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MEET OUR BOARD<<< RODNEYSCOTTPresident Joined the board in 2001<<< SHIRLEY DELOVICHTreasurerJoined the board in 2001<<< PATTI DILUIGIVP Operations Joined the board in 2004, oversees festival operations<<< STEVE GANZELLJoined the board in 2003, currently chairs Erotic City<<< VALLERIE WAGNERVP of Parade Rejoined the board in 2010<<< SUE SEXTONSecretaryJoined the board in 2005, chairing parade broadcast committee, heritage archivecommittee and WeHo DykeMarch operations<<< KARINA SAMALAVP volunteer relationsJoined the board in 2010,additionally oversees the Mr.,Miss, and Ms. Gay Pride Pageant<<< LOUIE PACHECO SAENZJoined the board in 2010,Working on development and outreach.Photography by Adam BouskaBThe CSW board members want to thank Adam Bouska, Jeff Parshley and their team, for the invitation to participate in the NOH8 campaign again. CSW staff and consultants - Geri Bonillas, Beverage Coordinator; Sam Borelli, Communications and Honoree Relations; Jeff Consoletti, Events, Entertainment, Sponsorship; Mike Iacono, Festival Operations; Elisa McConnehea, Versatile Events, Parade; Anthony Pace, Office Coordinator; Ron Rosato, Business ManagerIn 2010 - 2011 CSW had a group of amazing Interns and volunteers that helped in many areas - Rob Czechowicz, Clarity Mills, Steven Muniz, Joe Nevarez, Thomas BW Nicholson and Ivor Pine. <<< JASON ROUNDYJoined the board in 2009, working on development and technology<<< VINCE WONGJoined the board in 2010, works to increase CSW's partner-ships with civic, community andyouth engagement10

PRIDE Planning CommitteeThe Pride Planning Committee is a dedicated group ofpeople who bring their unique and diverse experienceto create an inclusive and meaningful celebration.They represent all facets of the community - transgen-der, bisexual, gender-queer, gay, lesbian and straight. "I love the process. My day job is event planning -and it is a great feeling to be able to give back to mycommunities," said George Wong, PPC member.The 2011 PRIDE planning committee members are:Rabbi Denise Eger, Scott Mann, Javier Angulo, ShirinBuckman, Coco LaChine, Suzy Jack, Nii-QuartelaiQuartey, Rev. Neil Thomas, Worthie Meacham, TomPardoe, George Wong, Nick Velasquez, Karla Ferreira,Calvin Flemming, Mark Masliah, Chris Murphy,Thomas B.W. Nicholson, Ruben Romo, Jon Guttman,Eric Weiser. Erotic City Planning CommitteeThe chance to see, be seen and just observe - that iswhat Erotic City facilitates. This committee strives tobring the best of the kink and fetish community to thevanilla world. The 2011 Erotic City planning committee members are:LA Band of Brothers, AVATAR Club, Leather Journal,LALC, Greg Mattson, Pup Don, Mike Gerle, HowieRameriez, Billy Nagasaki, Franco Parota, Ken Hurst,Brad Taylor, Leo Iriarte, Durk Dehner, Sharp, TomWong, David Farah, Gary Bowie, Michael Hodges,Buster Adams, Sandy Pacheco, Myrna Pacheco. Entertainment Planning CommitteeEach year LA PRIDE brings an exciting line-up ofdiverse and unexpected entertainers and acts. FromLatin and R&B to Country, you can kick-up your heelswhatever your favorite genre. The highlight of many PRIDE goers experience is theMain Stage Concert Pavilion. With the likes of OliviaNewton John, Kelly Roland and En Vogue, LA PRIDEbrings headlining and openly supportive entertainersas only LAcan. The 2011 Entertainment committee members are: Ray Chatters, Bob Tomasino, Ivan Mariscal, RozRenfro, Michelle Levy, Stephen Ford, Divas &DJ's,Steven Schillaci, Asha Ntesie-Ra and Alyssa Berry. Parade Broadcast CommitteeThe CSW Broadcast Committee works throughout theyear to produce the parade broadcast which now hasthe potential to reach over 5 million at home andonline viewers through our multiple partnerships. TheBroadcast Committee also works with our co-hosts andtechnical team. Cindy Abril, Marcus Martinez and Yvette Sotelo havebeen serving on the committee for over five years.