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Many of the advanced features found in AVEVA Marine today are a direct result of this project: z AVEVA Hull Genauigkeit - improves accuracy by the use of marking triangles allowing better alignment of parts in the assembly process z AVEVA Hull Dotori - an advanced feature for the automatic definition of variable bevellingz AVEVA Hull Panel Line Control - creates assembly parts by producing all necessary NC information for edge preparation, blasting, marking, burning and text labelling on a large plate field.The changeover to mainly computer-controlled production methods in the mid-1990s caused a sensation.HDW has participated with AVEVA in several other development projects with the aim of tailoring system and work methods to introduce new design methodology and be able to 'feed' the shipyard's production facilities, in order to increase automation and efficiency. These projects have resulted in important improvements to the shipbuilding systems from AVEVA.In 1992, HDW commenced the design and production of the Type 212A Class submarine for the German Navy. In the second half of the 1990s, HDW migrated from Steerbear to the newly-released Tribon system.During 2010, HDW began an evaluation of AVEVA Marine. In preparation for future long-term submarine projects, HDW anticipates being in a position to use the latest version of marine software from AVEVA.'HDW was an early adopter of 3D technology within the shipbuilding industry...'Superfast - Designed and built using Tribon Hull and Outfitting.Photograph courtesy of HDW. Frigate Schleswig-Holstein - First ship built by HDW using Tribon. Photograph courtesy of HDW. S101 - Designed and produced with Tribon M3. Photograph courtesy of HDW. President Truman - First ship designed and built by HDW with Steerbear. Photograph courtesy of HDW. AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 131

High rollers on a hot streak weren't the only ones celebrating in Las Vegas this past October. Two innovative companies walked away from the gambling capital of the world with major prizes and Lady Luck had nothing to do with it. Instead, they reached the winner's circle based on their outstanding use of AVEVA NET to transform their businesses and to accomplish new and exciting industrial design and construction feats. AVEVA Americas recognized this engineering excellence at its inaugural AVEVA World Summit, held October 18-20, 2010 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mustang Engineering garnered awards in the North America division, while Brazil's Consórcio IPOJUCA Interligações brought home a crystal trophy in the Latin American region. 'Each company represented the best of AVEVA's philosophy of Continual Progression' said William Muldoon, AVEVA Americas Executive Vice President, who presented Mustang's award. 'Both made ground-breaking use of AVEVA's design and information management solutions, and each achieved significant and impressive results.' Engineering excellence a winner in Las VegasMark McKee Marketing Specialist, AVEVA AmericasENGINEERINGEXCELLENCEAWARD32AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 1