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Vertical and Horizontal Pop-Out BannersTMPop-Out Banners are the single most innovative field-level advertising product invented. Either vertically or horizontally oriented, these banners have sewn-in flexible steel frames that allow them to fold-up to very small sizes when not in use, which then literally pop-out into these grand visual displays. Single or double sided printing is done via digital dye sublimation on premium polyester fabric for a durable, high impact presentation.Ground Stakes and Carrying BagSingle Sided Pop-Out Banner with Neck Strap13DIGITALPRINTIncluded HardwareOptional FeatureLarge VerticalVPOL-SS / VPOL-DSLarge HorizontalHPOL-SS / HPOL-DSMedium VerticalVPOM-SS / VPOM-DSMedium HorizontalHPOM-SS / HPOM-DSSmall VerticalVPOS-SS / VPOS-DSSmall HorizontalHPOS-SS / HPO-DS50"80"40"50"30"40"102"42"76"34"46"26"Item NumbersVertical and Horizontal Pop-Out Banners can be printed single sided. An optional neck strap that is sewn-on for convenient use in mobile advertising!Light weight and easy to set up, Pop-Out Banners fold up and are easily stored in an included carrying bag. Optional Stakes help keep your banners rooted to the ground.Additional ViewsFabric Options: Polyester with Silver BackingPrinting Options: D = Digital Dye SubArt Options: SS = Single Sided / DS = Double Sided

This heavy duty plastic base can be filled with either water or sand to securely hold your banner in place. After use, it folds up conveniently for storage or transportation.The entire FlagPole Banner unit folds up neatly into two small carrying bags, which benefits for storing and transporting your FlagPole Banner when not being used.Water / Sand BaseCarrying BagsFlagPole BannerStanding at 17ft high, FlagPole Banners stand out far and above other types of portable outdooradvertising products. The high-impact branded banner, which is on a constant fluttering swivel,dances in whichever direction the wind is blowing. It utilizes custom printed premium polyesterfabric with a substantial segmented anodized aluminum mast and a large capacity molded plasticbase that can be filled with water or sand, thereby creating an impenetrable branding force.DIGITALPRINTSCREENPRINTHardwareIncluded Carrying BagsItem NumbersFlagpole BannerTMFLAG17D-SS / FLAG17D-DSFLAG17S-SS / FLAG17S-DS60"204"42"132"Fabric Options: PolyesterPrinting Options: S = Spot Color / D = Digital Dye SubArt Options: SS = Single Sided / DS = Double Sided