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Bath Spa University Introduction 12 / 13LibrariesEach campus has a library with stock that reflects the courses that are taught there. At Bath School of Art and Design, the University has invested in equipping a central new specialist library facility which opened at Sion Hill in 2009. Here you can seek creative inspiration from a wealth of specialist books, up-to-date journals as well as collections of exhibition catalogues, slides and DVDs. At Newton Park, our larger campus library, there is a comprehensive collection of books, journals, CDs and DVDs covering the wide range of subjects we teach. If you're an Education student there is a separate collection of resources to use when you are on teaching placements in schools. As well as traditional library materials there's also a large and increasing range of electronic resources such as electronic journals, electronic books and online services to help you access high quality information for your university work. Both libraries benefit from state-of-the art self-service equipment and photocopying and printing facilities.Study areasThe libraries are divided into separate areas for different kinds of study. If you want to work in peace there are "amber zones" where we ask people to talk quietly and not use mobiles. If you really need to concentrate you can work in a "red zone" where we ask people not to talk or use equipment that might disturb others.However, at other times you'll need to work with others on group projects, so we've set aside "green zones" where you can talk, use mobile phones, eat and drink. During 2010/11 the front area of Newton Park Library has been completely re-designed and refurbished to improve services and facilities for students. One of the main aims is to provide additional collaborative learning space and laptop docking points as well as a vibrant, modern and welcoming reception area and library information point. This exciting new study space will open 24/7 in term-time.Getting helpProfessionally qualified librarians run sessions that teach you how to find and use information - helping you to produce good quality work but saving you time as well. We also offer one-to-one tutorials, an electronic enquiry service and advice as and when you need it. If you're a disabled student you'll get help on an individual basis to make sure we best meet your library and information needs.Check our website facilities There are several hundred networked computers for students to use, many in open access rooms which are available in the evenings and at weekends as well during the day. You can use these computers for word-processing, spreadsheets, database work, email and access to the Internet. And you'll find user-friendly online help pages covering all aspects of IT at the University. There are also specialised computer facilities across the campuses for subjects such as music, art and design, and media production. We have both PCs and Apple Macs as well as wireless connections for laptops. When you become a Bath Spa student you'll be given your own email account - which you can keep for life!What are the study facilities like?As a 'teaching-led' university we put a lot of effort into helping you get the most from your studies. You'll expect first rate lecturers, but you'll also get modern, well equipped libraries and IT suites; innovative teaching methods; the chance to study abroad - and much more!Learning Development Our Writing and Learning Centre can help students improve their learning and reach their potential. The transition to university can seem daunting, and you may be concerned about skills such as academic writing, referencing, critical thinking, time management, oral presentation, reading and note-taking. All of these skills - and more - can be developed with the help of the Writing and Learning Centre.For more information, please see our website learningAs a teaching-led university we make sure we're right up to date with the most advanced teaching methods, and all students have access to our online virtual learning environment, 'Minerva'. Minerva allows your lecturers to send course materials to you via the web - and makes these easy for you to find. It also provides various other features such as discussion boards which allow you to have online conversations with others from your course, and lets you submit coursework electronically.010203050401 School of Art and Design 02-03 Michael Tippet Centre, Newton Park campus04-06 Specialist facilities05 Using the Glass Room in the Library for group work06

Bath Spa University Introduction a student graduating from Bath Spa University, you'll leave with much more than a degree in a specific area of study. Throughout your course you'll acquire and develop a whole range of transferable skills, practical experience and industry insights that will make you highly attractive to employers. We aim to enhance the employability of all our graduates by ensuring that as a Bath Spa graduate you are well positioned and fully equipped to identify - and set foot on - the right career path for you. We'll encourage you to start thinking about making the most of your future right from the start of your university life by accessing the professional support and wide ranging resources available to you throughout the year - and even after you graduate. Careers professionals and industry experts work in partnership with lecturers and tutors to help develop key employability skills throughout your degree. They also work closely with employers and other industry partners to maximise both opportunities for students and awareness of our graduates' talents and achievements. What do Bath Spa graduates do? In 2010, 91% of Bath Spa graduates were in employment or further study six months after graduation. The number of Bath Spa graduates known to be in work was the highest recorded for the University, as was the number working in graduate-level jobs. Even in the midst of an economic downturn, graduates successfully entered a diverse range of careers from public sector management roles and graduate schemes to starting their own businesses (particularly in the creative industries) and teaching. Each of the course pages in this prospectus gives an idea of the sort of careers open to graduates from the course with more information available online.Excellent careers supportOur team of careers professionals is available to guide you in the right direction and suggest ways to help you make informed career decisions. Help with everything from CVs and job search strategies to assessment centres and even module choice is available throughout the year, with a range of one-to-one sessions, small group workshops, mock interviews, presentations and e-guidance options available to give you the right kind of support, how you want it and when you want it. First to hear about industry opportunities An array of physical and electronic resources helps you keep up-to-date with news of the latest vacancies, recruitment schemes and other opportunities. Recent developments in specific degree-related and employment sectors are available to you, as are the psychometric assessment tools, as used by major graduate recruiters. Our careers website and regular eBulletin is a rich source of information useful before, during and after your period of study.Network with employers You'll be introduced to graduate recruiters, local, regional and national employers and business experts through a range of industry events on campus. Through careers events and industry mentors to employer presentations and networking evenings, you'll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the likes of the BBC, NHS, Future Publishing, Ordnance Survey, Hilton Hotels and many more, enabling you to find out about the many options open to you when you graduate. With over two-thirds of our graduates gaining employment in the south west of England, we work closely with local and regional employers to source and create the best graduate-level jobs, placements and internships for our students.Earn while you learn Bath Spa University Job Shop is a completely free in-house recruitment service exclusively for students, which helps you find good quality, well-paid, part-time employment (15 hours or less per week) during your time at university. Job Shop staff will help you through the application process and help you realise the invaluable skills you'll be gaining through these employment opportunities - both on campus and in the Bath area - which will help your future career prospects. Gain essential work experience Many subjects have placements or industry projects as part of their degree programmes, which can help you develop a range of skills and experiences to support your career development. Placements and internships are also available on an extra-curricular basis, both during term-time and vacation periods. Our careers and business support teams broker opportunities with businesses in the region, offering a wide range of opportunities for learning in a professional setting. Work with an industry mentor A growing team of business experts are on hand to work with you as "industry mentors", providing you with the opportunity to be supported by a trained professional working in a field of your interest including the creative and cultural, health, science and heritage sectors.Supporting student enterpriseDeveloping graduate entrepreneursAs well as a host of possibilities within your degree to develop creative, innovative and enterprising ideas, many opportunities exist elsewhere at Bath Spa to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. The University's Business Plan Competition inspires and rewards excellent new concepts and business start-up proposals from students. "InSparation" is a network offering support, advice and developmental opportunities for enterprising Bath Spa students.Artswork: a leader in the creative industries As a national Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in the creative industries, Bath Spa University continues to enrich the student experience across a wide range of creative subjects. Students and recent graduates benefit from industry- standard facilities, employer-inspired projects and significant links with the local and regional creative community. After attracting funding of £4.85m, Artswork signalled a major investment in facilities, resources and further professional expertise, the continued development of students as creative professionals and the high-level profiling of the University's excellence in this area. The University continues to strengthen its position in the creative sector and was recently named as one of only three members in the inaugural University Enterprise Network for the creative industries. How can I boost my career prospects?Industry-informed degree programmes coupled with a range of personal and professional development opportunities enrich your university experience and help improve your career prospects.01 Networking with employers02 Resources 03 What's on offer04 Placements05 Networking with employers06 Group work outside01040302