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Don't let the glitz and glamour fool you as the voicesof these delightful divas have captivated millions fromthe tiny box, to the big screen to the lights ofBroadway. Our Lady J's visionary gospel styling, powerhouse piano skillsand unforgettable live shows have been delivering a new testa-ment of post-religious gospel music to sold-out crowds.Recently, OUT Magazine named her as one of the "Out 100,"leading a new generation of individuals who help to share LGBTculture. www.ourladyj.comThe roguish, operatic dandy that is Prince Poppycock(akaJohn Andrew Quale) rose to national recognition as one of thefinalists on last summer's "America's Got Talent," and sincethen, Quale has been gaining momentum as a solo artist as wellas a supporting LGBT advocate; His It Gets Better video is oneof the highlights of the campaign.Since starting Upright Cabaretin 2004, Producer ChrisIsaacson has worked with and produced some of the most influ-ential stars of his generation. No exception this year with Pop &Broadway sensations like Tony Award-nominee Sam Harris,Jake Simpson (Star Search, Oprah favorite), Yvette Cason(Dreamgirls), Elizabeth Brackenbury (Rock of Ages) and JenniferLeigh Warren (Little Shop, Big River) performing with a LIVEband on our L.A. Pride 2011 stage! www.uprightcabaret.comPOMP & CIRCUMSTANCEBeing a part of LA Pride is a dream realized. The City ofLos Angeles is trail blazing and progressive, and I'mproud to be an Angeleno. From my work with "RiseUp and Shout" -- an amazing program for youngGLBT artists here in LA - to my recent cross-countrytour, where I was able to address GLBT youth considering suicide, it has and always will be mymission to build a world that is more proud and more colorful.After all, if a rainbow was missing a single color, it wouldn'tbe called a rainbow, now, would it? No... it would becalled a Plainbow! And I know I'm not going to seeany plainbows at Pride this year, am I? Happy Pride Everyone!Follow me on Twitter @PrincePoppycock xoxo,His Royal Nonsense Prince PoppycockFollow me on Twitter @PrincePoppycock55Yvette CasonJennifer Leigh WarrenSam HarrisElizabeth BrackenburyJake SimpsonFor CompleteSchedule

"I'm proud of my roots,my family and my life." Justin Utley56 LAPRIDE.orgOUT LOUD AND PROUD!This trio of musically eclectic and passionate entertainersuse their talents to get a rise, both from their fans andfrom the causes they address. Justin Utley's contemporary rock voice was featured at the 2002Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and has played packed venuesworldwide. Justin's story defines a struggle for identity that somany LGBT individuals go through. His Mormon upbringing placedhim in two years of "ex-gay therapy" - a "treatment" that, Utleysays, "Doesn't work." Now, the openly-gay artist lives in New YorkCity, has some big muscles and proudly advocates for LGBT issuesnationwide. His single "Stand For Something," released this year,empowers anyone with a challenge to defy it. www.justinutley.comLocal rock sensation TranzKontinentalhas literally tornadoedthrough LA this year leaving a trail of wigs, glitter and sweatbehind making audiences beg for more. Playing venues from TheRoxy to The House of Blues to headlining West Hollywood'sHalloween Carnivale, TranzKontinental is a gender-bending liveband showcasing the local talents of some of LA's favorite Queens.A not-to-be-missed, fierce and high-energy show that WERKS!Facebook: Tranzkontinental Recording artist Matt Morris's music is filled with diverse moods,styles and topics that reflect Matt's devotion to living and writingabout a meaningful life. Matt's award-winning musical career hasbeen shaped by his many unique collaborations, as both a writerand performer, including work with Justin Timberlake, ChristinaAguilera, Reba McIntyre and Kelly Clarkson among others. His newalbum, When Everything Breaks Open, featuring the hit "LiveForever," embraces the personal and political, the romantic and thespiritual. Morris is openly gay and married his husband when same-sex couples were allowed to do so in California. His husband wasthe inspiration for his song "Love" found on his debut album. www.