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Living Code Cards SoftwareBring word building, blending and segmenting to life in your classroom! These animated fl ashcards cover all the spelling patterns in the Teacher's Guide. Use the software to listen to the sounds, build words on screen and see the animated Letterland stories.CD-ROMISBN: 978-1-86209-371-3Code: T80 Price: £49.99 + VATSite Licence (to be bought in conjunction with CD-ROM)ISBN: 978-1-86209-377-5Code: T83 Price: £159.99 + VATAlphabet SongsFeaturing a song for every letter of the alphabet, this CD is designed to help children learn letter sounds in a fun and entertaining way.ISBN: 978-1-86209-197-9Price: £6.66 + VATHandwriting SongsThis CD off ers fun and easy to remember tips on forming letter shapes and features a song for every letter of the alphabet.ISBN: 978-1-86209-196-2Price: £6.66 + VAT 26 songs Code: T23Living ABC SoftwareThis award winning software features an animated song, character story and interactive scene for every letter.ISBN: 978-1-86209-359-1Price: £54.99 + VAT (Single user. For full licence details see pg 9)Class Train FriezeFeaturing all the Letterland characters and the Vowel Men, this bright frieze is perfect for a permanent display of alphabetic order in your primary classroom. Great for whole class work on letter sounds & shapes and makes referring to capital letters quick and easy. Now features pre-cursive letters on one side and straight letters on the other.ISBN: 978-1-86209-814-5 Price: £16.99 + VAT4 sections 1000 x 348mm per section Code: TD37Action Tricks PosterDo the actions, make the letter sounds and learn the alphabet with this revised poster. Now with full colour action photos.ISBN: 978-1-86209-818-3 Price: £8.99 + VATA1 Code: TD38 PC & Mac Compatible Code: T70 26 songs Code: T24Interactive Whiteboard CompatibleSoftware, CDs & PostersSystem Requirements: PC - Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 MAC - OSX 10.5, 10.6 or 10.7 Internet connection required at installationTOPTOPSELLERSReverse side pre-cursiveNew for 2012!New for 2012!TOPTOPSELLERSELLER13

Overview. Word building. Irregular vowels. More digraphs and trigraphs. Advanced spelling patternsTeaching Scopea (as in America/half)able/ible (suffi xes)all/al (as in all/always)are (as in scare)al/el (as in musical/angel)ce/ci/cy (soft c stories)ch (as in school)ed/ing (magic sounds)e (silent), e (they)ei (receive/height/eight)en/est (magic endings)er (sometimes magic)ere (here/there)full/ful (as in useful)ge/gi/gy (soft g stories)gh (as in brought/laugh)ie (as in lie/fi eld)kn (as in knee)le (table), ly (lovely)less/ness (suffi xes) mb/mn (as in thumb/autumn)o (as in love/one/who)ous (as in famous)ph (as in photograph)que (as in antique)tion (as in action)wh (as in when/who)wr (as in write)y to i (as in cry/cries)y (very/bicycle)Advanced Teacher's Guide & Advanced Songs CDIn this guide, children build on their prior knowledge as they meet the friendly Letterland characters (and some new ones) in tricky spelling combinations. With over 120 pages of lesson plans, activity ideas and sheets to photocopy, this is the right guide for primary teachers as children progress in their spelling. The accompanying Advanced Songs CD includes 15 fun songs to engage children and support the spelling patterns taught in the Advanced Teacher's Guide. Advanced Teacher's GuideISBN: 978-1-86209-294-5Code: T43 Price: £27.99Advanced Songs CDISBN: 978-1-86209-319-5Code: T52 Price: £8.99 + VATT43: A4 120 pages T52: 15 songsAdvanced - Age 5 - 8Download a FREE sample lesson at: Advanced teaching level introduces children to more phonemes, digraphs, complex spelling patterns and their exceptions. Further phonics stories about the Letterland characters explain the remaining irregular spelling combinations not covered in previous levels.14