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Have you ever wondered what went on behind thedungeon doors? Secretly wished for a quick fly onthe wall look. or to be invited to try your hand at________________? Erotic City now is in it's ninth year, returning to exciteand inform you this PRIDE season. Designed as an intro-duction to indulge your senses with a fun and sexy twisthonoring sexuality, this adult only section of the celebra-tion is a not to be missed experience. There will be a host of stimulating and invigoratingexperiences awaiting you including bondage, shaving,wax and flogging demonstrations. The Tom of FinlandFoundation will have erotic art and artists, and Sundaythere will be a wet underwear contest. The highlight of this year's Erotic City will be the Mr.Christopher Street West Leather contest. This years con-test will be MC'd by Mr. Sister Leather 2009 - Pup Don,with entertainment by GlitzGlam, and will feature theever-popular jock strap/pecs/personality portion of thecompetition. For complete details or an application tocompete, see the Erotic City section of "Being Mr. CSW Leather was a lifechanging experience. It gave me theopportunity to more fully serve mycommunity, as well as be an ambas-sador both for the leather communi-ty, and to represent LA PRIDE allover the country," said LouiePacheco Saenz, Mr. CSW 2010 and2011. "It was an honor that I willalways treasure." Erotic City is not for just the established Kinkster, it is aportal to the other side, a way to learn and be exposed tosomething new. "I am not a traditional Leather Person. Being heterosex-ual, disabled and a woman makes me a pretty rare addi-tion to the leather community but I enjoy representing ourdiversity by getting involved, [and] [t]he best way I knowto get involved and to give back is to volunteer my time,"Goddess Chal, EC volunteer coordinator said. "I love boss-ing people around, being surrounded by some of thehottest men and women at LA Pride, having a naughtygood time and calling it 'work'".Whether you visit out of curiosity or because it feels will be welcome."It is with deep gratitude I acknowledge the varied andnumerous people who help make Erotic City a reality, andkeep it improving from year to year. Without the dedicat-ed support of so many great volunteers we would nothave the exciting experience we bring to our visitors eachyear," said Steve Ganzell, chair Erotic City.GET YOUR KINK ONBY THOMAS BW NICHOLSON

PRIDE365POWERPASSIONPURPOSE.JUNE10.11.12,2011Los Angeles LGBT PRIDE in West HollywoodMr. Christopher Street West Leather 2012 ContestSaturday, June 11, 2011 Erotic City, LA PRIDEFor more details visit the Erotic Citysection on