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Bath Spa University Foundation Degrees with our partners in education 58 / 59 Health and Social Care ManagementCourse located at: Norton Radstock CollegeFoundation Degree (FdSc) Heritage ManagementCourse located at: City of Bath CollegeFoundation Degree (FdA)A highly vocational course providing a thought-provoking experience in the study of heritage and its management. Why choose this course? The course aims to equip you with the skills you need for a professional career in heritage management. This will include preparing and developing exhibitions; conservation; preparing educational programmes for school and college visits; managing the visitor experience; organising events; conducting historical and archive research; managing museum shops and cafes; fundraising skills; PR skills and dealing with the media; budgeting skills and the ability to apply for external funds and grants; using popular culture to promote history and heritage. Bath (a World Heritage site) and its surrounding region provide an excellent setting for the study of heritage management, with a great range of museums, heritage properties, exhibitions and cultural settings. You'll be based at our partner college, City of Bath College, in the centre of Bath. About the course You can take the course either full-time over two years or part-time over three years. You'll build up your skills and knowledge in all aspects of heritage management through a series of modules and through work placements. Placements are an important feature of the course. You will work with your tutor to find a suitable placement - Bath Spa University enjoys an established relationship with many local heritage institutions. The type of work you do will depend on the placement but because of the nature of the Why choose this course? This course is offered in partnership with our partner college, Norton Radstock College in Peasedown St John, so this is where you would be based. You will undertake a period of work-based learning within your existing workplace. About the course The programme is organised around a series of modules, some are college-based while others allow you to learn within the workplace. The college-based learning includes formal lectures, seminars, group activities, case studies and online activities. This is a full-time course with formal teaching that tends to be on the same day each week to make it easier for students to combine work and study. The work-based learning is carefully structured to give you time to reflect on your experiences and develop your own career. You will also have the support of a personal tutor throughout your studies. In the first year you are introduced to the issues of management and leadership in a health or a social care setting. You will also consider the social context of health, care and welfare and will complete a work based, reflective practice portfolio. In the second year you will be able to develop your own learning further by building on what you have already studied. Modules include: Year 1: Ethics, Leadership and Interprofessional Working in Health and Social Care, Psychology and Evidence Based Practice, Work-based Learning 1- Reflective Practitioner UCAS CodeHealth and Social Care ManagementL510Entry CriteriaTypical offersAppropriate Level 3 qualifications (for example A-levels or vocational qualifications), typically 160-200 UCAS Tariff points (eg BC; CD + AS c) PLUS Evidence of personal or professional experience of the health and social care sector.We welcome applications from mature students, before making an offer to you we would consider any prior learning (APL) and experiential learning (APEL). If you are studying an Access Course or an NVQ we will be pleased to consider your application.Please be aware that you will be required to complete a new Criminal Records Bureau Enhanced Disclosure application through Bath Spa University as part of the admissions process for this course. See page 20Course InformationCourse locationPeasedown Adult Learning Centre, Norton Radstock College (UCAS Campus code N)Course length2 years full-time; 4 years part-timeMore 2: Managing Care; Risk, Rights and Practice, Management in Health and Social Care, Work-based Learning 2 - Reflective Practitioner. Careers Students on the Foundation Degree programme are already working in the health and social care sector. The degree is designed to enable you to pursue associate professional roles in the NHS and related organisations as well as supervisory and management roles in health and social care in the public, voluntary and private sectors. In addition, if you successfully complete the Foundation Degree you can apply to progress to an associated BSc (Hons) programme to 'top up' your qualification to honours degree level with a further year of study. heritage sector, it is likely to be extremely varied. You will be able to keep a diary of your experience to enable a critical and evaluative procedure of your placement. Sample modules include: Year 1: Exhibitions and Interpretation; Public History and Identity; and The Built Environment. Year 2: Economics of Heritage; Skills in Archive Research; and The Politics of Collecting. Careers The heritage sector in Britain is a multi-million pound industry, and is dynamic and changing in response to new development. The course will enhance your employability skills and your experience of heritage in practice in a tangible way. Typical careers in the culture and heritage industry include museums, historic visitor attractions, galleries, special collections, and bodies such as the National Trust and English Heritage. At the end of the Foundation degree you can apply to progress to the third year of an Honours Degree. UCAS CodeHeritage ManagementD445 Entry CriteriaTypical offers160-200 UCAS Tariff points (eg BC; CD + AS c). Alternative qualifications welcome, particularly from mature students with a particular interest in, or already working in, heritage issues and settings. See page 20Course InformationCourse locationCity of Bath College, Bath (UCAS Campus code E)Course length2 years full-time;part-time availableMore This is a work-based and career orientated programme that is aimed at people working in, either full-time or part-time, the health and social care sector (including related charities and the voluntary sector). It is designed to help you identify and extend your skills in health and social care management.010101 College-based learning01 Historic buildings on the Newton Park campusWhy choose this course? This is a two year course with a focus on links with employers - work placements are an integral part of the course. The course is ideal if you're already in employment and want to gain a higher education qualification. If you are already employed your work-based learning will take place in your own workplace. If you are not already working, work placements will be arranged for you. You will gain work experience throughout your course with a major local employer so that you learn while in work. Some of your assignments will be linked to work experience. We will provide the necessary skills training to combine work-based experience with the more academic demands of your course. About the course The course is based at Norton Radstock College, although you will be a Bath Spa University student. You will be classed as a full-time student, but you will only attend college for one full day and one evening per week. You will study six modules each year, some of which are college-based while others are work-based. The course looks at the effect of key influences on the business world - political, economic, social and technological - and how business systems respond to these. How do organisations cope with the new demands placed on them in relation to cyber-security and cyber-criminal activities, for example? So you will look at information systems (with modules offered in computer forensics, computer programming, multi-media planning, and management information Management and Management SystemsCourse located at: Norton Radstock CollegeFoundation Degree (FdA)UCAS CodeManagement and Management SystemsNG25Entry CriteriaTypical offers160-200 UCAS Tariff points (eg BC; CD + AS c) from appropriate Level 3 qualifications (for example A-levels or vocational qualifications). See page 20 Course InformationCourse locationNorton Radstock College (UCAS Campus code N)Course length2 years full-time; part-time available (on a day release basis from your employer) More distinctive course with a strong vocational element, concentrating on influences that affect the business and management but also at the core functions of business, such as management, accounting and financial management, and human resource management. On successful completion of the Foundation Degree you can apply to progress to the third year of the BA (Hons) Business and Management course at Newton Park campus. Sample modules Year 1: Understanding the Business Environment; Fundamentals of Computer Programming; and Numbers in Business and Computing. Sample modules Year 2: Presenting, Understanding, and Managing Financial Information; Business Information Systems; and Multimedia Application Development.Careers The blend of practical work experience with knowledge and skills which is integral to the course will open access to a variety of middle managerial and operational roles, with either large businesses or small/medium-sized enterprises and the ICT industry. You may also progress to in-house trainee management programmes.

Bath Spa University Foundation Degrees with our partners in education studio projects, front-of-house mixing for other students' performances (see the 'Popular Music' sister programme on page 61) and work placements with local music industry employers. Over the two year course you will study modules covering advanced audio software skills; studio techniques; aural awareness; acoustics; sound design; live sound techniques; and marketing. You will also explore the music industry through a Professional Studies module, and you will undertake industry-based projects. Some modules are shared with Popular Music (page 61), so you will have opportunities to collaborate with performing musicians from this course. Careers Graduates from this course will be prepared to work in many aspects of the music production industry including live sound, the music industry superstructure, and events management. On successful completion of the Foundation Degree you can also apply to progress to the third year of a full honours degree at our Newton Park campus. Entry to Year 3 is by interview, and is normally restricted to applicants who have completed the Foundation Degree in full. Musical TheatreCourse located at: Weston CollegeFoundation Degree (FdA) leading to BA (Hons) Performing ArtsCourse located at: Weston CollegeFoundation Degree (FdA)Why choose this course? Industry awareness is a key feature of this programme and as well as gaining a practical and theoretical understanding of Musical Theatre as an art form, you will develop the necessary skills and industrial awareness to prepare you for work in a broad range of employment fields. About the course Students on this two-year full-time course are based at The Wessex Academy of Performing Arts at Weston College, Weston-super-Mare. The delivery of the programme is based on the concept of the 'intelligent performer' who combines technical accomplishments, contextual understanding and the necessary business skills to generate work for themselves within a broad range of employment fields. You will undertake weekly skills classes in acting, singing and dance and will learn how to apply both practical skills and contextual awareness through a series of process-driven, skills-based practical projects that will explore the relationship between the three disciplines of acting, singing and dance. Industry awareness is the other key feature of this course and will be delivered through classes with visiting industry lecturers, employment-related workshops in the first year and a professional work placement in the second year. There may be opportunities for you to undertake work placements in other countries, such as Germany and Switzerland, which have flourishing Musical Music ProductionCourses located at: City of Bath College; Weston CollegeFoundation Degree (FdA)UCAS CodePerforming ArtsW492Entry CriteriaTypical offers160-200 UCAS Tariff points (eg BC; CD + AS c) with minimum 80 points from Drama, Dance or Theatre Studies.Entry CriteriaEntry is by audition only.See page 20Course InformationCourse locationWeston College, Weston-super-Mare, (UCAS Campus code C)Course length2 years full-timeMore CodeMusic ProductionJ930Entry CriteriaTypical offers160-200 UCAS Tariff points (eg BC; CD + AS c) with at least 80 points from a music- related qualification (including BTEC Music Practice/ Music Technology Performing Arts. OR A -level Popular Music, Music Technology or Music.Candidates who do not have the standard qualifications but who are over 21 and have music industry experience will be considered.In addition you will need a portfolio of music production recordings (assessed via CD demo and interview), music technology experience and hardware/software knowledge.See page 20Course InformationCourse locationWeston College, Weston-super-Mare (UCAS Campus code C); City of Bath College (UCAS Campus code E)Course length2 years full-timeMore CodeMusical TheatreWW34Entry CriteriaTypical offers160 - 200 UCAS Tariff points (eg BC; CD + AS c) including 80 points in related subject/s such as: BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts, Dance, Drama or Theatre; A-level Drama and Theatre Studies; A-level Performing Arts; A level Dance; A-Level Music; Grade 8 in voice. See page 20 Alternative qualifications and non- traditional entry applications will be considered. Group and /or individual auditions will be held.Course InformationCourse locationWeston College, Weston-super-Mare (UCAS Campus code C)Course length2 years full-timeMore will develop skills and a specialised understanding of music and audio production techniques relating to commercial trends and current technologies.Why choose this course?This two-year full-time course is taught at our FE partner colleges, Weston College and City of Bath College. You don't need to be a performing musician to apply for this course, but you will need a high standard of music technology literacy and you'll be expected to demonstrate a body of recorded work that shows your music production skills. You'll have access to industry-standard equipment throughout the course. You'll be working in fully-equipped digital recording studios, running Pro Tools HD and Logic Pro on Apple Macs. Apple Mac labs support class teaching, including Logic Pro, Pro Tools and Reason. Live sound modules are supported by large-scale PA systems, which for some projects are provided by local employers and venues. About the courseThe curriculum covers three broad areas of learning - practical/professional skills development; recording and production activities; and core academic skills, incorporating aural awareness, acoustics and music industry studies. The course aims to equip you with a broad-based set of skills relating to music production, including software literacy, studio production techniques and live sound. These subject-based skills are developed through practical assignments which This is a very practical, performer-based course in which you will develop Musical Theatre performance skills in acting, singing and dance as well as an understanding of the American and European Musical Theatre repertoire in its historical and cultural context. An ensemble based training course that carries with it a strong accent of team work in performance. Why choose this course? Bath Spa University has a distinctive and innovative approach to performing arts in higher education. The Foundation Degree in Performing Arts is a practical actor training course: it will develop your vocal, physical, emotional and technical skills, allowing you to build these essentials in workshops and sessions and then channel this learning into rehearsal and production practice. The course is offered in conjunction with Weston College in Weston-super-Mare, where you will be based. About the courseThe approach is one of 'theatre-as-playing' in an ensemble or company context. In play we are the most creative and great emphasis is placed upon exploration of the self and the world around us. Throughout the course, you will engage in all aspects of performance making. The course is practice based and makes extensive use of visiting industry professionals as a means of instilling professional rigour in your training. You will be taught by a highly experienced body of staff practitioners. The company is unique in its fusion of professional actors and undergraduates working together in the creation of event. Previous productions have earned a 5 *star review by the prestigious British Theatre Guide when appearing at The Edinburgh Fringe and excited audiences with a site-specific performance on the Somerset coastline. In Year 1, modules in Acting will 01 Music Production students at Weston College01 Horse Nation - student performanceTheatre industries. Whether undertaken locally or abroad, the aim of work placements will be to serve both as an educational resource and as a way of increasing your employability in your chosen field. On successful completion of the Foundation Degree, you can apply to progress to the BA (Hons) Musical Theatre at Weston College in Year 3. Entry to Year 3 will be by interview and audition and is normally restricted to applicants who have completed the Foundation Degree in full. Building on the integration of theory and practice in the FdA Musical Theatre, the third year BA encourages increased student autonomy in the application of Musical Theatre skills and knowledge. There is a greater emphasis on self-directed study and practical work, with lecturers increasingly taking the role of academic mentors and professional guides. The degree consists of four compulsory modules: Song Interpretation (practical and research-based work on different musical styles), Choreography and Musical Staging (including study of key practitioners), Performance (in which students form a company to produce, direct, choreograph and perform a musical) and Dissertation (a 10,000 word written dissertation on a subject of your choice). Careers The course aims to prepare you for careers in musical theatre, music, theatre and media industries, community arts and teaching. introduce you to the 'art of playing' as an overarching framework for gaining and practicing performance skills and for understanding performance. You will develop the working practices required to tackle the major/key texts from the canon of Western theatre. In skills modules you will recognise your personal and professional benchmarks as a starting point in the development of industry related skills such as stage combat, comedy & fooling, voice, improvisation, stage management and movement. Your practical work will be academically and critically underpinned by contextual modules. In Year 2 you will concentrate on production and performance. You will develop your understanding of performance both through theoretical research and through practical engagement, and you will produce more challenging and innovative work. You will develop and hone approaches to performance in a variety of major works ranging from self-devised individual and small ensemble to large ensemble directed performance. You will explore and play with the use of 'self' as a creative resource producing works in the public domain as a key feature of the work-based experience in preparation for a career in the performing arts. You will work with visiting specialists and tutors in the application of performance skills for the creation of multi-faceted theatre. Careers As a graduating student you will have the skills and knowledge to begin to work in theatre in one of its many forms. During your second year you will begin to investigate professional pathways in the industry and gain the necessary tools to enter into the wider profession. At the end of Year 2 you may apply to progress to the third year of the BA (Hons) Performing Arts course at Bath Spa University. Entry is subject to an interview/audition. 01