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What is Letterland?1. Letter SoundsOnce you have met the friendly Letterland characters, just start to say their names for the correct letter sound!2. Letter ShapesSimple stories about the Letterland characters ensure correct letter formation, avoiding confusion over similar looking letters.3. Action TricksActions for the alphabet are linked to each character, forging a strong connection between the action, letter shape and sound.5. Advanced SpellingPhonics stories give children a friendly logic for remembering all 44 letter sounds and their major spellings. Letterland is a unique, phonics-based approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling to 3-8 year olds. The Letterland characters transform plain black letter shapes into child-friendly pictograms and they all live in an imaginary place called Letterland. Simple stories about the Letterland characters, explain the full range of dry phonics facts so that children are motivated to listen, to think and to learn. These stories explain letter sounds & shapes, allowing children to progress quickly to word building, reading and writing.4. Word BuildingBlending & segmenting all through words is introduced very early on, covering blends, digraphs and trigraphs.6. Multi-sensory LearningLetterland activates every learning channel through music, actions, movement, song, art, craft, games and role-play. Harry Hat Man makes the sound at the beginning of his name. Just whisper it - 'hhh.'.Hurry from the Hat Man's head down to his heel on the ground. Go up and bend his knee over. so he'll hop while he makes his sound.4

How Does it Work?Living Code Cards Software (page 13) Start to say any Letterlander's name for the letter's correct sound.Children can draw a Letterland character behind plain shapes and bring the letters to life with their own drawings.Picture CodingBouncy BenBrush down Ben's big, long ears. Go up and round his head so his face appears.Dippy DuckDraw Dippy Duck's back. Go round her tum. Go up to her head, then down you come.Sammy Snake loves to hiss in words. There aren't many hisses he misses. Hear him hissing in words like sun, six and seven.Discover what happens when two letters meet and make a new sound.Use the cards to bridge the gap between the Letterland character(s) and plain letter shapes. Picture Code CardsWhenever Sammy Snake starts to hiss loudly behind Harry Hat Man, the Hat Man turns back and says 'sh!' because he hates noise.The child-friendly phonics stories hold the key to learning to read & write confi dently.Bring your classroom to life with fun songs & animations to help pupils learn how to blend & segment words. Interactive SoftwareWhen two vowels out walking are captured, the robot does the talking. In a few words, instead of shouting 'ear' he shouts out 'air' as he tears away.Animated StoryWord building1235