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www.field-studies-council.Exploring the Natural Worldorg/exploringActivelyExploring theNatural WorldMany of the courses within this section giveyou the opportunity to balance the physicalexperience of walking or the 'adrenalin high' ofmore adventurous activities with a closerunderstanding and appreciation of the naturalenvironment in which activities take place.Map and Compass SkillsEF . 2. 07 Apr. Sat. Non-residential. £39This course is designed for beginners orthose wishing to refresh their orienteeringskills. Participants will find their waythrough the forest using a compass andsimple directions. They will also learn howto use grid references and look up places ona map. James Bromheadis an educationteam member at Epping Forest with apassion for the outdoors and whosespeciality is geography.Walking the Pembrokeshire Coast PathDF . 3 . 16 Apr-22 Apr . Mon-Sun . £470 . £352Walk some of the best sections of thePembrokeshire Coast Path. This is an activewalking holiday covering up to 10-12 milesmost days (maximum of 15 miles). Therewill be plenty of time to enjoy thespectacular scenery and natural history.Centre Staffwith extensive knowledge ofthe local area and natural history will leadthe walks.GPS Training 1 Day CourseKD. 1. 07 May. Mon. Non-residential. £55Using a GPS for the first time can seem a bitoverwhelming but this course shows youthat your GPS can be exploited withconfidence. This course is open to anyone,irrespective of previous experience, whowould like to use a GPS 'in the field'. JimButcherhas been using GPS to help himnavigate his bike, feet, skis and Land Roverthrough the wilds of the UK, Europe andAfrica for over 10 years. He has beenmapping the seabed in the offshore surveyindustry for the last 14 years, and when ondry land has spent six years as an instructorfor Land Rover.GPS Training 2 Day CourseKD . 1 . 08 May-10 May . Tue-Thu . £140 . £105See course description 07 May but pleasenote this is a two-day course. Jim Butcher.Flora and Fauna for HillwalkersKD. 1. 15 Jun-18 Jun. Fri-Mon. £189. £142This is a course for those who love walkingthe Scottish hills and who have wonderedwhat that plant, butterfly or bird wasduring the walk. We will have walks in thehills around Pitlochry and Glen Shee insearch of the flora and fauna, ranging fromgolden eagles, ptarmigan and mountainhares to club-mosses and alpine lady'smantle. Russell Nisbetis a regular visitingtutor at Kindrogan and has an excellentknowledge of the local area and its plantand bird life. He has been a nature reservewarden for over 20 years but is nowfreelancing as a wildlife tour operator aswell as carrying out survey work andassessing holiday parks for the DavidBellamy Conservation Awards.Flatford Mill Active Exploration WeekFM. 4. 22 Jul-26 Jul. Sun-Thu. £450. £320New for 2012, this exciting week for activeadults combines exploring the naturalworld in the area around Flatford Mill withthe opportunity to experience sailing,climbing, canoeing and practicalconservation work too. No prior experienceof any activity is necessary, as fullinstruction will be given. Flatford Mill tutorHelena Richardswill coordinate all theactivities, including those led by qualifiedand experienced external instructors. Feesare inclusive of all activities and entry fees.NavigationRC . 2 . 03 Aug-05 Aug . Fri-Sun . £199 . £170Do you have limited knowledge of mapsand want to gain confidence before takingto the hills? Help is at hand with two daysof navigation skills in the challengingupland terrain of Snowdonia. This courseenables participants to gain the NationalNavigation Award Scheme Silver Level.Matt Keyseis a qualified Mountain Leaderand a full time tutor at Rhyd-y-creuau. Heregularly takes groups into the mountains.*NNASGPS Skills and Geo-caching in the Lake DistrictBL. 3. 24 Aug-26 Aug. Fri-Sun. £220. £165Whether you have a GPS or you areconsidering purchasing one this course isdesigned to help you get to grips with thebasics and ensure you are getting the mostfrom it. You will also have the opportunityto take part in the worldwide treasurehunting game 'geocaching' both on Centregrounds and in various locations aroundthe Lake District. The course will be led bytrained Centre Staffwho have a wide rangeof experiences in the outdoors and inleading groups in the Lake District. Navigation SkillsMT . 2 . 16 Nov-18 Nov . Fri-Sun . £250 . £175Ever worried about finding your way overthe hills when the mist comes down? Overthe weekend basic map reading andcompass skills will be explored andexplained. This course aims to enableparticipants to navigate at NationalNavigation Award Scheme Silver Level.Adrian Pickles, former Head of Centre atMalham Tarn, is an earth scientist, orienteerand educationalist with 30 years'experience of helping people navigate.*NNASNEWNEWNEWBarrowdaleTania Matthews11Discounts for shared accommodationShared accommodation is usually available on our residential courses at a discounted price. The cost is(see page 8)normally around £10 per night less than sole occupancy price. Please contact the Centre for an exact price.centreleveldatesdayssole occupancynon-residentialfee FM . O . 01 Feb-03 Feb . Fri-Sun . £174 . £135

12*Accredited courses which could count towards a qualification (see page 43).BLBlencathra .DFDale Fort . DGDerrygonnelly .EFEpping Forest .FMFlatford Mill . JHJuniper Hall .KDKindrogan .MTMalham Tarn .MAMargam .OROrielton .PMPreston Montford .RCRhyd-y-creuau .SLSlapton Ley Geology andSceneryGeology and Scenery of thePembrokeshire CoastDF. O. 28 Jul-04 Aug. Sat-Sat. £515. £386This course for interested amateurs, coversa fascinating range of scenery andinterprets rock sequences and formations.During the week the range of Palaeozoicrock sequences will be looked at and all theclassical geomorphology of the superbPembrokeshire coast will be studied. Thiswill include a boat trip to the Silurianvolcanics of Skomer. Boat and landing feesnot included. Please note this is in effect aLevel 2 walking course (see page 8 forfurther explanation). Paul Olveris anexperienced geology tutor with extensivefield leadership in both Britain and Europe. A Field Study of the Geology, Botanyand Marine Biology in South DevonSL. O. 03 Aug-10 Aug. Fri-Fri. £585. £390A hands-on course visiting the county'smost spectacular locations. The course willstudy Devon's fascinating geology and howit reflects a diverse wildlife. Excursions willfocus on the geology, marine biology andbotany encountered. Other wildlife such asbutterflies may also feature. This course isvery popular and has been well-attendedsince it was first created nine years ago.Martin Summersis an experienced andenthusiastic leader of outdoor courses insouth Devon, covering geology and naturalhistory and much more.The Geology of Northern SnowdoniaRC . O . 10 Aug-12 Aug . Fri-Sun . £235 . £180Snowdonia is a landscape shaped by thecontrasting forces of fire and ice. Walkthrough classic igneous, sedimentary andmetamorphic geology and see some of thefinest examples of glaciated landforms inthe United Kingdom. The course is led byPaul Gannon, author of Rock TrailsSnowdoniaand Rock Trails Lakeland, the hillwalkers' guides to the geology and sceneryof these volcanic landscapes.Geology and Scenery in ShropshirePM . O . 10 Aug-17 Aug . Fri-Fri . £525 . £355Examine classic geology and discover a vastrange of rocks, minerals and fossils inShropshire. Investigate long-extinctvolcanoes, fossil coastlines, ancient deserts,past glaciers and much more. Suitable forboth enthusiastic amateurs and those with amore detailed interest. Please note that thisis in effect a Level 2 walking course (seepage 8 for further explanation). DavidCronshaw, a former geology tutor atPreston Montford and a rock, fossil andmineral enthusiast, now teaches in aLancashire school. Ingleborough -an Iconic MountainMT . O . 20 Aug-27 Aug . Mon-Mon . £650 . £435Ingleborough has been a special placethrough the ages and for thousands of yearspeople have left their mark on themountain. The course will adopt a holisticapproach using the geology, soils andvegetation of the landscape as pointers tohelp interpret the archaeological evidenceleft by settlers from the past. Althoughfocusing on one area, you will learn a rangeof landscape interpretation skills, which canbe used to help you understand rurallandscapes elsewhere. The course willinvolve walks of up to six miles per day.David Johnsonlives locally and has beenresearching the history of the Dales andleading themed walks for more than 20years. Active in archaeology and inhistorical research, with a passion forlandscape, he has lectured widely and hisbook Ingleborough: Landscape and Historywas published in 2008.Scenery and Geology of the Lake DistrictBL. O. 24 Aug-31 Aug. Fri-Fri. £440. £330This course will involve field examinationof classic rock sequences and will attemptto relate the spectacular scenery to the rocksbeneath your feet and the processes thathave subsequently impacted on them. Inthe evenings the significance of the day'sobservations will be set in context anddiscussed. It is also possible that a numberof short evening excursions will beundertaken. The course is suitable for boththe enthusiastic amateur and those with amore detailed interest. A maximum ofabout 6 miles of generally low levelwalking is envisaged on some days. DavidCronshaw, a former geology tutor atPreston Montford and a rock, fossil andmineral enthusiast, now teaches in aLancashire school. Science and theNatural WorldMonitoring and CommunicatingBiodiversity: The FSC DarwinScholarship Sponsored Course forYoung ProfessionalsPM. I. 21 Aug-31 Aug. Tue-Fri. £1,450This course has been running since 2008.Over 70 people from 32 countries haveattended to date and this sponsoredprogramme is aimed at young naturalhistorians from around the world. The aimis to develop better naturalists in the spiritof Darwin's love of nature and observingthe natural world. This programme isfunded through some limited FSC bursariesof up to £650 and open to anyone under 35who is working in taxonomy orbiodiversity. This course will be led byCentre Staff and Associatesincluding staffat Down House and The Natural HistoryMuseum.A Weekend with the WeatherKD . O . 24 Aug-27 Aug . Fri-Mon . £189 . £142A weekend with the weather aims toprovide a good understanding of weatherpatterns and forecasts. The course will bedelivered as a mixture of lectures,workshops and practical observing. Wewill learn how to observe the weather andname different cloud types and cover howto interpret weather charts and forecasts.Alison McLureworked for theMeteorological Office for 10 years and has awide experience of forecasting the weather. Astronomy WeekendKD . B . 09 Nov-11 Nov . Fri-Sun . £160 . £120This is a beginner-level course for adultswho would like to know more about thesubject. The course will be delivered as amixture of lectures, workshops and(weather permitting) practical observing.We will cover topics such as finding yourway around the night sky, the Sun and theMoon. This course will be led by TheAstronomical Society of Glasgow,amixture of professional and amateurastronomers.IngleboroughStephanie KielNEWNEW