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Boulevard Banners utilize cast aluminum brackets that are tightly secured via flexible binding straps that conform to any size post. Boulevard BannersBoulevard Banners allow for a tremendous way to take advantage of using any round or square street light pole to create a light festive presence. Boulevard Banners offer vivid digital graphics in either a single kit or double kit. The hardware includes rust-free cast aluminum brackets, and utilize fiberglass arms and 18 oz full color vinyl banners.DIGITALPRINTHardwareBoulevard Banner - Double Kit (Vinyl)BLVDSK-SSBLVDSK-DSBoulevard Banner - Single Kit (Vinyl)BLVDSK-SSBLVDSK-DS2'2'3'/4'/ 5'3'/4'/ 5'Fabric Options: VinylPrinting Options: D = DigitalArt Options: SS = Single Sided / DS = Double Sidedbanners4branding.com15

Item NumbersCanopy Frame Thumb LatchesCanopy Frame Setup(No Tools Required)(Lightweight Steel Frame)The Elite series of canopy frames are strong, durable and affordable; and are great for daily or specialty use for events/trade show booths. Made from either powder-coated steel or anodized aluminum, these frames are top-of-the-line, and will never let you down. All canopy frames feature easy to use nylon/fiberglass connectors, thumb latch mechanisms, reinforced truss bars and oversized foot pads. All frames include ropes and stakes. All three types of Pop-Up Canopy Frames feature easy to use self-locking nylon/fiberglass thumb-latches that adjust to 5 different heights to meet your needs.Setting up your Pop-Up Canopy Frame is easy! Simply pull the Canopy legs apart until the frame snaps into its full dimensions. Using the thumb-latches, adjust legs to the desired height.Canopy Frame Oversized Footpad (Closed) (Half Open) (Open)Canopy Frame Thumb LatchCanopy Frame Peak TensioningPop-Up Canopy FramesLightweight Series Industrial Grade Steel FramesCFLS05 / CFLS10Heavyweight SeriesCommercial Grade Steel FramesCFHS10 / CFHS15 / CFHS20Aluminum SeriesCommercial Grade Aluminum FramesCFA10 / CFAH10 / CFA15 / CFA201A0vfat ilxa b10lef tin: Lightweight, Heavyweight & Aluminum Series*Other Frame Options: 10ft x 10ft Hex Shape (Aluminum Series) Item: CFAH105Afvt axil a5bftle in: Lightweight Series1A0vfat ilxa b15left in: Heavyweight & Aluminum Series1A0vfat ilxa b2l0e ftin: Heavyweight & Aluminum