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Spinning Dart's Top View Up CloseSpinning Dart BannerTMThe Spinning Dart Banner is an innovative new branding and attention-getting product, that imitates the look and movement of an in-flight spinning dart. These banners offer three sides of high-impact digital dye sublimated printing, combined with top quality polyester fabric. Standing 8 ft. tall, these banners use the highest quality aluminum poles, which come with a three year warranty. Quality defined!Front ViewSide ViewTop ViewDIGITALPRINTSpinning Dart Up CloseMounting Options for Spinning Dart8ftDART832"96"32"60"Item NumbersThe Spinning Dart is printed on 3 sides which are sewn together and then stretched over the Dart's frame.Ground Stakes with bearings are the perfect mounting option for soft surfaces and outdoor environments like grass, snow or sand.Ground Stake StandDARTGSHard Surface Stands with bearings, when combined with the provided water-fillable weight bag, are a secure alternative that allows for flexibility in extreme weather conditions.Hard Surface StandDARTSSFabric Options: PolyesterPrinting Options: D = Digital Dye SubArt Options: 3 Sidedbanners4branding.com11

A-Frame and Pop-Out Tunnel BannersTMA-Frame and Pop-Out Tunnel Banners utilize a unique system that incorporates a fabric sleeve that fits over a frame. A-Frames utilize a segmented aluminum frame, while the Tunnels use a flexible steel, slinky-like inner frame system. High quality polyester fabric is digitally dye sublimated on four sides, for complete visibility. Both styles take seconds to set-up and take-down, and both fold away into a single carrying bag for storage or transportation.The Pop-Out Tunnel Banner™ uses an expanding spiral steel frame that can be compacted and secured with Velcro ties.Both Banners come with a handy Carrying Bag, durable frame, as well as 4 ground stakes to help secure it to the ground.A-FrameTunnel Inner SpringStorage Bag, Inner Spring, and Ground StakesDIGITALPRINTThe A-Frame Banner comes with an aluminum sectional frame with inter-connecting pieces that lock with a pin. A-Frame HardwarePop-Out Tunnel Hardware9ft A-FrameAFRAME9D6ft A-FrameAFRAME6D6ft TunnelPOTNL6D12ft TunnelPOTNL12DItem NumbersAdditional ViewsFabric Options: PolyesterPrinting Options: D = Digital Dye SubArt Options: 4 Sided6'3'3'9'3'3'2'6'2'2'12'2'