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Bath Spa University Introduction 14 / 15Bath SpaPlusVolunteering'Just V'Recognising your achievements Promoting to employers Bath Spa Plus is a free training and development programme open to all students. It's designed to help you acquire essential personal and professional skills whilst at University and equip you with invaluable tools and techniques for life beyond university. Bath Spa Plus is here to help you:  Develop new skills;  Spice up your CV;  Improve your learning;  Stimulate new ideas;  Enhance your employability;  Achieve your potential;  Network with employers. Recent workshops, delivered by a range of staff from within and outside the University, have included communication skills, IT skills, gaining work experience, marketing yourself and effective networking. In addition to these, we run a suite of career development and job sector-related workshops, with the programme further complemented by some more intensive training courses including three-day Apple-accredited software training and modern language courses. Your degree will, of course, set you apart from those who have not been to university and will be a key part of the package you'll offer employers. However, with over 330,000 graduates leaving university each year, quite simply, a degree alone is often not enough to secure a good job. Employers will look at what else you have to offer, and Bath Spa Plus recognises your other achievements above and beyond your qualification. Skills you will have gained will include the following:  Communication skills  Team-working and leadership skills  Commercial awareness  Relevant work experience  Literacy/numeracy  Confidence  . and a whole lot more! You'll develop many of these employability skills throughout the course of your degree programme. Bath Spa Plus is here to help you realise and develop these, as well as fill any gaps you feel you may have. Beyond the timetable, Bath Spa Plus has brought together key areas of the University to design a mouth-watering programme of interactive workshops, seminars and presentations along with a host of volunteering, work experience and networking opportunities to develop your "know-how" and expand your "know-who".Many Bath Spa students are involved in volunteering activity whilst at the University, giving their time, energy and skills to help out local, national and international voluntary organisations. There are hundreds of organisations providing services which depend on volunteers. Our students take part in environmental projects; work with young people; tutor in local schools; volunteer in the arts; work with disabled people; help the elderly; help with sports coaching; contribute to the work of animal charities and fundraise for local charities. There's bound to be something that suits you and the time you're able to give - from one-off activities to more regular, weekly commitments. Within the University itself you can get involved in helping fellow students through the Peer Support Network, running a welfare campaign or by becoming a student academic representative (STaR). What do you get back from volunteering? It's very rewarding, great fun and provides you with real-life experience and a fantastic means to meet other students and members of the local community. What's more, you'll be able to develop your skills and strengths through the provision of a range of internal and external training opportunities and if you so choose, work towards the University's 'Certificate in Volunteering Achievement'. Volunteering will give you an edge with future employers who are looking for well-rounded individuals, people who are motivated and who use their initiative and skills to give something back. Investing a little time now could result in big paybacks later.Nina DavisBA (Hons) Creative Arts and Textile Design, graduated 2010- "D uring my final year I volunteered to run textiles and art workshops for children at a local museum and devised a series of art workshops for vulnerable young adults in Bath. Initially I volunteered to gain experience in my career field but I was happy to continue after the first project as I'd thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people. Also I realised that volunteering can introduce you to lots of people who can help you out in the future.The feedback I got from the workshop participants was positive, and everyone had a lot of fun, so I believe that my efforts made a difference to people's lives. Personally, the experiences have given me confidence in approaching new and challenging situations and I've gained a lot of life experience. I've also met new people and had a lot of fun! Volunteering has been instrumental in helping me secure my first graduate paid role - artist in residence at a local independent girls' school. My voluntary experiences helped my CV to stand out and provided great talking points in interview situations."0506

Bath Spa University Introduction you thinking of joining us as a mature student (by which we mean someone who is returning to education after a break from studying)? If so you'll be in good company - over a third of our students are mature students.You'll want your time at university to be enjoyable, worthwhile, and full of new challenges and experiences. We have a range of specialist services to help you achieve your goals. What support will I get from the University?I'm returning to learning - how will you help?What's on offer? Advice, guidance, information and ideas on a range of issues, provided by specialist staff who are happy to work with you, sharing their expertise, bouncing ideas around and guiding you (when you need guidance) through the enormous range of activities and issues that you will encounter. It makes no difference whether you're a full or part-time student, UK, EU or international, coming from A-levels or returning to study - you'll find a professional team of people with information, guidance and advice to hand. Student support Most students find themselves needing a bit of help at times as they juggle different priorities and demands. Common concerns include balancing study, work and social life, personal issues, being away from home, friends and relationship difficulties, health or loneliness. We won't make decisions for you - but we'll help you to make them for yourself.Money advice We can guide you through the intricacies of student finance and give advice on student loans and other forms of student funding, on budgeting and how to handle and negotiate debt. We also administer loans and grants which are available in special circumstances to students suffering particular financial hardship. For more information email: Disabled students, including people with dyslexia Our aim is to make Bath Spa University accessible to everyone and we welcome applications from disabled students. The Student Support team will work with you and other university staff to make reasonable adjustments to help you get the most out of your studies and to meet your learning support entitlement. Contact us to discuss your needs with us as soon as possible, so that we can make sure that we are doing everything we can to help you enjoy your life and studies at Bath Spa. You don't need to wait till you get here - speak to us at Open Days or contact us for an individual appointment. We provide an opportunity for all students to undertake an initial dyslexia screening; some students will come already knowing they have a specific learning difficulty; for others this provides an opportunity to find out if they can benefit from tailored dyslexia study support. In both cases we will provide professional guidance. You may be eligible for a Disabled Students Allowance, in which case we'll help you to apply for and obtain your full support package. You may feel anxious about returning to study but a lot of help is on hand and our experience suggests you will surprise yourself [but not us] with how well you will do. You will bring a wealth of experience and diverse skills to your studies that will be invaluable. Do I qualify? You don't have to have traditional qualifications such as A-levels to be a student at Bath Spa. A good number of students come to us after they have completed an Access to Higher Education programme, which provides an excellent route to university. We will also take your working life, your general educational background and your experiences into account by assessing what is known as 'prior learning' (APL) and 'prior experiential learning' (APEL) as a foundation for study in higher education. Pre-entry guidance You can talk to us before you apply. There will be advisors at our general Open Days (see page 64). We also have a dedicated first point of contact for general enquiries from mature student and Access learners. To find out more, including the support available, please contact the Widening Participation and Access Manager on (01225) 876223 or e-mail your enquiry to Our Admissions Service web pages are also full of useful information and can be accessed through the University website at If you would like specific advice about your qualifications or have a query about your application, please e-mail your enquiry directly to our Admissions Service at When you arrive Before the teaching programmes start, all new students attend Welcome Week. During this initial orientation period you will meet your personal tutor, whose role is to provide you with academic and pastoral advice, and the tutors, staff and fellow students in your Academic School. This is also the time when you confirm your module selections, your timetable for the year is finalised and when you are able to find out more about the full range of advice and support - on both academic and non-academic matters - that you will be able to access during your time with us. At Bath Spa we have always attracted a lot of mature students, so we have a lot of experience in dealing with any issues or problems you may have. What else should I think about? Like most students you will probably be worried about how you will manage your finances, and how you will juggle study and home commitments, and you will certainly need the support of friends and family in your new venture. But think too about the benefits you will gain: you will gain knowledge and skills that you haven't even thought about; your career prospects will be better; you will meet a whole new set of people and you will find it hugely satisfying to fulfil what may have been a long-held ambition.Student ProfileBeverley Randall, English Literature/Creative Writing-"I had wanted to go to uni when I was younger but circumstances and lack of qualifications meant that I could not pursue this. I forgot about it for years but then a friend mentioned the Access course to me a few years ago. It's challenging to approach higher education as a mature student but it's certainly very rewarding. I found the first week terrifying! But my younger fellow students are lovely, and between them and the tutors I've found it easy to settle in. My advise to potential mature students would be to remember to ask for help: independent learning is encouraged at uni - but help is always there for you."02010101 Mature students get plenty of support02 Beverley Randall 01 Off to a lecture02 Italian Garden We organise an early induction programme, which takes place just before registration, for disabled students coming to Bath Spa. This will give you the opportunity to get to know the campus and staff and to meet up with other students already on courses. For more information email: Medical service Our Medical Service is provided by a local GP practice and provides the full range of medical services from dealing with illness and injury to providing services such as contraception, vaccination, repeat prescriptions and general health checks. We encourage all students to register. You can attend one of the surgeries on campus or make appointments at the practice health centre in town at other times. Either way you'll have a choice of doctor or nurse appointment. Faith servicesIn a multi-faith environment we welcome students of all faiths - and none. Members of the University Chaplaincy team visit the campus each week for a drop-in session and special events are organised to coincide with specific seasons.Childcare If you're a parent of children under five you can arrange for them to be looked after at Oak Tree Day Nursery at our Newton Park campus. Children of staff and the local community use the Nursery too, and there's a happy, secure and stimulating environment. The Nursery is in two adjoining houses, arranged for children of different ages (six months to two years, and two to five years). The services and activities provided are tailored to the needs of the babies and children, enabling them to explore and learn through play. The standards of care and nursery education are high - this was confirmed by an Ofsted inspection in 2009. The report comments: 'Children are happy and confident in a well managed, stimulating care and learning environment'. You can book morning, afternoon or full day sessions, with student rates in the range of £18.75 to £19.75 per morning or afternoon session, and £37.50 to £39.50 for a full day, depending on the age of the child. Full details can be found at or call the Day Nursery Manager on 01225 875590.02