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page 56 one day, explaining how best to identifyand remember them through a combinationof developing your listening skills andusing smartphone apps and other devices.The day starts with the morning chorus at06:00 and continues to 14:00, by which timeyour memory banks will be nicely full!Breakfast and a picnic lunch are inclusive inthe fee. Edward Jacksonis Head of Centreat Flatford Mill and one of the mostexperienced birders in the FSC.Birdwatching for BeginnersSL . B . 04 May-06 May . Fri-Sun . £225 . £160South Devon has an outstanding variety ofcoast and countryside bird habitats. Basedbeside the rich freshwater environment ofSlapton Ley National Nature Reserve, thecourse will provide an opportunity toidentify and learn about a wide range ofbirds. Visits to other habitats around thedistrict will be included to find differentspecies. David Normanis a well-knownsouth Devon birdwatcher and bird bookauthor with over 40 years' experience in thefield.Bird Songs and Calls for ImproversFM . I . 04 May-06 May . Fri-Sun . £230 . £164This course is for anyone who feels fairlyconfident that they know the main gardenand woodland bird songs. We will start byrevising these using smartphone apps, MP3devices and DVDs to sort out confusablespecies. Then we will visit differenthabitats including the heathland, forest andreedbed to listen for a wider range ofspecies, such as stone curlew, Dartfordwarbler, Cetti's warbler and bearded tit.Steve Piotrowskiis one of the mostexperienced birders in the region andauthor of The Birds of Suffolk. Introduction to Bird IdentificationOR. O. 04 May-08 May. Fri-Tue. £390. £310Pembrokeshire offers an excellent variety ofhabitats for keen bird watchers andbeginners alike. We will visit woodland,wetland and seacliffs, learning how toidentify birds by sight and sound. A visit toSkomer Island with its internationallyimportant seabird colonies is planned. Boatand landing fees included. Bob Haycock,previously a warden with the CountrysideCouncil for Wales, is an experienced tutorwith the FSC.Bird Songs and Calls for Beginners: The Late Spring WeekendFM . B . 11 May-13 May . Fri-Sun . £230 . £164See course description 13 Apr-15 Apr, butplease note there will be more summervisitors around in May. These twoweekends are stand-alone courses, but ifyou do decide to attend both you will beable to cover a wider range of species andwill gain an excellent grounding in thisfascinating aspect of birding. StevePiotrowski.Birdwatching in the DalesMT . O . 18 May-21 May . Fri-Mon . £335 . £229A course for the beginner or anyone whowants to extend their identification skillsand knowledge of birds. Participants willvisit a variety of different habitatsconcentrating on common garden andwoodland species and some of the birdsthat are special to the uplands of theYorkshire Dales. Colin Strakeris anexperienced course tutor, lives locally andknows the Dales intimately from his days asa National Park Warden. David Sharrod, atrustee of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, has alifelong interest in birds. Birds by Character for BeginnersKD . B . 01 Jun-04 Jun . Fri-Mon . £189 . £142A bird identification course with adifference that teaches you to look at thewhole bird and not just the colours andpatterns. Jeff's relaxed courses help you tounderstand and enjoy the bird you arelooking at. This springtime course will giveextra attention to songs and calls. JeffClarkeis a freelance ecologist andenvironmental educator with a lifelongpassion for the natural world.Birds & other Trust forOrnithology (BTO)The following courses will be run bytrainers from the BTO. For furtherinformation or to book on any of thecourses please contact the BTO directly orvisit their website (see below).Bird Survey TechniquesMTO13 Mar-15 MarTue-ThuPlease contactBTO for feesRCO08 May-10 MayTue-ThuPlease contactBTO for feesDFO24 May-26 MayThu-SatPlease contactBTO for feesKDO05 Oct-07 OctFri-SunPlease contactBTO for feesFMO26 Oct-28 OctFri-SunPlease contactBTO for feesBirds are often seen as a good measure of thehealth of the environment and the dataproduced by accurate, long-term surveys areessential to measure population trends. TheBTO is an independent charity involved inthe monitoring of UK birds and sets thestandard worldwide for understanding theeffects of environmental change on wildlife.Over 40,000 volunteer birdwatchers, inpartnership with professional researchscientists, take part in BTO surveys, theresults of which feed directly intoconservation. This is a course for keenamateur birders who would like to learnsome well-tested bird survey techniques orto take part in a BTO survey. We will coversurveys such as the Breeding Bird Survey,BirdTrack and many others. Each course isrun by an experienced BTO Trainer.Bird IdentificationSLO24 Feb-26 FebFri-SunPlease contactBTO for feesDFO20 Apr-22 AprFri-SunPlease contactBTO for feesRCO08 May-10 MayTue-ThuPlease contactBTO for feesFMO19 Oct-21 OctFri-SunPlease contactBTO for feesLearn how to identify Britain's birds withconfidence. These courses cover the basicsof identifying birds by sight and progressduring your stay to identifying thecommoner species by songs and calls.Some time is spent in the classroom butmuch of the course will be spent exploringthe surrounding areas and each venue ischosen for its wide range and diversity ofspecies likely to be encountered. Pleasenote, the Flatford Mill course is likely toencounter scarcer species, and familiarspecies in more challenging plumages(winter or juvenile) so may also appeal tointermediate/advanced level birdwatchers.As well as increasing your confidence inbird identification you will also discoverthe range of BTO surveys that you can takepart in. The BTO has a broad range ofsurveys for volunteers to participate in,from weekly counting of garden birds,through monthly winter counts ofwaterbirds, and sampling of breeding birdsacross the UK. Each course is run by anexperienced BTO Trainer.For information on fees and to makebookings for the courses listed aboveplease contact Robin AndersonTel: 01786466560or emailrobin.anderson@bto.orgFor information on course content onlyplease contact Su Gough Tel: 01842 750050or email su.gough@bto.orgPlease note the fee for non-professionalsattending these courses is sponsored byBTO.BTO The Nunnery ThetfordNorfolk IP24 2PU Email: Discounts for shared accommodationShared accommodation is usually available on our residential courses at a discounted price. The cost is(see page 2)normally around £10 per night less than sole occupancy price. Please contact the Centre for an exact price.centreleveldatesdayssole occupancynon-residentialfee FM . O . 01 Feb-03 Feb . Fri-Sun . £174 . £13515

Birds by Character for ImproversKD . I . 04 Jun-08 Jun . Mon-Fri . £320 . n/aA bird identification course with adifference that teaches you to look at thewhole bird and not just the colours andpatterns. We use general impression, size,shape and sound. This course will suitmoderately experienced birdwatchersready to take the next step and will beparticularly useful to potential birdsurveyors both amateur and professional.Included in the course fee are the overnightstopovers in Speyside. Jeff Clarkeis afreelance ecologist and environmentaleducator with a lifelong passion for thenatural world. Mid Summer Birdwatching Weekend:Minsmere and FlatfordFM . O . 15 Jun-17 Jun . Fri-Sun . £230 . £164Mid June is an exciting time forbirdwatching: there are plenty of juvenilebirds to stretch your identification skills andlots of activity as parents help them findfood and escape predation. A visit to theRSPB Reserve at Minsmere will give usgood chances of seeing bittern, marshharrier, hobby and other scarcer species.Geoff Abbottregularly leads courses atFlatford Mill and is well-known for histhorough and patient approach to teachingidentification skills.Introducing Bird RingingFM . B . 06 Jul-08 Jul . Fri-Sun . £246 . £176Ringing is important for monitoring birdpopulations and movements and providesdata of great value to conservation. Thiscourse, run in partnership with the BritishTrust for Ornithology (BTO), covers theprinciples of the ringing scheme and thetechniques and skills of handling live birds.It is designed specifically for people whowant a 'feel' for ringing or are consideringapplying for a BTO 'Trainee' permit. BTOTrainersrun this weekend. Since itinvolves you in the handling of live birds,there will be a high trainer-to-learner ratio.An Introduction to Bird RingingSL. O. 10 Aug-12 Aug. Fri-Sun. £245. £170This course is designed to give people witha good knowledge of birds a flavour ofwhat ringing is about and identify the skillsand level of commitment required tobecome a licensed ringer. The course willbe run by experienced, licensed, BTOTrainers who will guide you through theprocess from handling a bird safely tofitting a ring and taking basicmeasurements. Ringing will take place atthe Centre and at local coastal reed beds,weather permitting. Roger Swinfenhasbeen a ringer for more than 30 years, in thiscountry and abroad. He has served on theBTO Ringing Committee and is a currentmember of the Trainers Panel. Nik Wardhas worked at Scottish Bird Observatoriesand has attended overseas ringingexpeditions in Europe and Africa. He iscurrently the Ringer-in-Charge at Slaptonand a member of the BTO Trainers Panelcarrying out several local projects.Bird Ringing for BTO Permit Holders: Developing Training SkillsFM. I. 07 Sep-09 Sep. Fri-Sun. £95. £60This course, formally recognised by BTO, isdesigned especially for those who haveheld a BTO Ringing Permit for at least twoyears (and as such is not on this occasionopen to novice ringers). The focus will beon developing your ringing knowledge,skills and competencies and particularlythose expected of a ringing trainer, eitherfor now or in the future. Participants can beassessed for permit upgrades if they wish:from 'T' to 'C', from 'C' to 'A' or from 'A' toa Trainer endorsement. Visit the ringers'pages of the BTO website for more detailsand an application form. BTO Trainerswillbe on hand throughout the weekend toshare their experiences of the Trainer role.Please note that the course fees for thisweekend are heavily subsidised due to thegenerosity of an individual sponsor with aspecial interest in encouraging ringers toshare their knowledge and expertise withothers.Autumn Birds and MigrationKD. O. 05 Oct-12 Oct. Fri-Fri. £475. £356During the week's activities we will bestrolling along a section of the local CateranTrail, from the Centre to Kirkmichael,looking for dippers, goosanders, jays andcrossbills; walking up part of Glas Maol inGlen Shee looking for ptarmigan andmountain hares; searching theRothiemurchus forest for crested tits;having a picnic lunch in 'raptor valley'looking for golden eagle and peregrine;visiting the local lochs looking for waterbirds, and hopefully otter, and wanderingup Glen Almond looking for raptors.Russell Nisbethas been a Nature ReserveWarden for over 20 years and is nowfreelancing as a wildlife tour operator.Autumn Birdwatching WeekendFM . O . 12 Oct-14 Oct . Fri-Sun . £230 . £164In October large numbers of winter visitorsmove from northern latitudes through EastAnglia. This birdwatching weekend visitsthe best local reserves to help improve youridentification of migrant and resident birds.Weather permitting, we will also see birdsin close-up at the Flatford bird ringing site.Geoff Abbottregularly leads courses atFlatford Mill and is well-known for histhorough and patient approach to teachingidentification skills.Birdwatching and Bird MigrationFM. O. 22 Oct-26 Oct. Mon-Fri. £439. £311This course is designed to help you to findout more about bird identification and birdmigration and the species likely to beencountered during migration periods. Wewill explore migration marking techniquesincluding ringing, colour marking andradio and satellite tracking. Weatherpermitting, we will organise bird ringingdemonstrations at the Flatford ringing site.Steve Piotrowskiis one of the mostexperienced birders in Suffolk and regularlyruns this course at Flatford Mill.Birdwatching for Near BeginnersFM. B. 26 Oct-28 Oct. Fri-Sun. £230. £164See course description 09 Mar-11 Mar butexperience the course while the autumnmigration season is well under way. TomForward.Coastal Birdwatching with Wader and Gull IdentificationMA. O. 02 Nov-04 Nov. Fri-Sun. £230. £157With a particular emphasis on theidentification of the 'difficult groups' ofwaders and gulls, we will be keeping an eyeopen for all the species that live in or visitthe expansive coastal region of SwanseaBay. We will also learn how habitat, tidalrhythms and other factors influence boththe birds found and their successfulviewing. Visits to muddy, rocky and sandyshores will definitely include the Europeangull hot spot at Blackpill. Ian Smithis anexperienced all-round naturalist and birderand has lectured on identification/ecologyfor 15 years. He co-ordinated the BTOWinter Atlas fieldwork in this region andadmits to a long-term gull watchingaddiction!16*Accredited courses which could count towards a qualification (see page 43).BLBlencathra .DFDale Fort . DGDerrygonnelly .EFEpping Forest .FMFlatford Mill . JHJuniper Hall .KDKindrogan .MTMalham Tarn .MAMargam .OROrielton .PMPreston Montford .RCRhyd-y-creuau .SLSlapton Ley NEWBramblingRobin SuttonNEW