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4 Amenities Internet: Daily- $ 6.95 Weekly- $ 19.95 Monthly- $ 34.95 Our Internet is a Road Runner High Speed. An Internet Cable is necessary for Internet access which is available at the front desk. ( Wireless internet access coming soon). Faxes: Need to fax a last minute document? We can fax anywhere in the United States for just a dollar a page. Television: We are proud to offer Time Warner Cable. This also includes one Premium Channel of HBO located on channel 19. Irons & Ironing Boards: Irons and Ironing Boards are provided in most rooms, located inside the closet. If they are not available, the front desk will provide them. Check- out: Our standard check- out time is at 11: 00am every day. Keys: Every room Tag has two keys attached to it. The larger key opens your room and the smaller key opens up all hotel entrances and the pool gates. Ice & Vending Machines: Our ice and vending machines are centrally located near the pool area.

5 Phones 1. Local and Long distance calling are charged differently: Please note: A $. 50 fee applies to all calls made to numbers outside the hotel including toll free numbers. A. To Speak to the Front Desk dial " 0". B. To make a local outside call with an ( 858) area code dial " 9" and then the number C. To make a local outside call with a ( 619) area code dial " 9"- " 1"-" 619" and then the number. D. To make a long distance call with any area code dial " 9"- " 1" and then the area code and number. E. To make a Toll free call dial " 9"-" 1" and then the number. Remember this call still costs $. 50 per call. 2. Calling a guest within the hotel: A. If the room you are calling has three digits, dial a " 7" and then the number of the room. B. If the room you are calling has four digits, dial the room number directly. 3. How to use your Voicemail System: Dial 5000 and follow the automated instructions.