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Technological pioneersSedef has also invested in the area of engineering IT in the past decade and is regarded by many in the Turkish shipbuilding industry as a technological pacesetter. They have, for example, implemented AVEVA MARS, a specialist shipbuilding process management system, as well as the AVEVA Marine engineering and design solution. According to Sedef's Chief of IT Department, Serhat Yildirim, such investments are vital for survival in the global shipbuilding industry, where competition is becoming ever fiercer.Serhat Yildirim explained, 'We invested in the AVEVA Marine and AVEVA MARS systems back in 1995 and 2002, respectively. In the case of AVEVA MARS, we were among the very first shipyards in Turkey to invest in an IT solution for shipyard materials and production planning. This meant that we were taking quite a risk, as we could not make use of the experiences of other Turkish shipyards. However, we felt that this was a necessary step towards becoming a modern, innovative shipyard. The decision to select AVEVA MARS was straightforward, as the application is developed specifically to support shipbuilding processes. Furthermore, AVEVA MARS is developed by people with decades of shipbuilding know-how.'Leading solutions for the shipyard industryAVEVA MARS (developed by Logimatic but acquired by AVEVA Solutions Ltd in July 2010) is a shipbuilding process management system that optimises project control, logistics, materials management, resource and production planning. It has been designed specifically for the shipbuilding industry, to significantly reduce cost and construction time, thereby increasing a shipyard's profitability and competitive strength. AVEVA MARS consists of three integrated applications: z AVEVA MARS Material for material management z AVEVA MARS Planning for resource planning and controlz AVEVA MARS Production for production management.AVEVA MARS is developed in close cooperation with some of the world's leading shipyards, enabling it to incorporate a number of best-practice processes and providing natural support for processes which are vital for a modern shipyard. Today it is used at some 50 shipyards worldwide.AVEVA Marine consists of a number of integrated applications created specifically for the unique processes of ship and offshore engineering, design, design management and the generation of accurate production information.With this solution, engineers and designers in all disciplines and on multiple sites can work simultaneously, on a single model database, to create, develop, manage and exploit engineering and design data in the most productive and risk-free way.Milestones achieved using AVEVA solutionsSince Sedef Shipyard started using AVEVA solutions, it has used them to design and build more than 40 vessels of different types, purposes and tonnage.Serhat Yildirim continues, 'Sedef has expanded significantly in recent years, in terms of both capacity and know-how, and the AVEVA solutions have grown with us, which shows their strong scalability.''We chose AVEVA MARS Planning because we are able to integrate it seamlessly with AVEVA MARS Material and AVEVA Marine. This is a vital functionality for a shipyard, as the integrated IT environment has strengthened our work processes...'Cumhur Kuter, General Manager Sedef Shipyard. Photograph courtesy of Sedef Shipyard.Serhat Yildirim, Chief of IT Department, Sedef Shipyard. Photograph courtesy of Sedef Shipyard.AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 123

'We have also recently upgraded our versions of AVEVA MARS and AVEVA Marine. We started with only the AVEVA MARS Material module but, due to our ongoing expansion, we have recently decided to upgrade to the latest one, and also to add the Planning module.'We have, of course, investigated other possibilities, such as our existing planning application, Primavera, and MS Project. Nevertheless, we chose AVEVA MARS Planning because we are able to integrate it seamlessly with AVEVA MARS Material and AVEVA Marine. This is a vital functionality for a shipyard, as the integrated IT environment has strengthened our work processes.'Today, these systems are vital elements of our working day, and we have achieved improvements within the following areas:z integrated and streamlined IT environmentz accurate and reduced use of materialsz improved qualityz reduced delivery time.'Before implementing the AVEVA solutions,' Serhat Yildirim continues, 'we calculated that it took some 600,000 man-hours to build a container ship. When using AVEVA MARS and AVEVA Marine, building an identical ship took only 450,000 man-hours. Being able to reduce production time by roughly 150,000 hours has considerably improved our financial results.'Building the world's first power plant shipAnother milestone that Sedef has just achieved is the construction, using AVEVA solutions, of the world's first power plant ship - a project which has been carried out in close collaboration with other suppliers. Serhat Yildirim told us, 'This is a whole new generation of ships. We have to meet the following demands:z to build a power plant ship in an existing cargo shipz to modify the ship according to the requirements of a power plant z to provide power generation capacities from 100-200MWz to install diesel-driven power generation sets, transformers and auxiliary systems into the holds.'We are now going on to build another three of these ships. We have been involved in detail design (including hull and piping) and this is a very interesting, groundbreaking project for our yard as, during these hard times for the Turkish shipbuilding industry, we have proven ourselves capable of reorganising and expanding the types of project on which we can work,' concludes Serhat Yildirim.Facing future challenges with AVEVA solutionsAVEVA MARS and AVEVA Marine are also seen as very important from a business management point of view. Cumhur Kuter, Sedef's General Manager, agrees that, with these solutions, the shipyard is well placed to face the many challenges which may lie ahead in the shipbuilding industry.'In AVEVA MARS and AVEVA Marine,' he told us, 'we have a dedicated and integrated IT environment which, combined with the skills of our employees, has helped us to become a modern and competitive shipyard by reducing project cycles and so bringing down our total costs. Also, the excellent collaboration with AVEVA shows us that we are in safe hands, thanks to their expertise and their approach to shipbuilding.'The 'Karadeníz Powership Dogan Bey', built at Sedef Shipyard. Photograph courtesy of Sedef Shipyard.'Being able to reduce production time by roughly 150,000 hours has considerably improved our financial results...'24AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 1