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GRAND MARSHALMJohnny WeirWhen not astounding us on the ice, working the catwalk,designing clothes, recording music, or on TV, the multi-talentedand super-fabulous Johnny Weir is the center of attention wher-ever he is. And all eyes will again be on Johnny on Sunday,June 12, as the 2011 LA PRIDE Parade Grand Marshal. Johnny is world renowned for his talent on the ice. One of thesuperstars in the sport of figure skating, and an emerging pop-culture icon, fans all over the world love his elegant, edgy styleand the delicious unpredictability of never knowing what he'll say,wear or do next. "I never think of myself as an activist in any capacity, but I amglad that people can find strength and inspiration in my triumphsand defeats," said Johnny, who became more open following therecent epidemic of gay teen suicides hoping his storywould help others. "I hope that I can continue toinspire individuality in people regardless of age,sex, race, sexual orientation, or religion," he saidupon receiving the Visibility Award from HRCSeattle. This May, Johnny spoke out against theappointment of Peter Vidmar as chef de mis-sion for the 2012 US Olympic Team. Vidmarwas a vocal proponent for Prop 8, participat-ing in two anti-gay marriage rallies andcontributing money to its devastating cam-paign. Speaking to the Chicago Tribunewith other Olympic athletes, Johnny said,"I certainly wouldn't want to be represent-ed by someone who is anti gay marriage. Itisn't just about marriage, it is being allowedequal rights as Americans." As a fall out from all thenegative attention he received, Vidmar resigned just 8days after being appointed. Since wowing us as a three-time US champion,two-time Olympian and World medalist, Johnny hasput his fame to good use-balancing performancesin skating shows around the world with appear-ances at various benefits across the country.Among the numerous charities he supports are theElton John AIDS Foundation, UNICEF and TheTrevor Project. In April, he donated all ticketsales from one of his shows to the American RedCross: Japan Disaster Relief Fund. And, he is thestar of his own reality show-Be Good JohnnyWeir-on the Sundance Channel. In 2010,Johnny won Logo's NewNowNext Award forMost Addictive Reality Star. Johnny is multi-faceted, and multi-talented."We are all onions," he said, in reference to thelayers that all people have. "Own who you are. Weare never just one thing; we all have numerous differ-ent people in us, all making us who we are. I make myown path in this world. I live my life with absolutely noregrets."CSW is thrilled to host Johnny as the 2011 LA PRIDEParade Grand Marshal."I'm not ashamed to be me.More than anyone else Iknow, I love my life andaccept myself. What's wrongwith being unique? I amproud of everything that I amand will become."51

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