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Sammy Snake's SnapDevelop your child's letter recognition skills with this pack of playing cards. Play traditional 'snap', 'odd-one-out' or 'memory pairs' and use for word building and spelling games. Instruction cards with games and activity ideas are included.ISBN: 978-1-86209-355-3Price: £5.83 + VAT86 x 132mm 112 cards Code: T6586 x 132mm 64 cards Code: TD35Make-a-Story Card GamePlay with well over 100 possible sentences to make imaginative stories with this fun card game. Bright, colourful illustrations for all ages ensure readers of all abilities (even non-readers) can have fun and learn at the same time. Useful for sentence building, developing punctuation awareness and generating whole paragraphs and stories! Turn your sentences over and discover a whole new story you have made on the reverse sides!ISBN: 978-1-86209-810-7 Price: £5.83 + VATLucy Lamp Light's LottoMake phonics fun to learn with this children's board game. Based on bingo, this card-matching game for up to six players is ideal for developing memory and letter recognition skills.ISBN: 978-1-86209-401-7Price: £11.66 + VATGiant Alphabet PuzzleThis sturdy puzzle is just right for small hands. Each large jigsaw piece holds visual clues to help your child decide who comes next in the alphabet and there are objects to fi nd on every piece. Develops letter recognition and hand-eye coordination skills.ISBN: 978-1-86209-358-4Price: £11.66 + VAT200 x 280mm 6 game boards + 48 lotto cards Code: T92Jigsaw size: 686 x 483mm 28 pieces Code: T68Additional Resources GamesNew for 2012!28 giantpiecesCreate endless fun sentences!TOPTOPSELLERSELLER25

AudioStories read by Maria DarlingAudioStories read by Maria DarlingAudioStories read by Maria DarlingABC Adventures SoftwareJoin Annie Apple, Zig Zag Zebra and friends in this bright, animated software game suitable for children age 3+. There's a party in Letterland and all 26 letter characters will be invited - provided you can fi nd them fi rst! This software is specially designed for use at home, or for individual nursery children new to Letterland and ICT.ISBN: 978-1-86209-396-6 Price: £14.16 + VAT 26 songs Code: T40Action Songs CDFeaturing a song for every letter of the alphabet, this CD combines rhyming verses with fun actions that are illustrated in the included booklet.ISBN: 978-1-86209-279-2Price: £9.16 + VATFormat: DVD - Dual PAL/NTSC Code: V8DVDFormat: DVD - Dual PAL/NTSC Code: V10DVDA Christmas Story DVDThe Letterlanders are busy preparing for Christmas. But one thing is missing... will Christmas really be Christmas if there isn't any snow? Meet the Letterland characters and join the anticipation in this delightful seasonal tale.ISBN: 978-1-86209-423-9Price: £12.99 + VATDetective Dippy Duck DVDThis delightful Letterland 'who done it' has all the Letterland characters in search of clues. Children will experience exciting adventure with real educational value as they join Dippy Duck and friends in their detective work.ISBN: 978-1-86209-424-6Price: £12.99 + VATOnce Upon a Time in Letterland DVDMonkey, a much-loved toy, is upset because his owner, Joe, seems to prefer reading books to playing with him. But Annie Apple shows Monkey how to slip through the page into Letterland and discover why books can be so exciting!ISBN: 978-1-86209-310-2Price: £12.99 + VATFormat: DVD - Dual PAL/NTSC Code: V9DVDABC Audio CDListen along to the phonics stories featured in the best-selling ABC book which provides a good introduction to the Letterland characters.ISBN: 978-1-86209-607-3Price: £4.99 + VATBeyond ABC Audio CDListen along to the phonics stories featured in Beyond ABC and fi nd out what happens when letters come together in a word.ISBN: 978-1-86209-804-6 Price: £4.99 + VATFar Beyond ABC Audio CDListen along to the phonics stories featured in Far Beyond ABC and fi nd out what happens when letters come together in a word.ISBN: 978-1-86209-805-3Price: £4.99 + VATBook sold seperately Code: TB85Book sold seperately Code: TD32 Book sold seperately Code: TD33Additional Resources Computer Games, CDs & DVDsSystem Requirements: PC - Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 MAC - OSX 10.5, 10.6 or 10.7 Code: T90+ 32 page bookletListenalongListenalongListenalong26