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AVEVA IntelliLaser - bringing asset management intelligence to laser dataLast year, AVEVA announced a closer alliance with Z+F UK, the software arm of Z+F GmbH. This created an important new source of innovation in AVEVA's strategy to deliver greater benefits to customers, by enabling them to use laser data to visualise and intelligently navigate existing plant facilities. The first joint offering from this relationship, AVEVA IntelliLaser, was released on December 7th 2010 at the SPAR Europe conference in Amsterdam. IntelliLaser enables AVEVA NET users to quickly add tag intelligence to laser-scanned data, creating new possibilities for the visualisation and navigation of as-built plant information.Laser scanning is the most economical way of capturing as-built site conditions. In recent times, the cost of the hardware has tumbled, and it has also become faster and more portable. Above all, the data quality has improved, making it possible to capture tremendous detail from a single scan. Users can register laser point cloud data quicker, more easily and with less error. The quality of the interface to CAD applications has improved significantly; solutions like AVEVA's Laser Model Interface are often being deployed in revamp projects, for example, and the data can also now be accessed from the Web.Adding value to laser scansYet more often than not, such laser data is used only once and then stored. IntelliLaser changes all this. It takes the laser-scanned data and puts it to work to provide real benefits to operators who are seeking a better understanding of their as-built plant. Uniquely, IntelliLaser enables tag intelligence to be integrated fully automatically into laser scans. This enables the user to understand, not only what is on the scan and how these items (for example, a valve) relate to a P&ID within the plant, but also the location of the scan on the site. In turn, this reduces the need for individuals to carry out site visits (a costly and often hazardous activity), assists with plant familiarisation, and extends the useful life of the laser data that many plants already hold.Rapid asset management intelligenceThe tags are integrated into the laser data through a process known as hotspotting. Each item on the scan receives its own hotspot, which associates it with all its corresponding tag data in AVEVA NET. This tag intelligence enables equipment and piping to be quickly Sending personnel to physically investigate the as-built environment is costly, time-consuming and hazardous. IntelliLaser dramatically reduces the need for personnel to be sent onto site.Les ElbyHead of Partnerships at AVEVA26AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 1

identified directly from the scan, but it also enables all the related plant information to be called up in the context of the tag selected. This ability to link all related information together effectively means that IntelliLaser provides a rapid means of adding asset management intelligence into laser-scanned data.Adding new scan data into the system is a simple process, and the existing AVEVA NET user interface also means that no specialist training is required. All authorised users can be given immediate access to the intelligence that the solution creates - the data is no longer simply a resource for surveyors. IntelliLaser, in accordance with AVEVA's philosophy, promotes openness; it works with all manner of 3D model data and does not lock the user into the use of software associated with a particular laser scanning hardware platform.In 2011, AVEVA will take the use of laser data further, through the launch of AVEVA Laser Modeller. In collaboration, once again, with Z+F UK, AVEVA will offer its customers a unique solution to produce intelligent AVEVA 3D models directly from scan data. Laser Modeller will make intelligent, as-built 3D models available for a fraction of the cost and time that they currently require to produce.The hotspotting is reciprocal between the laser data and all other data and documents in AVEVA NET, including 2D diagrams. Clicking on the hotspotted valve on this P&ID....or on this isometric..not only takes the user to the same valve, but also makes all data and documents relating to that valve instantly accessible, through the associated engineering tag (see user interface on left of image).AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 127