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INVESTING IN THE COMMUNITYOver the 40 plus years of communi-ty involvement Christopher StreetWest, a leader in the LGBT movementin the metropolitan Los Angeles areaas well as throughout the USA, andthe world, has given back incalculableamounts of support - in time, moneyand experience. A prime example of CSW's directimpact in the community is Casa DelSol. Casa Del Sol is a joint projectbetween AIDS Project Los Angeles(APLA), and CSW to provide low-income housing for people withHIV/AIDS. Casa Del Sol is groundbreaking, as it was the first low-income housing project for peoplewith HIV/AIDS to receive HUD fund-ing. CSW works to support our commu-nity in numerous and varied ways onan ongoing basis. CSW has an activementorship program, lending ourexperience and contacts to fellownon-profits, pride-related or not. CSWlends its name and reputation to sup-port other organizations that can ben-efit from our years of communityactivism and support in Los Angeles. The dollar amount that CSW hasgiven back to community organiza-tions through direct support, volun-teer grants, working grants, publicity,visibility, and mentorship is in the mil-lions of dollars. CSW's programs are as strong asever, and CSW remains committed tosupporting the community we serve,both financially and in other tangibleways. Please visit the Community sectionof our web site for further details, 08 LAPRIDE.orgHundreds of thousands of people cele-brate LA PRIDE each year. Most haveno idea of the scope of work that goesin to hosting the multiple events, athree day Festival, Parade, and neversee the tireless, year-round work thatmakes LA PRIDE possible. Christopher Street West (CSW) is anon-profit organization, led by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. Eachboard member dedicates countlesshours leading and working on themany committees within the commu-nity, that create the celebration. CSWis lucky to be able to draw on thecareer experience and talents of indi-viduals representing many professionswith countless years of experience. Additionally, many volunteer commit-tee members bring real world experi-ence to CSW, providing invaluableskills and an enormous amount ofeffort to help move our mission andvision forward. The actual PRIDE celebration is theresult of over 1500 community mem-bers pitching in to make the three-daycelebration a success. From BertChampagne who announces theparade entries each year, to CindyAbril and Marcus Martinez who guideand direct our ever-expanding broad-cast, to our Intern Team of Steven, Joe,Clarity, Thomas and Rob who spentcountless hours in the office providingthe pivotal support needed to ensur-ing that all facets of LA PRIDE happen,and happen smoothly.Besides PRIDE, what does CSW do?Christopher Street West is activelyengaged in community support andoutreach. CSW provides direct supportto community organizations through-out the year by co-sponsoring a varietyof events and fundraising activities;purchasing tickets to events anddonating them to underserved popula-tions and CSW volunteers. CSW also utilizes our extensive con-tacts to promote community eventsthrough our monthly email newsletterand spotlights, as well as our far-reaching social media network. CSW has a mentorship program, lend-ing our experience and contacts toother organizations; as well as lendingour name and reputation to supportother organizations that can benefitfrom our many years of communityactivism and support in Los AngelesCounty. CSW is also seen as a modelfor PRIDE celebrations by many otherPride organizations. "CSW has been purposeful and activein the greater LGBT commnunity forover 40 years and looks forward tobeing involved for years to come,"Rodney Scott, CSW board presidentsaid. "We invite you all to be moreinvolved and engaged - with PRIDE,with yourself and our community as awhole. Do it with Purpose." MEET LA PRIDEWELCOME TOCHRISTOPHER STREET WEST