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Family gives us purpose. It is the firstplace that we learn to love and to trust;the place that we learn how to becomewho we are. And when it comes to diffi-cult situations-especially within our fami-lies-it is important to have an ally. The Spanish speaking population of the UnitedStates has an ally in Dr. Isabel Gómez-Bassols. Dr.Isabel is a long time educator and nationally syndi-cated Spanish-language radio talk-show host.Known as the "la Doctora Isabel, el Angel de laRadio," which means Doctor Isabel, the Angel ofthe Airwaves, Gomez-Bassols is the nation's lead-ing Hispanic radio psychologist and garners 8,000telephone call attempts per day. Her show,"Doctora Isabel," airs Monday through Friday, from1 to 3pm and is broadcast in the top 15 Hispanicmarkets across the United States and is available toalmost 80 percent of Latino households nationwide. A psychologist with over three decades of experi-ence in adolescent and family counseling, as wellas domestic violence expertise, Dr. Isabel has part-nered with Bienestar-the leading Latino communi-ty service and advocacy organization. Her goal is tospeak to mothers directly about how important accept-ance is for their LGBT children as they go through theprocess of coming out to their families. "BIENESTAR is very proud to work in partnership withDr. Isabel in our campaign, 'Homophobia Does Not Have aPlace in a Mother's Heart'", said Oscar De La O, President& CEO of BIENESTAR. "We are tremendously grateful tosee Dr. Isabel acknowledged by Christopher Street Westat LA PRIDE. Our hope is that through this importantcampaign we'll open up the dialogue in Latino familiesabout embracing and supporting our LGBT sons, daugh-ters, brothers and sisters."To show someone you care, sometimes all you have todo is listen. Doctor Isabel demonstrates such care on adaily basis during her show. It reaches an audience thatis sometimes unheard and it is this audience that she lis-tens to, speaks for and educates on such far ranging top-ics as interpersonal relationships, personal well being andthe LGBT community.According to Caitlin Ryan, Director of the FamilyAcceptance Project, family acceptance and rejection havea profound impact on the physical and mental health ofLatino LGBT young people, including suicidal behavior,depression, substance abuse, HIV, STD's and self-esteem. Understanding this, Doctor Isabel cares, whole-hearted-ly, and with purpose; working to help guide her listenersby speaking honestly, carefully and with true convictions.She is striving to better not only the Hispanic community,but also all communities, including the LGBT community. CSW is proud to present the George Moscone Award toDr. Isabel Gómez-Bassols, in recognition of her continuedembodiment of PRIDE 365: Power. Passion. Purpose,crossing so many boundaries throughout the country andcommunities and working to enhance life for all.GEORGE MOSCONE AWARDDr. Isabel Gómez-BassolsThe George Moscone Award recognizes a non-gay individual who furthers humanrights and does not shy away from involvement or speaking out on LGBT issues."Our hope is that through this important campaign we'll open upthe dialogue in Latino families aboutembracing and supporting our LGBTsons, daughters, brothers and sisters."49