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Purpose, perseverance and passion are just few adjectives that describe Suzy Jack.She is a progressive activist deeply-rooted in the political arena and is helping the LGBTcommunity. Suzy Jack currently serves as the LGBTQ Liaison for Los Angeles Mayor AntonioVillaraigosa, as well as the Liaison to the LA City Council. As the primary point of con-tact for the LGBTQ community, she advises and briefs the Mayor on LGBTQ policy andissues. In this position, she also works to increase accessibility to local government forLGBTQ communities and organizations. "It was Suzy who put the spotlight on LGBT (especially Trans) issues in the Mayor'sOffice and was instrumental in pushing them forward with her gumption," said ShirinBuckman, of the Stonewall Young Democrats. "She prioritizes what's right over politicalexpedience and that is why I admire her."Having come out in high school, Jack realized the struggles ahead of her. At 18, shemoved cross-country from conservative small-town Pennsylvania, to the big city - LosAngeles. She graduated magna cum laude from USC with a degree in American Studiesand Ethnicity. In addition she served as Vice President of the Feminist MajorityLeadership Alliance. Jack co-founded and co-chairs the grassroots organization FAIR (Freedom, Action, Inclusion, Rights). FAIR is workingon achieving marriage equality in California through the innovative use of social media and art. "Suzy strives to make local government, elected officials and law enforcement more accessible, responsive and collab-orative with LGBTQ communities and organizations," said Karina Samala, CSW board member. Jack works to continue to reaffirm the LGBT community's place in Los Angeles. She collaborates with communitypartners and City staff to establish annual events including the annual Harvey Milk Day of Service and MayorVillaraigosa's LGBT Garden Party honoring CSW. She is actively engaged with both the City's Transgender WorkingGroup and the Los Angeles Police Department who are working together to create policy changes to improve LAPD'sinteractions with the transgender community. Christopher Street West is proud to honor Suzy Jack with the Harvey Milk Award in recognition of her selfless dedica-tion to achieving equal rights for all. HARVEY MILK AWARDSuzy JackThe Harvey Milk Award recognizes an individual who gives of themselves well beyond the call of duty in countless ways.TORIE OSBORN / DICK MICHAELS MEDIA AWARDFrontiers MagazineThis award recognizes an individual or organization serving the community through the media. Torie Osborn is a best-selling author and social activist for the past three decades. Dick Michaelsand partner Bill Rand started The Advocate as one of the first gay newspapers in 1967.Being the eyes and ears of LA's LGBT community is no small task.Frontiers Magazine has spent 29 years doing just that. Frontiers published its first issue in 1982-the founders includedBob Craig, Greg Carmack and Jerry Hyde. Since that time, the maga-zine has been a resource for the LGBT community during the early days of the AIDS epi-demic, the establishment of the City of West Hollywood and throughout the continuedefforts of all LGBT people to gain full equality. Today, Frontiers spotlights issues important to our community and pro-vides an LGBT voice on current issues while reflecting on lifestyle trendsin Southern California. It provides a one-stop resource for news, events,lifestyle, arts and entertainment coverage, as well as reporting on LGBT-friendly businesses, products and services. Frontiers works to inform its readers of landmark moments in our com-munity's fight for equal rights, documenting the coming out stories ofcelebrities and the noted and keeping its readers abreast of advancementsin HIV/AIDS research and treatment. "It must be noted that the magazine's existence is intrinsically tied tothe history of gay rights in Southern California and nationwide. Lookingback, it is amazing to see not only how our community has progressed, butalso how far we have yet to go," said David Stern, Frontiers' publisher. Christopher Street West is proud to award the Torie Osborn / Dick Michaels Media Awardto Frontiers Magazine, in recognition of its indelible service to the LGBT community throughtheir media outlets. 44

PAT PARKER ARTS AWARDGlenne McElhinneyThe Pat Parker Award recognizes an individual or organization that supports theLGBT spirit through the arts. This award is dedicated to the legacy of Pat Parker, agroundbreaking African American lesbian poet and activist.Before history is written, it is lived. Before it is retold, it isremembered. History not recorded is easily lost. As ProjectDirector for Impact Stories, Glenne McElhinney is helping toremember, record and re-tell the history of California's LGBTCommunity. Glenne McElhinney, a native Californian, was raised in theBay Area. Growing up, she learned to appreciate the richand diverse history that is California. In 2007, she launcheda statewide oral history project called Impact Stories. Itspurpose is to document California's LGBT movement of the1960's through the 1980's. Gathering stories from the per-sonal accounts of those that lived it, Impact Stories is focusedon the period of social change when California's LGBT com-munity set in motion a human rights movement that soonswept the rest of the west coast, the United States and theworld. Preserving this preeminent history, and having theseinspiring stories shared and accessible, will allow us all tocontinue to be inspired. From the stories and histories collected, McElhinney creat-ed On These Shoulders We Stand-a documentary about theLos Angeles LGBT community-serving as producer anddirector. On These Shoulders We Stand premiered at Outfestin 2009 and was awarded the Special Programming Awardfor Freedom. McElhinney also co-curated the historicalexhibit Dykes on Bikes: 30 Years at the Forefront at the SanFrancisco GLBT Historical Society. Impact Stories has received the Monette-Horwitz TrustFellowship, in part due to the efforts of Glenne McElhinney.This very special grant supports individuals and projectsworking to end homophobia in the United States. McElhinney is a member of the National Council on PublicHistory, the Oral History Association, Bay Area Women inFilm and Media and the International DocumentaryAssociation. She works tirelessly to preserve California's cul-tural history-especially the powerful and purposeful storiesthat shape the LGBT community. Through film, she definesher purpose as a historian and an activist, working to helpeach person remember so that future generations will knowwhat came before. Christopher Street West is honored to award GlenneMcElhinney the Pat Parker Arts Award in recognition of herongoing support for the LGBT community through the Arts.45