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At the same time as the ADB Systemer AS acquisition, AVEVA also acquired the MARS business from Logimatic Holding A/S. The suite of MARS applications provides the marine industry's most complete solutions for planning, materials and production. Unlike more generic ERP systems, the AVEVA MARS applications were designed specifically for the needs of the shipyard and represent an ideal complement to the AVEVA Marine 3D design and engineering applications. The addition of the new AVEVA MARS products allows AVEVA to offer our marine and offshore customers an integrated shipbuilding solution that combines the disciplines of planning, logistics, materials and production with design and engineering under a single AVEVA NET Digital Information Hub.The greatest strength of the AVEVA Integrated Shipbuilding solution is the wide range of shipyard disciplines that are addressed under one collaborative information management framework. This strategy acts to ensure that shipyards have the information, material and resources they need to make the right decisions at the right time. The timely availability of accurate project, material and production information has been shown to significantly improve productivity and profitability, reducing overall production cost and project build time.AVEVA Integrated Shipbuilding supports design development at all stages of the production process and across all technical disciplines. A successful shipyard understands and coordinates the needs of different business operations and their evolving responsibilities, which begin with an initial proposal and continue until vessel commissioning. To capture the competing needs and interests of different groups within the shipyard, AVEVA divides the ship construction process into nine key business operations, and our solution examines the unique operational requirements of each, and their impact on the overall process.Acquisition Update:Integrated Shipbuilding with AVEVA MARS'The greatest strength of the AVEVA Integrated Shipbuilding solution is the wide range of shipyard disciplines that are addressed under one collaborative information management framework...'20AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 1

Executive Management InformationIn order to make informed business decisions on large projects and individual activities, corporate executives and senior management require a reliable and accurate information infrastructure. Using tools such as a user-definable management dashboard, executive decision makers have access to critical information across all business areas in the shipyard. They can monitor and measure project and information status against KPIs, and can also be alerted to potential issues the moment they arise. This allows them to make early, informed decisions that reduce the operational risk to their shipyard, and ensure a rapid return on investment through major cost savings.Business Capture & SalesBefore a shipyard can engage in any vessel construction project, it must compete with other yards to present to the contracting owner the most attractive proposal that balances cost, slots and maker lists. Using a fully integrated shipbuilding model and costs, BOMs and designs from previous projects, the AVEVA solution directly addresses the systemic weaknesses that so often compromise the tendering and business capture process. AVEVA allows the business capture and sales teams the flexibility they need to be more competitive by responding quickly with accurate, informed proposals.Planning & ControlPlanning and schedule control lie at the heart of any well executed project. The AVEVA solution for shipyards supports planning and control, from high-level strategic coordination to individual shop-floor operations and across multiple projects. Unlike more general planning systems, the AVEVA solution was built for shipyards and is tightly integrated with our material and production processes. AVEVA's integrated planning capabilities provide the administrative control that is essential to project execution integrity and productivity for both current and future projects.Engineering & DesignMost of the planning and execution of the shipbuilding process is highly dependent on the design of the vessel. Built specifically for the needs of the marine industry, AVEVA design solutions have been proven for decades in the world's leading shipyards. AVEVA integrates engineering and design data into one product model, ensuring a single, trusted source for all information, whether engineering and design, functional design, detailed design, or production, planning and materials data. This is essential to drive greater efficiency into today's extremely competitive shipbuilding industry.Procurement & Supply ChainProcurement and materials management directors have one of the most difficult coordination tasks in the shipyard. The key to the AVEVA Marine procurement and supply chain strategy is the ability for shipyards to start the procurement process at the design stage and to maintain a collaborative exchange of information throughout the project lifecycle. The AVEVA solution provides a controlled workflow process from the earliest stages of the product, through a materials request system that serves as a focal point for all purchase orders and enquiries.Stock & LogisticsThe stock and logistics activities form the primary interface between procurement and production. Stock administration within an AVEVA Marine environment means seamless integration with procurement and planning to ensure that material is directed to production in the right quantity at the right time, in accordance with the real-time plan and production schedule. Providing advanced warehouse management capabilities, integrated with the procurement, planning and production processes, delivers major project benefits.ProductionManagement, design, planning, procurement and stock management all culminate in the production process. AVEVA enables an efficient production environment by providing the right information, the right resource and the right material at the right time through consistent coordination with design, quality control, logistics and production planning. The measurable benefit of a marine solution that is integrated with all aspects of the shipbuilding process explains why hundreds of shipyards around the world rely on AVEVA to reduce production risk and improve business profitability.Commissioning & DeliveryAs the last phase of the shipbuilding process, commissioning and delivery are important to successful and timely project completion. With AVEVA, all critical documentation and certifications are captured from the beginning of the project and managed throughout the entire lifecycle. The integrated nature of the AVEVA shipbuilding solution provides the consistent management of commissioning schedules, design specifications, vendor information and material control, to allow smooth and efficient commissioning and delivery.Extended ShipyardOne of the most significant changes in the shipbuilding industry over the last two decades has been the specialisation and globalisation of shipyards and suppliers. AVEVA provides the collaborative infrastructure necessary for all stakeholders to exchange key documents and information. Ship owners and classification societies can view plans and deliver schedules to monitor the process and submit comments. Suppliers can monitor project schedules and design information to ensure delivery timing and technical compatibility. AVEVA helps shipyards manage onsite and extended activities in a single, shared system, in hundreds of projects across the world.The combination of AVEVA NET, AVEVA Marine and the new AVEVA MARS creates a powerful suite of applications delivering a unique opportunity for AVEVA customers to improve quality, mitigate risk and reduce production costs. The complex and competitive ship construction industry demands software solutions that span the entire range of business areas found throughout the shipyard, and only AVEVA delivers a comprehensive, integrated shipyard offering.AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 121To learn more about AVEVA's Integrated Shipbuilding solution, download our new white paper at