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220 x 280mm 24 pages per bookMy Second Activity Books These fun-fi lled activity books strengthen reading, writing and spelling skills. They will help your child develop essential fi rst writing skills, build words & blend their sounds, discover letter sounds and use them to spell whole words and identify words that rhyme.My Second Handwriting Activity BookISBN: 978-1-86209-745-2Code: TD05Price: £3.99 My Second Reading Activity BookISBN: 978-1-86209-746-9Code: TD06Price: £3.99 My Second Alphabet Activity BookISBN: 978-1-86209-747-6Code: TD07Price: £3.99 My Second RhymingActivity BookISBN: 978-1-86209-748-3Code: TD08Price: £3.99 Second Reading FlashcardsThis set of double-sided fl ashcards features 75 keywords and includes helpful instructions of how to use them and lots of games ideas. One side shows a word featuring the Letterland characters and on the reverse, the plain word is shown in lowercase letters.ISBN: 978-1-86209-228-0Price: £5.83 + VATLetterland Stories - Level 2The six stories combine easily decodable words with a few essential high-frequency words. The book is great for guided or shared reading and independent practice of initial & fi nal phonemes and short medial vowels.ISBN: 978-1-86209-725-4Price: £5.99Letterland Stories - Level 3a & 3bEach book takes learning vowel sounds to the next stage and vowel digraphs are introduced.Letterland Stories - Level 3aISBN: 978-1-86209-726-1 Code: TC80a Price: £5.99Letterland Stories - Level 3bISBN: 978-1-86209-739-1 Code: TC80b Price: £5.9986 x 132mm 80 cards Code: FC02167 x 210mm 48 pages Code: TC79167 x 210mm 48 pages per bookMy Second Activity BooksTOPTOPSELLERSELLERTOPTOPSELLERSELLER21

Letterland at Home Handwriting & Craft BooksHandwriting Practice 1Young children will get a good foundation of handwriting skills with this clearly illustrated activity book. The friendly Letterland characters introduce fun pre-writing activities with a focus on pencil control and the correct strokes for the lower and uppercase alphabet.Handwriting Practice 1ISBN: 978-1-86209-720-9Code: TC74 Price: £3.99CookbookWinner of the award for 'Best Children and Family Cookbook 2010'. This book is bursting with natural ingredients and natural ways to learn! Create delicious desserts and scrumptious savouries with this step-by-step children's cookbook. The simple recipes teach basic cookery skills, introduce children to new vocabulary and encourage early literacy skills development.ISBN: 978-1-86209-393-5Price: £7.99Things to Make & DoThe 26 simple activities teach basic craft skills, introduce children to new vocabulary and teach them the alphabet - the Letterland way. From Annie Apple's Animal Adventure to Zig Zag Zebra's Zany Zooms, this alphabet of activities will provide your child with hours of crafty fun and early literacy skills development.ISBN: 978-1-86209-633-2Price: £7.99A4 56 pages per book220 x 280mm 48 pages Code: T86220 x 280mm 56 pages Code: TB97Handwriting Practice 2This write-in activity book is for children progressing to the fi rst stages of how to join up letters in pre-cursive letter writing. It also features pre-writing activities, letter formation practice and combining letters to form whole words and sentences.Handwriting Practice 2 ISBN: 978-1-86209-776-6Code: TD23 Price: £3.99Handwriting Practice 3Completing the set of three valuable handwriting practice books, this activity book focuses on helping children to make the transition from print to joined-up writing. It includes letter templates showing exit strokes and will help children master writing at speed. Available June 2012.Handwriting Practice 3ISBN: 978-1-86209-825-1Code: TD42 Price: £3.99TOPTOPSELLERSELLERNew for 2012!PrintPre-cursiveCursive22