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Iberese plays an important role in the development of Spain's solar energy industryA world leader in renewable energies, Spain has long been a producer of hydro-electricity and has a highly developed wind power sector. With an average of 340 days of sunshine a year, Spain is today the world's largest producer of solar thermal energy - the generation of energy from the heat of the sun. Southern Spain is seeing a boom in solar power, with numerous Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants being built on sites throughout Andalusia. Spain already has more than 400MW of installed solar thermal power, and by 2013 a total of 60 solar thermal power plants are expected to be operating in the country. This rapid development of solar energy technology has made it a proven alternative to conventional energy systems in recent years, and the market is quickly growing, not only in Spain.To learn more about this promising technology and the role that AVEVA's Plant solutions play in these projects, we visited Iberese's head office in Erandio, in the Basque Country of northern Spain. At the engineering department, we met Alejandro López Aznar, the project manager, and designers Sergio Gómez, Igor Lobo and Javier Polo.Magnus Feldt Industry Marketing Manager, AVEVALebrija 1, a CSP plant located in the province of Seville, will generate an output of 50MW, supporting 50,000 households. Photograph courtesy of Iberese.04AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 1

Lebrija 1 - a successful turnkey project for IbereseAlejandro López Aznar explains, 'Lebrija 1 is a turnkey project in which Iberese is responsible for all the engineering except for the civil work for the foundations. Even the equipment was specified and selected by our engineering department. The erection of the plant is subcontracted but we have a field supervisor on site. In order to develop this project, we established a partnership with the manufacturer, Solel, owned by Siemens. The project started in 2008 and the plant is expected to be in operation by March 2011.'The solar field includes nearly 6,000 parabolic collectors, approximately 18,000 solar receivers, and more than 150,000 parabolic reflectors. This equipment was provided and installed by Solel, and the power island was built by Valoriza.'Lebrija 1 was a much larger project than we had worked with before,' continued Alejandro López Aznar. 'To take on this huge project, we had to move to a 3D solution from the 2D design system we had at the time. In our engineering department, every engineer works in several disciplines. We needed a system which would allow concurrent working between different disciplines on the same 3D model, and which could manage large quantities of data. With our original 2D system, we would not have been able to handle the increase of fabrication information that was needed for this project.''Using AVEVA Plant has helped to make the Lebrija 1 project very successful for Iberese...'AVEVA PDMS model of the Lebrija 1 plant. Image courtesy of Iberese.Alejandro López Aznar.From left, Igor Lobo, Javier Polo and Sergio Gómez.AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 105