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Undergraduate Prospectus Bath Spa University 2012Open daysSee back coverStudying at Bath Spa UniversityFind out what it's like to live in the beautiful city of Bath and study at our environmentally award winning campuses where high quality teaching is our priority.Choose which course to studyFrom Art to Sociology - a full guide to all of our courses and combinations to help you choose the right subject for you and your future career.Newton Park Campus Newton St Loe / Bath / BA2 9BNSion Hill Campus Lansdown / Bath / BA1 5SF Tel +44 (0)1225 875 875

Bath Spa University Introduction ontentsWelcomeFrom the President of the Students' UnionRichard Bidgood-Whether you are just interested in finding out more about Bath Spa University or 100% certain you want to come here, you are making a good decision reading this prospectus. The students here love the fact that both our campuses are quiet, clean and free from the pollution a city campus gets - which is great when you need to get that vital essay in or get away from work. If you fancy a party then the Students' Union is on campus with a wide range of events all week, every week. The Students' Union also offers an advice and support service, available to all students, to deal with any problem, big or small. We have several teams competing in British Universities and Colleges Sports leagues (BUCS) and a wide range of clubs and societies to choose from. We always keep the students' needs first and our new students' induction week (Freshers' Week) puts emphasis on making sure students settle in well, have fun, and have all the support they need from their Students' Union. Hope to see you here next year. Your choice of university is an important one - one that will affect your future. By reading this prospectus carefully and finding out as much as you can about us and your other options you will be confident of choosing the university that is right for you.From the Vice ChancellorProfessor Frank Morgan-You will find that Bath Spa is a university where teaching students is given the highest priority, and where students are treated as individuals. Importantly, you will also find a university where the vast majority of students enjoy their university experience and successfully complete their course. A frequent comment from our students is that they particularly like the friendliness of the environment at Bath Spa. This is not a large, impersonal organisation where individual student needs are lost. However we are forward-looking, progressive, and committed to excellence and innovation in teaching. Students and staff at Bath Spa share a strong environmental ethos and a deep commitment to protecting the environment for future generations. Our aim is to offer students a university experience that is distinctive, challenging and fulfilling, and that allows them to embark on their future careers with confidence and success. I would encourage you to come and visit us on one of our Open Days to see if what we offer matches your needs and ambitions. This is what the father of a prospective student wrote to me recently following a visit: "H aving read your prospectus and attended your open day she ended up working round the clock for her exams with the target of reaching A grades and she has turned her course work around. I believe the thing that made the difference was Bath Spa's focus on the undergraduate student as a person. What she heard at your open day communicated the feeling that my daughter really could achieve her potential."I look forward to welcoming you here in person as a Bath Spa University student. Welcome 02Reasons to choose Bath Spa University 03Why Bath Spa University? 04What's Bath like? 07What are the campuses like? 08How can I be an eco-warrior? 09Where would I live? 10What's the social life like? 12What are the study facilities like? 13How can I boost my career prospects? 14Bath Spa Plus 15Volunteering 'Just V' 15What support will I get from the University? 16I'm returning to learning - how will you help? 16Do you welcome international students? 17Can I study abroad? 17How much will it cost? 18Which course is right for me? 19Do I qualify? 20How do I apply? 21Which course can I choose? 22School of Art and Design 24Creative Arts 26Art 26Ceramics 26Mixed Media Textiles 27Visual Design 27Fine Art 28Fashion Design 28Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors 29Graphic Communication 303D Design: Idea Material Object 30Photography and Digital Media 31School of Education 32Education Leading to PGCE Primary and Early Years 34Education Studies: Education, Early Years Education, International Education 35School of Humanities and Cultural Industries 36Creative Media Practice 37Creative Writing 37English Literature 38Film and Screen Studies 38History 39Heritage 39Media Communications 40Publishing: Editorial, Design and the Web 40Religion, Philosophy and Ethics 41School of Music and Performing Arts 42Commercial Music 44Creative Music Technology 44Dance 45Drama Studies 45Music 46Performing Arts 47Theatre Production 47School of Science Society and Management 48Business and Management 49Biology 49Development Geography 50Diet and Health 50Environmental Science 51Food with Nutrition 51Geography 52Human Nutrition 52Psychology 53Sociology 53Foundation Degrees with our Partners in Education 54Applied Art and Design 56Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance 56Counselling 56Digital Design 57Early Years 57Education Studies for Teaching Assistants 58Fashion and Textile Design Skills 58Graphic Design 58Health and Social Care Management 59Heritage Management 59Management and Management Systems 59Music Production 60Musical Theatre 60Performing Arts 60Popular Music 61Professional Musicianship 61Tourism Management 61Need more information? 62Senior staff and governors 62Index 62Courses and combinations 63Visit us 64