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The University has a good record of environmental performance and improvement: We've achieved a Platinum award under the national EcoCampus scheme, along with the international environmental management quality standard ISO 14001. We've achieved our highest rank so far in the Green League table - 11th position out of 133, up 51 places from the previous year. We're now recycling over 60% of our waste on campus, and are on target to increase this to 70% in another year. There's a Carbon Reduction Management Plan in place to enable us to achieve 50% reduction in our carbon emissions by 2020. We promote an awareness of the environment and best environmental practice through our courses where possible. We make no use of animals in our teaching and research other than the observation and monitoring of mammals and birds in their natural habitats for conservation purposes. Bath Spa University Introduction 08 / 09 How can I be an eco-warrior?Students and staff share a strong environmental ethos and are very aware of their responsibilities to achieve sustainability and help reduce climate change. There's a whole range of initiatives, whether or not you live in halls on campus - students are expected to observe good environmental practices both inside and outside the University. This could be by making best use of public transport, cycling and car-sharing; recycling as much waste as possible; reducing our CO2 emissions by saving energy; saving water. Good ways to save money as well as helping save the planet!01 Newton Park campus02 Lake at Newton Park campusThere are plenty of ways you can get involved to help 'do your bit' for the environment. You could even join our team of staff and student Environment Champions.Student: Neale WarrYear 2, BSc Environmental Science- "I chose to study at Bath Spa University because of the beautiful surroundings and peaceful location. The campus maintains and achieves high levels of recycling and strives to improve these levels each year and is succeeding. I study Environmental Science and love the fact that we can use all of the campus for our studies and we can conduct our experiments and observations using a wide range of environments. There is a variety of wildlife and ecosystems on campus that make Bath Spa University unique and one of the best Universities to study Ecology, Environmental management, Biodiversity and Conservation, Environmental change, River Management and Waste Management on your doorstep and carry out Field Ecology and Ecological Assessments."Main DrivewayCastleStudent's UnionMain HouseTwivertonLibraryMichael Tippett CentreUniversity Theatre010203040503 Main House04-05 Environmental champions

As part of a major redevelopment of the Newton Park campus, there are plans for new halls, housing up to 500 students to be built at the top end of the campus. This, however, is subject to planning approval. Bath Spa University Introduction University AccommodationWhen you become a student you might well be moving away from your home town for the first time and if this is the case one of the first things you will want to organize is where you'll be living.What are the options?There are several things to consider when choosing where to live - your chosen course may determine the location, you may wish to consider whether you want to live in the city, you may wish to bring a car, and of course you need to consider how much you can afford. There are several options available - halls of residence on campus, our off site halls or one of our secured, accredited houses in the private rented sector.Halls of residenceMany of our first year students live in self-catering halls of residence, buildings located on or near campus which have staff on site. Basic facilities such as cookers, microwaves, fridges and freezers are provided in all halls. The accommodation is self-catering, is of a good standard and Internet access and student possessions insurance are provided. Please note that we are not able to house all first year students in halls on campus - good alternative accommodation is available. Students based at Newton Park can book halls on campus; one of our off site halls, Waterside Court or Charlton Court (conveniently located between the campus and the city centre on a good bus route); or one of our secured, accredited houses in the private rented sector. Students based at Sion Hill campus (Bath School of Art and Design) can book Where would I live?03halls at Bankside House which is only a ten minute walk away or they can book Waterside Court or Charlton Court. They can also choose one of our secured, accredited houses in the private rented sector. Private rented accommodationThis is a popular option for students who prefer to live independently and in smaller groups. We secure a number of houses in the private rented sector specifically for first year students. The houses are in popular student areas of Bath, are on good bus routes and are accredited by the local housing authority. This is also the best option for students who wish to bring their cars since students living on the Newton Park campus, Waterside Court, Charlton Court and at Bankside House are not permitted to bring cars with them. The Student Housing Team assists in grouping students together by identifying four to eight first year students to live together. We look at personal interests, hobbies and ages to try and maximize compatibility and students are given the opportunity to contact each other before moving in. The Student Housing Team has longstanding links with landlords in the private rented sector who are typically charging rents of around £73 - £80 per person, per week to live in a student shared house. There will be additional costs for bills such as electricity and gas of approximately £20 - £30 per person, per week. You may also be required to pay an agency fee and deposits are usually one month's rent, payable at the time of signing the contract. Contracts are for 48 weeks and start from 1 September.Securing accommodationStudents who choose Bath Spa University as their firm choice via UCAS and who live over 30 miles away will be eligible for accommodation. Following their confirmation to UCAS, students will receive information from the Student Housing Team regarding accommodation options and the process for securing accommodation.  Accommodation is secured via the Student Housing Website We make reasonable adjustments for disabled students and those with certain medical issues. Students who choose Bath Spa University as their firm choice via UCAS and who live over 30 miles away will be eligible to secure accommodation. When securing accommodation you may be required to pay a deposit.010201 Hiscocks, Newton Park Blocks kitchen02 Harington, Newton Park Blocks bedroom03 Sydney study bedroom