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Bath Spa University More information Frank Morgan BA MSc CPFA-Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Clerk to the Board of GovernorsAlun Thomas BSc PhD-Deputy Vice-ChancellorsJon Brady BSc-Professor Neil Sammells BA PhD-Head of Bath School of Art and DesignPradeep Sharma BA (Cantab) MA (Cantab) MA-Dean of School of EducationProfessor Stephen Ward BEd MEd PhD-Head of School of Humanities and Cultural IndustriesProfessor Tim Middleton BA MA PGCE PhD-Head of School of Music and Performing ArtsJoe Bennett BA NTF FHEA-Head of School of Science, Society and ManagementProfessor Robert Mears BSc MSc PhD PGCE-Head of Graduate SchoolProfessor Paul Davies BSc PhD-Registrar and Head of Student ServicesChristopher Ellicott BA MA-Director of EstatesCarolyn Puddicombe BSc FRICS-Head of Library and Information ServicesAlison Baud MA DipLib MCLIP-Head of Human ResourcesArlene Stone FCIPD-Head of Marketing and CommunicationTessa Alton BA DipMHead of Computing ServicesDave Hassall BSc-Head of EmployabilityAdam Powell BSc PG Dip-Head of Corsham Court CentreProfessor Ron George MA RCA DipAD-Head of Quality ManagementKatie Akerman BA MA PG Cert DipQ-Head of FinanceKevin Wright FCA-Head of Information ServicesJonathan Sebright BA-Governors and Chancellery -Front Row:Stella Pirie (Chair)Professor Frank Morgan (Vice-Chancellor)Caroline Bull -Middle Row :Inderjit AhluwaliaProfessor Judith BrownAndrew HarrisJon Brady (Deputy Vice-Chancellor) Lynn Ludlow-Back Row :Mike RoyRichard BidgoodProfessor Tim Middleton Ian Phillips -Inset (left to right)Revd Preb Edward MasonJulian AmeyProfessor Paul LunaPhilip Parker-Not pictured:Mary TomanCllr Chris Watt Alun Thomas (Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Clerk to the Board of Governors)Senior staff and governorsN eed moreIndex information?Published February 2011The contents of this prospectus are correct at the time of going to press. We will try to publicise any changes to it. If a facility mentioned in this prospectus is of great importance to you, please check its continued availability with the Registry Department (tel 01225 875875) before you apply. The University will take all reasonable steps to provide the educational services described in this prospectus, but the operation of each course or module depends on recruiting viable numbers. If insufficient numbers enroll for a course or module we may not be able to run it. Our offer to you and your acceptance of a place here will be subject to this express condition. This prospectus does not form part of any contract between you and the University. As a condition of enrolment all students will be required to abide by the policies and regulations of the University. If you accept an offer of a place at Bath Spa University you will receive further information about teaching, assessment and educational services offered by the University, as well as policies and regulations. Designed by: by: Photography: www.marcusginns Enquiries about entry requirements and applying for about student housing and living in about tuition about Bath Spa University money advice (and information on student loans and maintenance grants) and student welfare about open days and campus tours also for dates, booking form and FAQs)-For enquiries from applicants/students with more copies of this prospectus, or for our other prospectuses (postgraduate and teacher training) 01225 prospectus is available in large print and Braille format on request.Access learners 16, 20, 64Accommodation 10Acting 46 Applications 20Applied Art and Design 56Art (see also Creative Arts and Fine Art) 26Artswork 14Awards 62Bath 07Biology 49Business and Management 49Campus Visits - see Open Days 64Campuses 08Careers Service 14Ceramics 26Colleges 54 Combined Awards 18, 62Commercial Music 44Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance 56Counselling 56 Creative Arts 26Creative Media Practice 37Creative Music Technology 44Creative Writing 37Dance 45Day Nursery 16Development Geography 50Diet and Health 50Digital Design 57Directing 47Disability 16Drama Studies 45Early Years 57EcoCampus 08Education Studies 35Education Studies, Early Years 35Education Studies for Teaching Assistants 58Education Studies: International Education 35Education leading to PGCE Primary 34Education: Early Years, leading to PGCE Primary 34Employment 14English Literature 38 English: Creative Writing 37Entry Requirements 20Environmental Policy 08Environmental Science 51Fashion and Textile Design Skills 58Fashion Design 28Fees 18Film and Screen Studies 38Finances 18Fine Art 28Food with Nutrition 51Food Studies 51Further Education Colleges, Partnerships 54Geography 52Geography, Development 50Governors 62Graphic Communication 30Graphic Design 58Halls of Residence 10Health and Social Care Management 59Heritage 39Heritage Management 59History 39Human Nutrition 52Illustration 30Interactive Multimedia 30International Applications 21International Education 35International Exchanges 17International Students 17JobShop 14Library Services 13Living Costs 18 Loans 18Management and Management Systems 59Maps 64Mature Students 16, 20, 64Media Communications 40Media, Fine Art 28Medical Services 16Mixed Media Textiles 27Modular Scheme 19Money advice 18Multimedia 30Music 46Music, Commercial 44Music, Creative Music Technology 44Music Production 60Musical Theatre 60Nursery 16Open Days 64Overseas Applicants 17, 21Painting 28Parental Contribution 18Part-time Study 21Performing Arts 47, 60Philosophy and Ethics 41Photography and Digital Imagery 31Popular Music 61Practical Experience 14Professional Musicianship 61Psychology 53Publishing 40Qualifications 20Qualified Teacher Status 34Religion, Philosophy and Ethics 41 Religions, Study of Religions 41 Residential Fees 10Sculpture 28Single Awards 19Societies 12Sociology 53Specialised Awards 19Sports 12Student Exchanges 17Student Loans 18Students' Union 12 Study of Religions 41Study Skills 13Studying Abroad 17Teacher Training 34Textile Design Studies 27Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors 29Theatre Production 47Three Dimensional Design: Idea Material Object 30Tourism Management 61Tuition Fee Charges 18UCAS Tariff 20Visual Design 27Volunteering 15Welfare Office 16Wessex Partnership 54Widening Access 16, 65

Bath Spa University More information 62 / 63Single / Specialised Awards - BA/BSc (Hons)PageCourse TitleUCAS CodeAward303D Design: Idea Material ObjectWW2RBA (Hons) - Specialised 49BiologyC100BSc (Hons) - Single 49Business and ManagementNN12BA (Hons) - Single 44Commercial MusicW304BA (Hons) - Specialised26Creative ArtsbelowBA (Hons) - Specialised37Creative Media PracticeWP93BA (Hons) - Specialised44Creative Music Technology J931BA (Hons) - Specialised37Creative WritingW800BA (Hons) - Single 45Dance W500BA (Hons) - Single 50Diet and Health B900BSc (Hons) - Specialised45Drama Studies W400BA (Hons) - Single 35Education Studies X300BA (Hons) - Single 35Education - Early Years X312BA (Hons) - Single 35Education - International Education X392BA (Hons) - Single 34Education leading to PGCE Primary and Early YearsX301BA (Hons) - Specialised 34Education leading to PGCE Primary with a second subject:Art Biology Business and Management Creative Writing Dance Drama Studies English Literature Food Studies Geographic Information Systems Geography History Media Communications Mixed Media TextilesMusic Psychology Sociology Study of Religions XW11XC11XN11XW18XW15XW14XQ13XD16XF3VXF18XV11XP13XWC2XW13XC18XL13XV16BA / BSc (Hons) - Specialised 38English Literature Q300BA (Hons) - Single 51Environmental Science F900BSc (Hons) - Specialised28Fashion Design W233BA (Hons) - Specialised28Fine Art: Painting W101BA (Hons) - Specialised28Fine Art: SculptureW102BA (Hons) - Specialised28Fine Art: MediaW103BA (Hons) - Specialised51Food with NutritionD6B4BSc (Hons) - Single38Film and Screen Studies W620BA (Hons) - Single52Geography F800BSc (Hons) - Single30Graphic CommunicationW200BA (Hons) - Specialised39HistoryV100BA (Hons) - Single52Human Nutrition B400BSc (Hons) - Specialised40Media CommunicationsP390BA (Hons) - SingleCreative Arts - BA (Hons) PageCeramicsCreative WritingDanceDramaMusicTextilesVisual Design26ArtWW1GWW19WW15WW1LWW13WW12WWCF26Ceramics-WW28WW2MWW2LWW2HW290W29437Creative WritingWW28-WW95WW4YWW93WWX2WW8245DanceWW2MWW95-WW5KWW53WW52WW5F45DramaWW2LWW4YWW5K-WW3KWW2KWW4246MusicWW2HWW93WW53WW3K-WWH2WW3227TextilesW290WWX2WW52WW2KWWH2-W29527Visual DesignW294WW82WW5FWW42WW32W295-Foundation DegreesPageCourse TitleUCAS CodeAward56Applied Art and DesignWWC2FdA56Contemporary Circus and Physical PerformanceW900FdA56CounsellingB940FdSc50Development GeographyF850FdSc57Digital Design: Interactive DesignW291FdA57Digital Design: Photography and Motion Graphics W640FdA57Early YearsX310FdA58Education Studies for Teaching Assistants X900FdA58Fashion and Textile Design Skills W232FdA58Graphic DesignW210FdA59Health and Social Care ManagementL510FdA59Heritage ManagementD445FdA59Management and Management SystemsNG25FdA60Music ProductionJ930FdA60Musical TheatreWW34FdA60Performing ArtsW492FdA61Popular MusicW340FdA61Professional MusicianshipW310FdA40Publishing: Editorial, Design and the WebP400FdA61Tourism ManagementN840FdScSingle / Specialised Awards - BA/BSc (Hons)PageCourse TitleUCAS CodeAward46MusicW300BA (Hons) - Specialised47Performing ArtsW490BA (Hons) - Specialised31Photography and Digital MediaWPQ3BA (Hons) - Specialised53PsychologyC800BSc (Hons) - Single41Religion, Philosophy and EthicsVV65BSc (Hons) - Single53SociologyL300BSc (Hons) - Single29Textile Design for Fashion and InteriorsWW27BA(Hons) - Specialised47Theatre ProductionW431BA(Hons) - SpecialisedArtBiologyBusiness and ManagementCreative WritingDanceDrama StudiesEducation StudiesEnglish LiteratureFilm and Screen StudiesFood and NutritionGeographyHeritageHistoryMedia CommunicationsMixed Media TextilesMusicPhilosophy and EthicsPsychologySociologyStudy of ReligionsVisual DesignArt p26---*** -------**----*Biology p49--NC11WC91WC51CW1LCX13CQ13CW16CD16CF18CV11CP19-CW13CV1MCC18CL13CV16-Business and Management p49-NC11-NW19NW15NW1LNX13-NW16ND26NF18NV11NP19-NW13NV1MNC18NL13NV16-Creative Writing p37*WC91NW19-**WX83WQ93WW86-WF98WV91WP99**WV85-WL93WV96*Dance p45*WC51NW15*-*WX53WQ53WW56WD56WF58WV51WP49**WV55WC58-WV56*Drama Studies p45*CW1LNW1L**-XW34QW3LWW46DW6LWL49VW1LWP4H**WV45CW8LWL4HWV46*Education Studies p35-CX13NX13WX83WX53XW34-XQ33XW36XD36XF38XV31XP39-XW33XV35XC38XL33XV36-English Literature p38-CQ13-WQ93WQ53QW3LXQ33-QWH6-QF38QV31QP39-QW33QV3MQC38QL33QV36-Film and Screen Studies p38-CW16NW16WW86WW56WW46XW36QWH6-WD66WL67-WP6H-WW63-WC68WL63WV66-Food and Nutrition p51-CD16ND26-WD56DW6LXD36-WD66-DF68DV61DP69-DW63DV65-DL63DV66-Geography p52-CF18NF18WF98WF58WL49XF38QF38WL67DF68-FV81--FW83LV75FC88FL83--Heritage p39Check for codes and combinationsHistory p39-CV11NV11WV91WV51VW1LXV31QV31-DV61FV81-VP19-VW13VV15VC18VL13VV16-Media Communications p40-CP19NP19WP99WP49WP4HXP39QP39WP6HDP69-VP19--PW93PV3MPC98PL93--Mixed Media Textiles p27*--***-------**----*Music p46*CW13NW13***XW33QW33WW63DW63FW83VW13PW93--WV3MWC38WL33WV36*Philosophy and Ethics p41-CV1MNV1MWV85WV55WV45XV35QV3M-DV65LV75VV15PV3M-WV3M-VC58VL53VV56-Psychology p53-CC18NC18-WC58CW8LXC38QC38WC68-FC88VC18PC98-WC38VC58-CL83CV86-Sociology p53-CL13NL13WL93-WL4HXL33QL33WL63DL63FL83VL13PL93-WL33VL53CL83-LV36-Study of Religions p41-CV16NV16WV96WV56WV46XV36QV36WV66DV66-VV16--WV36VV56CV86LV36--Visual Design p27*--***-------**-----Combined AwardsDegree codes - BA / BSc* See Creative Arts aboveCourses and combinations