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Bath Spa University Introduction I qualify?While most applicants will have passed academic examinations, we acknowledge that students can succeed if they have the right motivation and ability even if they missed out on formal qualifications. We may therefore be able to take a wider and more flexible view of your potential. For further information about applying without formal qualifications, please contact the Admissions Service. Typical offers Each course page of this prospectus includes details of the typical offers you could expect to receive from Bath Spa University. These are usually expressed in terms of UCAS tariff points (generally a range of points), and you should refer to the table opposite to see what tariff points your qualifications, or predicted qualifications, equate to. The example grades shown with 'typical offers' on course pages relate to A and AS grades - for example 'BB + AS c' indicates two A-levels at grade B and one AS-level at grade C. You should note that the actual terms of any offer we make to you may differ from our published offers because we will consider your application on its individual merits. The UCAS tariff table shows equivalencies between different types of qualifications. Key Skills We will not consider Key Skills qualifications in our tariff offers, since not all candidates are able to offer these qualifications. However, we recognise the benefits that the skills acquired through these qualifications bring and evidence of Key Skills passes will provide strong support for your application. Unit grade information Please note that we will not use grade information for individual units within A and AS examinations when considering your application and making offers. Offers will be made and confirmed on the basis of overall grades at A and AS level. Candidates are, of course, welcome to highlight unit achievements in their Personal Statement (or to encourage referees to do so in their references). 14-19 Diploma We welcome applications from students taking the Diploma. The following Diplomas will be a particularly suitable route into a number of our degree programmes: Creative and Media; Society, Health and Development; Business, Administration and Finance; Environmental and Land-based Studies. Our standard requirement from a relevant Progression Diploma and/or Advanced Diploma equates to our requirement in the form of tariff points listed in the 'Typical Offers' section of each course page. For some courses we may require specific subjects within the Additional Specialist Learning component of the Advanced Diploma. General entry requirementsOur 'typical offers' are made in the context There are a number of ways in which you can qualify to come and study at Bath Spa University. We accept students with a wide range of qualifications and educational experiences. of our overall general entry requirements. We expect applicants to successfully complete courses on which they are enrolled at the time of application. We will not make offers based on qualifications at the end of Year 12 (although these results will undoubtedly help to improve the accuracy of referees' predictions). Degree programmes (except art and design) Our standard minimum qualifications required are as follows. Particular subject requirements are given with individual course details.  The equivalent of two 4-unit or 6-unit awards - for example, GCE/VCE A-level, (other than General Studies), with the equivalent to three GCSE level qualifications or the Foundation Diploma (see above);  OR the equivalent of 18-unit qualifications with the equivalent to two GCSE level qualifications or the Foundation Diploma level;  OR the Advanced/Progression Diploma including 80 UCAS Tariff points from Principal and/or Additional Specialist Learning, with the equivalent to three GCSE level qualifications or the Foundation Diploma;  OR a BTEC National Diploma (18 units) with two other subject passes at GCSE level or the Foundation Diploma;  OR a BTEC National Certificate (12 units) with the equivalent to two GCSE level qualifications or the Foundation Diploma;  OR a SCE with passes in five subjects including three at Higher grade, or in four subjects all at Higher grade;  OR International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma with minimum of 24 points possibly including 4 or 5 points in a relevant Higher Level subject and two GCSE passes  OR other qualifications considered equivalent and included in the UCAS tariff. Art and design programmes For entry to the BA (Hons) Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors, Fashion Design, Photography and Digital Media and 3D Design: Idea Material Object programmes the normal general requirements are:  Satisfactory completion of A-levels and a Foundation Studies course in Art and Design or appropriate BTEC course, PLUS:  Five subjects at GCSE level or the equivalent;  OR one 6-unit award: for example, GCE/VCE A-level, with the equivalent to three GCSE level qualifications;  OR other qualifications considered equivalent and included in the UCAS tariff. The Creative and Media Advanced/ Progression Diploma including 80 UCAS Tariff points from relevant Principal and/ or Additional Specialist Learning may be acceptable for entry - along with the equivalent to three GCSE level qualifications (please see our website for confirmation prior to submitting an application). If you apply to study Art and Design, above all, we will be looking for your creative ability and suitability for your chosen course. This will be considered on the basis of your portfolios. Foundation degree programmes The entry requirements for Foundation degrees vary from course to course, but are generally set at a lower level than honours degree courses. You will find details on individual course pages. Other entry routes Non-standard applicants You may be thinking about returning to education at undergraduate level after a break from studying. We would welcome your application and in looking at it, we would assess prior learning (APL) and experiential learning (APEL) as a foundation for higher education. We consider applicants with non- traditional qualifications and/or relevant experience positively. If you are considering joining Bath Spa University with such a background you will be in very good company as over a third of our student population are over 21. Access to Higher Education learners For many years Bath Spa University has been a popular choice for Access learners and we actively maintain close links with Access to Higher Education programmes at local and regional further education colleges. All courses at the University welcome applications from learners on appropriate QAA-recognised Access to Higher Education programmes. Typical offers for those applying with an Access to Higher Education qualification will be the achievement of the Access to Higher Education Diploma or Access to Higher International BaccalaureateProgressionDiplomaGradeTariff pointsGradeTariff points29396 A*35028373A30027350B25026326C20025303D15024280E100UCAS Tariff Chart GCE/VCE QualificationsScottish QualificationsWelsh Bacc CoreBTEC Nationals PointsGCE AS /AC VCEGCE A level/ AVCEAVCE Double AwardAdv HigherHigherCertificateDiplomaDDD360DDM320DMM280AADDMMM240AB220BBDMMMP200BC180CCMMMPP160CD140ADDAPASSMPPPP120BDEB100CEECPP80DA72ADB60B50C48D42CE40Education Certificate (60 credits, 45 of which must be at Level 3 on a planned programme of study). Please note that we will require a certain number of Merit grades at Level 3 for some of our courses and this will be reflected in our offer. For further information about individual course entry requirements, please visit the courses pages on our website at Any subsequent queries should be directed to As for all who apply for courses in Art and Design, Music, Dance, Drama and Performing Arts, applicants from Access to Higher Education programmes may be required to attend an interview, submit a portfolio or attend an audition as part of the selection process. Those applying for Creative Writing may also be asked to send in samples of their creative writing. All applicants for the Education Specialised Award degree programmes leading to Qualified Teacher Status are required to have a GCSE at Grade C or above in English Language, Mathematics and Science. Applicants with an Access to Higher Education qualification may either offer GCSE qualifications in these subjects, or alternatively AVA-accredited Access to Higher Education GCSE equivalents in English, Mathematics and Science. Please list all the units you are taking on your UCAS form. This is especially important to enable us to assess whether you have the GCSE equivalents required by the Training and Development Agency.Direct entry Direct entry to Year 2 or 3 of a degree course may be possible if you have a recent HND, DipHE, Open University credits, credits from another institution of higher education, or other relevant qualifications. The direct application should be made via UCAS, stating point of entry and listing the modules studied within HND, DipHE or year 1 or 2 studies. Your reference should be written by the tutor for these studies as it is important that a sense of continuation is demonstrated. Non-standard qualifications on entryIf you are offering what you believe to be a 'non-standard' qualification, please visit this website: and then contact the admissions office ( to check that we would accept that qualification. We would need to know the year it was studied and completed, the name of the school or college and the results as well as any other qualifications you have in addition to this.Abridged version - for full table, and for any updates and changes to the UCAS tariff, see: will also be highlighted on the Bath Spa University website The example grades shown with 'typical offers' on course pages relate to A and AS grades - for example 'BB+ASc' indicates two A-levels at grade B and one AS-level at grade C.

Bath Spa University Introduction 20 / 21 We will consider each application on its individual merits. Full-time studentsYou make your application through the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). For all full-time higher education courses at universities and colleges in the UK, students must apply online at There are full instructions at to make it as easy as possible for you to fill in your online application, plus help text where appropriate. UCAS also has a comprehensive guide called Applying Online, which can be downloaded from There are three types of applicant:1. Students at a school or college registered with UCAS All UK schools and colleges (and a small number of establishments overseas) are registered with UCAS to manage their students' applications. Advice is available from your teacher or a careers adviser at your school or college. You fill in an online application and submit it to a member of staff. After checking your details, and having added the academic reference, your school or college submits the completed application online to UCAS. You pay online using a credit card or debit card. You may also be able to pay through your school or college. 2. Independent applicants in the UK Other UK applicants, who are not at school or college, apply online independently. It is likely that you are a mature applicant, who, unlike school and college students, cannot readily seek advice from your teacher, but can instead consult with various careers organisations (such as Connexions). You are responsible for paying the correct application fee, for obtaining and attaching the academic reference and for submitting the completed application online to UCAS. 3. International applicants outside the UK (EU and worldwide) International students are asked to apply through UCAS. We suggest you start any additional application procedures in your home country as soon as possible. Except for those whose school or college is registered with UCAS, individuals from the EU (excluding the UK) and worldwide, apply online independently. Advice is available from British Council offices and other centres overseas, such as your school or college. You are responsible for paying the correct application fee, for obtaining and attaching the academic reference and for submitting the completed application online to UCAS. We advise you to apply early to UCAS as we will want to see copies of certificates and diplomas well in advance. If you cannot attend for interview, we would ask you to send us examples of your work, usually by the end of March of your proposed year of entry. Please ensure that your application is fully completed, with your actual qualifications clearly listed. Foundation degrees Applications to full-time Foundation Degrees are made through UCAS in the same way as honours degree programmes. Art and Design courses Applications to art and design courses are made in the same way as applications to other undergraduate courses with an application deadline date of January 15, 2012. Part-time applicants Applications for part-time study are made direct to Bath Spa University. This is the case for all types of course - degree or foundation degree. For further information and an application form please contact Completing your applicationBath Spa University's institution code is BASPA B20. You will find full information on course codes on page 63. You will also find full information on codes and how to complete the application form on the UCAS website ( and in the Directory, along with details of the registration fee which must accompany your UCAS application form. You may apply to up to five institutions / courses (although you are not obliged to use all five choices). The choices are listed in the order in which they appear in the Directory, rather than in order of preference, so all applications will be treated equally and anonymity between universities applies. When to apply For all courses your completed form should reach UCAS between 1 September and 15 January - between nine and twelve months prior to entry. You can still apply through UCAS after that date, but you will only be considered for courses that still have vacancies. Considering your application More information on the admissions process at Bath Spa University can be found on our 'Future Students' webpages at How do I apply?Interviews and auditions: Candidates for Art and Design subjects including Fashion and Textiles: If you are short-listed you will normally be invited for interview. Creative Music Technology candidates: If you are short-listed you will be asked to submit an audio portfolio, which should demonstrate both technical skills and creative ability. You may then be called for interview. Commercial Music candidates: Procedures are the same as for Creative Music Technology. If you are invited for a combined visit and interview you will be asked to demonstrate your musical ability. Music candidates: You will normally be invited for a combined visit and interview during which you will be asked to demonstrate your musical ability. If you are applying for Music as part of a Combined award it is possible that you will not be called for interview. Music applicants for Creative Arts are considered separately. Dance candidates: Eligible candidates will be invited to audition or interview. Performing Arts candidates: If you are shortlisted you will be invited to the Newton Park campus to take part in a workshop conducted by course tutors in Acting. This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to meet BA (Hons) Performing Arts staff and see the way we work, and provide us with an opportunity to find out a little more about you. At the close of the workshop you will show us a prepared acting piece. Other candidates: If you are applying for courses other than the above you will probably not be asked to attend an interview unless your application contains particular aspects that we need to explore further. If you are offered a place you will be invited to attend an organised Campus Visit Day. These are specifically for candidates who are holding offers from us (parents and supporters are very welcome to attend too), and enable you to make an informed decision about whether or not to accept the offer.Foundation degrees at partner colleges/institutions: Candidates for Popular Music; Music Production; Musical Theatre will be auditioned at the relevant college. Candidates for Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance will be auditioned by Circomedia.Candidates for Professional Musicianship will be auditioned by BIMM. Candidates for Early Years and Teaching Assistants will be interviewed by the relevant college. Candidates for Counselling will be interviewed at Weston College. Taking a Gap Year We are happy to consider applications from students who plan to take a year out. If the year is used constructively, it can be a very positive experience. If you want to apply for deferred entry, you should apply in the normal way, but indicate that you are applying for 2013, not 2012. If you decide to take a year off after you have submitted your application, just contact us in good time to let us know your change of plans. Offer letters Our decision on your application will be communicated to you via UCAS only as it is not our policy to send offer letters. Please therefore make sure that you check UCAS Track on a regular basis. Further information At any stage of your application/ enrolment, we may ask you for further information. Please note that failure to provide it can result in our refusal to consider your application, the loss of home fee status and a demand for payment of any outstanding fees.01020301 Italian Garden02 University Theatre03 Main House