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How to OrderYou can place your order through any of the following methods: Online: Email: Telephone: +44 (0)1476 541 080 Fax: +44 (0)1476 541 061 Post: Grantham Book Services (GBS) Trent Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 7XQSchoolsPlease send your order in written form on letter-headed paper and include a contact name and job description.Order forms can be downloaded at:

2012 Product ListPlease note that prices and specifi cations are correct at time of going to press. Letterland International Ltd. reserves the right to change price and specifi cation without prior warning. Prices are exclusive of VAT. Where indicated, VAT is applicable at UK standard rate. For indicated mixed packs VAT is charged proportiately in vatable item only. Further details available on request ( VAT applicable (20% as of Jan 2012) Mixed pack VAT applicableTITLEISBNPRICEPacksLetterland Starter Pack9781862098350£189.99Letterland Classroom Pack9781862098367£269.99Early Years, Primary, Advanced & ELT ResourcesTeacher's ManualsEarly Years Handbook9781862092266£27.99Early Years Handbook (CD) 9781862092556£8.99Letterland Teacher's Guide9781862092594£37.99Blends & Digraphs Songs (CD) 9781862091955£12.99Teacher's Guide Advanced 9781862092945£27.99Advanced Songs (CD) 9781862093195£8.99ELT Teacher's Guide 9781862091832£27.99ELT Student Book (CD x 2) 9781862091870£14.99Introduction to the Alphabet & Spelling PatternsABC (Paperback) 9781862092228£6.99ABC (Paperback + Audio CD) 9781862096097£8.50ABC (Hardback) 9781862092211£10.99Beyond ABC (Paperback) 9781862097896£6.99Beyond ABC (Paperback + Audio CD) 9781862097902£8.50Beyond ABC (Hardback)9781862097919£10.99Far Beyond ABC (Paperback)9781862097834£6.99Far Beyond ABC (Paperback + Audio CD) 9781862097841£8.50Far Beyond ABC (Hardback)9781862097858£10.99Letter Sound & Shape RecognitionAlphabet Songs (CD) 9781862091979£6.66Handwriting Songs (CD) 9781862091962£6.66Living ABC (Software) 9781862093591£54.99Living ABC Licence (3 User) 9781862093676£29.99Living ABC Licence (5 User) 9781862093683£54.99Living ABC Licence (10 User) 9781862093690£109.99Living ABC Licence (Site Licence) 9781862093706£209.99ELT Alphabet Songs (CD) 9781862091917£8.99Classroom ResourcesA-Z Copymasters 9781862092396£26.99Sentence Copymasters 9781862094222£24.99Early Years Handwriting Copymasters9781862092501£26.99Word Bank Copymasters9781862092495£24.99Blends & Digraphs Copymasters9781862092990£26.99Advanced Copymasters9781862093201£26.99Individual Student ResourcesEarly Years Workbooks: 1 to 4 (Pack of 4)9781862092389£6.99Early Years Word Book (Pack of 10)9781862092525£16.99Workbooks: 1 to 4 (Pack of 4) 9781862092372£6.99Word Book (Pack of 10)9781862092518£16.99ELT Handwriting Book 9781862091863£3.99ELT Student Book9781862091849£6.99ELT Workbook9781862091856£3.99Picture Code CardsBig Picture Code Cards 9781862092242£26.99Big Capital Picture Code Cards 9781862091986£26.99Vocabulary Cards 9781862092686£26.99Straight Picture Code Cards 9781862091993£21.99Pre-cursive Picture Code Cards 9781862092419£21.99Living Code Cards (Software) 9781862093713£49.99Living Code Cards Licence (Site Licence) 9781862093775£159.99Advanced Picture Code Cards 9781862092952£21.99Classroom PostersAlphabet Frieze 9781862092235£5.83Class Train Frieze (Pre-cursive & Straight Letters) 9781862098145£16.99Action Tricks Poster 9781862098183£8.99Vowel Scene Posters 9781862092822£16.50Fix-it PhonicsFiP Teacher's Pack - Level 1 9781862097278£60.00FiP Student Pack - Level 19781862097308£35.00FiP Teacher's Pack - Level 2 9781862097285£60.00FiP Student Pack - Level 29781862097315£35.00FiP Teacher's Pack - Level 3 9781862097292£60.00FiP Student Pack - Level 39781862097322£35.00Letterland LibraryPicture BooksABC (Paperback + Audio CD) 9781862096097£8.50Beyond ABC (Paperback + Audio CD) 9781862097902£8.50Far Beyond ABC (Paperback + Audio CD) 9781862097841£8.50Who's Hiding ABC Flap Book9781862092907£5.99First Picture Word Book9781862092440£5.99Alphabet of Rhymes9781862092464£5.99Alphabet Adventures9781862092426£5.99Bedtime Stories9781862092891£6.99Alphabet Tales9781862093546£6.99Dippy Duck's Day of Discovery9781862098336£5.99Alphabet Races9781862098091£10.99ReadersLetterland Stories - Level 19781862097247£5.99Letterland Stories - Level 29781862097254£5.99Letterland Stories - Level 3a9781862097261£5.99Letterland Stories - Level 3b9781862097391£5.99Vowel Readers - Red Series9781862094024£19.99Vowel Readers - Blue Series9781862094031£19.99Vowel Readers - Orange Series9781862094048£19.99LL Storybook Set (Hardback Pack of 20)9781862095281£79.99Letterland at HomeParent's ManualsLearn to Read and Write - A Parent's Guide9781862098237£3.99Activity & Sticker BooksMy First Handwriting Activity Book9781862097414£3.99My First Reading Activity Book9781862097421£3.99My First Alphabet Activity Book9781862097438£3.99My First Rhyming Activity Book9781862097445£3.99My Second Handwriting Activity Book9781862097452£3.99My Second Reading Activity Book9781862097469£3.99My Second Alphabet Activity Book9781862097476£3.99My Second Rhyming Activity Book9781862097483£3.99First Sticker Dictionary9781862092723£3.99Fun-to-Find Sticker Book9781862092488£3.99Harry Hat Man's Holiday Activity Book9781862097544£3.99Bouncy Ben's Brain Busters9781862098244£4.99Cookery & Craft BooksLetterland Cookbook9781862093935£7.99Things to Make & Do9781862096332£7.99SoftwareLiving ABC (Software) 9781862093591£54.99Living Code Cards (Software) 9781862093713£49.99ABC Adventures (Software) 9781862093966£14.16Handwriting PracticeHandwriting Practice 19781862097209£3.99Handwriting Practice 29781862097766£3.99Handwriting Practice 39781862098251£3.99Board BooksMy ABC of Letters9781862098121£5.99My ABC of Animals9781862097742£5.99My ABC of Actions9781862097759£5.99Additional ResourcesFlashcards & PuzzlesFirst Reading Flashcards 9781862092273£5.83Second Reading Flashcards 9781862092280£5.83First Rhyming Flashcards 9781862093058£5.83Sammy Snake's Snap 9781862093553£5.83Make-a-Story Card Game 9781862098107£5.83Giant Alphabet Puzzle 9781862093584£11.66Lucy Lamplight's Lotto 9781862094017£11.66ABC Audio Book CD 9781862096073£4.99Beyond ABC Audio CD 9781862098046£4.99Far Beyond ABC Audio CD 9781862098053£4.99CDs & DVDsAction Songs (CD) 9781862092792£9.16Once Upon a Time in Letterland (DVD) 9781862093102£12.99Detective Dippy Duck (DVD) 9781862094246£12.99Letterland Christmas Story (DVD) 9781862094239£12.99Posters, Stickers & Fun ThingsMagnetic Letters 9781862091931£4.99Class Alphabet Poster 9781862092563£5.99Adventure Posters 9781862093577£8.99Alphabet Stickers (10 Sheets) 9781862092532£8.32Merit Stickers (10 Sheets) 9781862093003£8.32Alphabet Desk Strip (Pack of 10) 9781862093973£8.99Height Chart 9781862096301£4.9931