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30 LAPRIDE.orgThe power ofbeing - being present, beingactive, being engaged, is a truly impressive thing. The world that we live in is a loud place. There is always something happening, somethingto be seen, heard, or handeled. When was the last time you took a moment to truly reflecton the world, your place in it, and those that have come before you, those that made todaypossible? The Silent Celebration is a moment of silence to honor all that is the Pride Movement. That long ago, fateful day that dawned hot and muggy, was a sad day; Judy Garlandhad been laid to rest, people where tired of being accosted and assulted for being themselves;saw members of a minority gathered to enjoy fellowship, and commraderie, only to be subject topolice persecution and brutality. They had had enough. The result? The Stonewall rebellion. Forty years on, the LGBT movment has come so far; has had great victories, suffered sometough setbacks, but most of all, has never given up. The Silent Celebration is designed to allow us all to take a moment to remember all that wehave done, all that has been done for us, and all those who are not here to celebrate with us. Eitherlost to age, AIDS, persecution, murder, or suffering from intollerance locally or abroad, this moment ofreflection is about being present, conscious and aware of the world you inhabit. It is a way to honorwhat has come before, look to what is, and that which still needs to be accomplished. "The Silent Celebration is a great thing. It forces me to stop and listen to what isgoing on inside. It allows me to remember all those that we have lost. It also remindsme to appreciate what I have. What I have the opportunity to do, and to realize that itis only by being here, in the moment, a Prideful moment, that we are all able to contin-ue to move forward," said Raymond Rector, CSW Board Member Emeritus. The Silent Celebration began in 2008, and has been a part of LA PRIDE since. It is an important part ofthe PRIDE Celebration. We hope that you will join the hundreds of thousands of people who participate in theparade, or the millions of at home viewers, in taking this opportunity to stop, check-in with you and remember all that we have to celebrate, and all that we still need to accomplish. Once the moment is over, please join us, the other attendees, and the entire LGBT movment in making noise to celebrate our Pride.silent celebrationJoin over 400,000 peoplefor a Moment of Silenceduring the parade[JUNE12thAT12 NOON]SCThe Parade welcomes over one hundred entries, spanning the spectrumof organizations - from the ever-popular Parent's and Friends of Lesbiansand Gays (PFLAG) to the Leather and kink community, to the open andsupportive members of the communities of faith. This year's parade will again be broadcast for those millions who cannotmake it to Santa Monica Boulevard on Sunday, June 12th, to participate inperson. Christopher Street West welcomes Leyla Farah as this year's new LAPRIDE Parade broadcast co-host. Joining Farah, for another year, will beJohn Duran, a civil rights attorney, former board president of EQCA, andcurrently Mayor of the City of West Hollywood. Farah is a social media spe-cialist, and brings years of media experience to the broadcast booth. The broadcast is viewed by over a million people through the City ofWest Hollywood's city channel and streaming on-line through theirWebsite. In addition, CSW is excited to announce that this year's paradebroadcast will be streamed live on two of our media partner's sites -gay.comand The broadcast booth is located at the Veteran's Triangle on Santa MonicaBlvd and Holloway Drive. PLET'S HAVE A PARADE!The roots of PRIDE are in the marching for equality, the purposeful putting outthere that we are here, and demand the right to be open, honest and truthfulabout all of us. That was the motivation behind the Black Cat "riot"; the march tocommemorate Stonewall; and that impetus and desire remains today as well, andis commemorated as we march in the 2011 LA PRIDE Parade.

31ALLOW US TO INTRODUCE...Christopher Street West works to engage our diverse community and provide an exciting placeto celebrate our PRIDE. With over 400,000 participating, and millions of at home viewers, the LAPRIDE Parade is the most visible component of PRIDE. Certainly the most colorful.A highlight of all PRIDE Parades is the presentation of Grand Marshals and Community Honorees. Weare so proud to bring you not one, but two exceptional Grand Marshals. Our Community Grand Marshal recognizes a portion of our community that faces death daily, and yet isforced to chose between service and truth, being secret, and being out. Meanwhile, our Grand Marshal, aworld renowned, and beloved, openly gay man, lives his life as an example of being true to who you are. CSW honors numerous deserving community members and organizations each year recognizing a crosssection from all walks of life. Awards are presented in eleven different categories this year celebratingPRIDE 365 - Power. Passion. Purpose. Past Honorees have demonstrated a commitment to the goals ofhuman rights, equality, empowerment and a better understanding within the LGBT community of itself andin relation to the non-LGBT community. In recognition of their outstanding contributions, our community is eternally grateful for the efforts andachievement of all those who work towards a greater global humanity.