they would be able to move straight from the pilot into production. Process Engineer(Brisbane)Mechanical Designer(Mumbai)Procurement Expediter(Shanghai)External Client(London)Technical Expert(Vancouver)Commissioning Lead(Site Office)Construction Manager(Field)EndeavourPortal Environment(hosted in Australia)InternetHub Satellite(Kazakhstan)AVEVA NETGatewaysProject DataFigure 4: Driving Global Project Execution with Endeavour.30 daysEvaluation60 daysDesign & Build120 daysDeployed across 6 projectsInitial AVEVAProposalProject PlanningProof of conceptAVEVA NETpilot projectProduction portalenvironmentdesign & buildPRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT GO-LIVEPROJECT 1GO-LIVEPROJECT 2GO-LIVEPROJECT 3GO-LIVEPROJECT 4GO-LIVEPROJECT 5GO-LIVEPROJECT 6GO-LIVEPHASE 2Commissioning, project controls,scheduling, legacy project dataJAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC2010z Deployed as a reference system; being implemented across all live projectsz Legacy projects will be brought into the environment to support knowledge capture z Allows Aker Solutions to associate data through the use of known metadata variables (i.e. tags)z Supports true project collaboration and data sharing across projects and locationsz Complementary technology, agnostic of specific software platformsFigure 5: The implementation of Endeavour.10AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 1

Expansion of knowledge capability via integration of legacy project dataIntegration of commissioning systems and dataExpanded use inconstruction management and planningIntegration of project controls and planning dataDevelopment of a 'cross-portal' search capability, and integration with full text searchFigure 6: Endeavour - Future expansion opportunities.Integration with client owned and operated plant management systemsAbout Aker SolutionsAker Solutions is a leading global provider of technology and project services within the energy sector. The company's activities include the planning and execution of capital projects and the provision of technology, products and solutions, providing life-cycle operations, service and maintenance. Their major areas of activity are the provision of energy development services, subsea projects, products and technologies, and process and construction.With a revenue, in 2009, of US$10B, the company has 30,000 employees and is currently operating in 30 countries. Although Aker Solutions was sceptical about the delivery time frame, that is exactly what happened. From a start in January 2010, Aker Solutions had the system deployed across six projects by October 2010, with the first project going live already in May 2010, such was the speed of development.Despite all that, this was not a multi- million dollar global implementation. As Dave Makin, Aker Solutions' Manager of Project Automation Services in Asia Pacific, says, 'This is something we've been able to achieve with a very moderate amount of effort. We have run it ourselves with input from AVEVA and we can now implement our own project portals moving forward.'Current scopeThe current scope of Endeavour covers:z oil & gas (process) and mining and metals projectsz a geographical footprint of Australia, Central Asia and Papua New Guineaz over 200GB of web accessible contentz six projects representing approximately $4bn in capital worksz 23 hotspotted 3D models available through the portalz 8GB of streaming 3D contentz 8,000 2D drawings - hotspotted, i.e. 'intelligent content' linking to other informationz 60,000 individual documents tagged and associated (15,000 design documents, 45,000 vendor documents)z 500+ purchase orders, 500+ material requisitions.It is clear that this is no longer a proof of concept activity; it's very much live and running. Aker Solutions sees it as the first phase of its development.Future possibilitiesAker Solutions can now provide the client with an intelligent package, something that has ongoing life, rather than separate documents and a 3D model which they are unlikely to use. Aker Solutions staff are now asking for greater access to still more data. As can be seen from Figure 6, the company is now aiming to integrate other sources of project data, reuse information, and expand the functions and value of the system in a number of ways. 'The Endeavour system is revolutionary for our industry,' says Dave Makin. 'It gives us a level of access and control over essential project data that we could never previously have imagined.'We believe that this marks a step change for our organisation, moving away from documentation and towards truly effective information management. Through AVEVA NET, we have a system that is responsive to the needs of our staff and the requirements of our projects, allowing us to view and manage our operations from a global vantage point.'All images courtesy of Aker Solutions Australia.AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 111