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The Pervomayskaya project involved 45 UralTEP specialists. Work was started in 2007 and the station was put into operation in 2010. PDMS was implemented on the project and used for the construction of the 3D model and checking for conflicts, as well as for the production of working documents using the PDMS Draft and Isodraft modules.Yury Bukhanov explained, 'UralTEP migrated to AVEVA PDMS 12 in late 2009, to gain access to the new functionalities and to allow us to use new products such as AVEVA Diagrams, AVEVA Schematic 3D Integrator and AVEVA Cable Design.'By using PDMS, we have considerably shortened design times, and improved the quality of our design and construction information. PDMS's ability to generate clash-free designs is very important. This saves both time and money by avoiding costly modifications at the construction site. We have further increased efficiency in the design process, enabling concurrent working between different design disciplines, with the ability to manage large quantities of data.'AVEVA NET improves communication with the clientFor the Pervomayskaya combined heat and power plant project, UralTEP wanted to improve their communication with the client and the construction contractors. So, in 2007, they implemented AVEVA NET.'During the design process,' Yury Bukhanov told us, 'we regularly updated the plant model in AVEVA NET. Our client and the construction contractors could then monitor the actual status of the project via the Internet so that they could understand how the design was progressing. We also used AVEVA NET during video conferences so that everyone, in every location, could see and understand the latest design and construction information.'All production information derived from PDMS was delivered to the construction companies via AVEVA NET. This simplified communication between UralTEP, the client and the construction companies, and resulted in significant improvements in both quality and efficiency, leading to genuine savings in both time and money during construction. AVEVA NET is also being used in the Noyabrassku project, where the 3D model is published together with references to the drawings and documents. The functional portal integrates all the technical information and provides access to all users, which accelerates the adoption of technical solutions.AVEVA Diagrams - quick and easy to useAVEVA Diagrams was implemented in 2009 for the combined auxiliary building of the Pervomaiskaya thermal plant in St. Petersburg. Using this new software, UralTEP quickly completed the technology segment of the project. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, together with water supply and sewerage parts were completed, as well as P&IDs and diagrams of the cable lines.'Our users found the product very quick and easy to use,' Yury Bukhanov continues, 'and they especially liked the Visio-based diagramming user interface. AVEVA Diagrams is built on the same technology platform as PDMS, which brings many advantages. All of the system administration, customisation and configuration functionality was already familiar to all our administrators. We were able to deploy the product very quickly with almost no additional administrative overhead.'The implementation of AVEVA Diagrams was closely followed by the introduction of AVEVA Schematic 3D Integrator, which also allowed UralTEP to achieve significant gains in time, cost and quality. Using the Integrator they are able to check consistency of design between the P&ID and the 3D model, and even between the ductwork schematics and the PDMS 3D model.'The successful use of AVEVA Diagrams and Schematic 3D Integrator undoubtedly resulted in reduced rework in design and construction,' concludes Yury Bukhanov. 'Another important result was that the process and detailed design departments are now able to work together in a much more integrated way.'About UralTEPUralTEP was founded in 2003. Since 2008, the company has been owned by OAO Energostroyinvest Holding, one of the leading companies in the Russian energy sector. With its head office in Ekaterinburg, UralTEP currently has more than 350 employees.Over the past seven years, UralTEP has completed many thermal power engineering projects as general designer, and many other plant modernisation and reconstruction projects. Visit for more information.'The successful use of AVEVA Diagrams and Schematic 3D Integrator undoubtedly resulted in reduced rework in design and construction...' Yury Bukhanov, General Director of UralTEP.AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 117

At the beginning of July 2010, AVEVA formally announced the completion of the acquisition of all assets related to the oil & gas business of ADB Systemer AS, and the MARS business from Logimatic Holding A/S. These two acquisitions broaden AVEVA's technology offering in both the plant and marine industries, with the WorkMate and Tech Info Manager (TIM) products for the management of change (MOC), and the AVEVA MARS applications for planning, materials and production. In addition to extending core software capabilities, the acquisitions included two experienced teams of consultants with decades of industry-specific expertise, reinforcing AVEVA's rapidly growing Enterprise Solution business.Led by Grimur Lund, the Executive Vice President of Enterprise Solutions (formerly the CEO of Logimatic), the Enterprise Solutions group is focused on providing integration and consulting services for AVEVA's customers in the plant and marine industries. 'The mission of Enterprise Solutions is to deliver solutions and consulting services that support the complex business processes of our customers, while increasing their profitability and competitiveness. Our longer-term goal is to be recognised as the world-leading business solutions provider to the marine and plant industries,' explained Grimur. 'Project requirements over the last couple of decades have become increasingly difficult and providing disconnected applications is simply not adequate. AVEVA has understood this for many years and has been successfully deploying AVEVA NET as a common Digital Information Hub, which enables the access and sharing of all types of engineering and business information. The acquisition of the products and consulting resources for the WorkMate, TIM and MARS technology fits perfectly into that strategy.It is the relationships that already existed with AVEVA which have made the recent acquisitions unique. In both cases, AVEVA had customers in common with ADB and Logimatic and was actively working on joint projects. 'I have been very pleased with the speed of integration that we have been able to achieve in the first six months,' Grimur continued. 'The fact that we have worked together in the past on major customer projects has certainly made things easier, but the biggest advantage is our common perspective. We all have first-hand experience of the needs of our customers and have developed complementary technology approaches and very similar service methodologies. We are working now to harmonise our service strategy under a single approach which we call AVEVA Methods.'Grimur also sees AVEVA's consultative approach and open technology as a major advantage for our customers. 'Unlike much of our competition, AVEVA NET is built on an ISO standard and open web-based architecture that embraces collaboration with best-of-breed applications from AVEVA and other vendors. This truly open approach is one of AVEVA's major differentiators and represents a huge advantage for our customers. They can choose the applications that meet the unique needs of their business, and our Enterprise Solution team will help them deliver an integrated solution through the AVEVA NET information hub.AVEVA is investing considerable resources in the Enterprise Solution team, building up several Centres of Excellence around the world focused on specific industry requirements. 'Having come from one of the companies that were acquired, I was naturally concerned that the necessary investments would be made to ensure success. Here, too, I have been impressed with AVEVA's commitment,' Grimur commented. 'The acquisitions have allowed us to expand our global strategy with the creation of Centres of Excellence for Owner Operators in the oil & gas industry, and for marine design, planning, materials and production. AVEVA has demonstrated its strategic and financial commitment to the Enterprise Solution team to grow the business and provide our customers with professional consulting services.'While AVEVA expands the consultancy and services offered through the Enterprise Solution team, it remains focused on core expertise to ensure the greatest possible customer benefit. Grimur summarised AVEVA's strategy: 'To be clear, AVEVA is not becoming a generic consultancy organisation. There are much larger companies that are already doing this very well. Our services are based around AVEVA products and the unique industry knowledge that we have gained over the last four decades working with EPCs, Owner Operators and shipyards. AVEVA is proud of the relationships we have established with our customers, and our Enterprise Solution team will build on this to provide lifecycle support services throughout a project or the operation of an asset. WorkMate, TIM and MARS, in combination with AVEVA NET, create a unique solution that strengthens our presence with existing and future customers. The Enterprise Solution team has the skill and resources we need to deliver the sophisticated consulting services that our customers demand.'Acquisition UpdateAn interview with Grimur Lund about the Enterprise Solution strategy behind AVEVA's recent acquisitions.'The mission of Enterprise Solutions is to deliver solutions and consulting services that support the complex business processes of our customers, while increasing their profitability and competitiveness...'18AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 1