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INSIDETHIS?EDITION Corporate NewsWelcome 3AVEVA World Summits go global 12Acquisition update 18Acquisition update: Operations Integrity Management 19Acquisition update: Integrated Shipbuilding 20New customers 25Engineering excellence a winner in Las Vegas 32Product NewsInformation Management with AVEVA NET 7AVEVA IntelliLaser 26Customer News Cover Story: Iberese and Spain's solar energy industry 4Endeavour - Aker Solutions Australia and AVEVA NET 8UralTEP: a solid foundation for Russian power projects 16Integrated Shipbuilding at Sedef Shipyard 22Booming Brazil: AVEVA Plant at PROGEN 28AVEVA and HDW celebrate 25 years of partnership 30Sidvin Core-Tech (I) Pvt. Ltd. 34Cover photograph: Lebrija 1, a CSP plant located in the province of Seville, will generate an output of 50MW, supporting 50,000 households. Photograph courtesy of Iberese.If you have any comments about AVEVA World Magazine, please contact us at and opinions expressed in AVEVA World Magazine do not necessarily reflect the views of AVEVA. Brands and product names mentioned may be trademarks and/or protected by copyrights of their respective owners. No part of this publication may be reproduced by any means without permission in writing from AVEVA. All stated facts are believed correct at time of going to press.AVEVA believes the information in this publication is correct as of its publication date. As part of continued product development, such information is subject to change without prior notice and is related to the current software release. AVEVA is not responsible for any inadvertent errors. All product names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective holders.Copyright 2011 AVEVA?Solutions Ltd and its subsidiaries. All rights reserved.Editor - Magnus FeldtIndustry Marketing Manager, AVEVA02AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 1

AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 103Welcome to a new year, a new-look magazine and new business opportunitiesIt seems that every time I write these introductions there are important and exciting developments to talk about; this issue is no exception! The most conspicuous change you will already have noticed on the cover - PIPELINE has evolved into AVEVA World Magazine. But the most important business development has been AVEVA's recent acquisitions, which were still being finalised when I wrote the last PIPELINE introduction. Let me explain what these developments will mean for our customers.Engineering is all about change. Some changes are driven by the opportunities that AVEVA technology creates, while others arise out of the business, technical and social environments. One of the most significant has been the globalisation of the engineering community.Recognising the importance of this, we felt the time was ripe to create an integrated industry forum - the AVEVA World Community - that brings together engineering professionals from the once largely autonomous plant and shipbuilding industries. This gave rise, in 2010, to the fusion of the successful ISEIT and Marine User Meeting events into three AVEVA World Summits. As you can read here, the success of these events has reinforced our commitment to the AVEVA World Community. This new-look magazine is the second step along this journey, building on PIPELINE's success and encouraging new developments in the future.Successful communities build themselves, and AVEVA World's foundation is the network of formal and informal links that already exist among AVEVA staff, our user community and the many delegates at the Summits. AVEVA will actively encourage this, creating and supporting an environment in which we and our customers can meet and share ideas, both face to face at future Summits and user group meetings, and online through e-newsletters and well-managed social media channels.Turning to the business developments, our new acquisitions are indeed proving an excellent fit with AVEVA, both technically and culturally, and customers have expressed considerable enthusiasm for the business opportunities our expanded services and technology portfolio can now offer them. This issue includes three in-depth articles which describe these acquisitions, how they fit into AVEVA's long-term development technology strategy, and how the rapidly evolving AVEVA NET solution will benefit the engineering industries. As before, this issue also contains a variety of high-quality articles on technology developments and customer successes. The common thread binding all of them is the way in which AVEVA technologies are enablers of success at both the business and economic levels. Ultimately, our technologies bring measurable benefits to people all around the world, something of which we are enormously proud.Richard LongdonChief ExecutiveAVEVA Group plc'Engineering is all about change. Some changes are driven by the opportunities that AVEVA technology creates, while others arise out of the business, technical and social environments. One of the most significant has been the globalisation of the engineering community...'