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260 x 215mm Beyond ABC: 48 pages Far Beyond ABC: 48 pagesAdvanced CopymastersPhotocopy the worksheets for further practice of the spelling patterns covered in the Advanced Teacher's Guide. They are ideal for group work on common beginnings & endings of words, shared sounds and vowel digraphs and more.ISBN: 978-1-86209-320-1 Price: £26.99A4 48 worksheets Code: T53Beyond ABC & Far Beyond ABCYou've met the Letterland alphabet characters in the best-selling ABC book. Now let's see what happens when letters come together to make new sounds in words. Beyond ABC and the award winning Far Beyond ABC feature 42 engaging stories, rather than boring rules, to explain diff erent spelling patterns. The story logic draws on children's thinking skills and imaginations, so they easily remember the phonics facts. With the help of all three books in the series all the major sounds in the English language are covered!Beyond ABCISBN: 978-1-86209-789-6 (paperback)Code: TD28 Price: £6.99ISBN: 978-1-86209-791-9 (hardback)Code: TD30 Price: £10.99Far Beyond ABCISBN: 978-1-86209-783-4 (paperback)Code: TD24 Price: £6.99ISBN: 978-1-86209-785-8 (hardback)Code: TD26 Price: £10.99Core ResourcesAdvanced Picture Code CardsThese double-sided cards feature all the phonemes and spelling patterns in the Advanced Teacher's Guide. With plain letters on one side and Letterland characters on the other, these thick cards are an excellent classroom aid for word building, spelling, language development and role-play.ISBN: 978-1-86209-295-2Price: £21.99 + VAT180 x 165mm 50 cards Code: T44Vowel Scene PostersThis pack of four wall posters is ideal for quick reference in the classroom. Older children will use them to remember the important phonics facts: The Vowels (long and short), Vowels out Walking, Silent Magic e and the r-Controlled Vowels.ISBN: 978-1-86209-282-2Price: £16.50 + VATA2 4 posters per pack Code: T31ReverseTOPTOPSELLERSELLERAvailable on theiBookstoreTOPTOPSELLERSELLER15

Overview. Alphabet letter sounds & shapes. Basic English grammar. Digraphs ch and sh. Listening and speaking practice. Phonemic awareness. Vocabulary development. Word building26 songs Code: ELTAZCDELT Alphabet Songs CDFeaturing a simple song for every letter of the alphabet, this CD will make learning letter sounds easy for English language learners.ISBN: 978-1-86209-191-7Price: £8.99 + VATEnglish as a Second Language ELTTG: A4 116 pages ELTSBCD: double CD with 32 page bookletELT Teacher's Guide & Student Book Audio CDThe 21 lesson plans plus an Activity Bank of teaching ideas means your pupils will quickly gain speaking and listening skills and early mastery of the alphabet letter sounds. Student cards, assessment sheets and a teacher training section are also included for you to photocopy. The two ELT Student Book CDs are essential teacher resources as they ensure your pupils hear the correct pronunciation and understand native English speakers. ELT Teacher's GuideISBN: 978-1-86209-183-2 Code: ELTTG Price: £27.99ELT Student Book Double Audio CDISBN: 978-1-86209-187-0 Code: ELTSBCD Price: £14.99 + VATELT Student BookThis essential book features four pages of bright pictures, clear words and instructions for each lesson. Learning activities consolidate and review the language and letter sounds presented orally by the teacher.ISBN: 978-1-86209-184-9 Price: £6.99A4 80 pages Code: ELTSBELT WorkbookThe language activities in this workbook will build children's confi dence and develop key speaking and listening skills. Each lesson provides practice of the target sound, reviews previous sounds and revises key vocabulary.ISBN: 978-1-86209-185-6 Price: £3.99ELT Handwriting BookThis write-in activity book is for children progressing from tracing the letters to independent writing. Large, hollow letters make rainbow-writing and fi nger-tracing fun, and there's space for letter formation practice.ISBN: 978-1-86209-186-3 Price: £3.99A4 40 pages Code: ELTWBA4 60 pages Code: ELTHBLetterland ELT is a starter-level course for teaching English as a second language and for introducing the alphabet. Characters like Annie Apple & Bouncy Ben bring letters to life, turning the alphabet into an amazing tool for children who are learning to read and speak English.TOPTOPSELLERSELLER16