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NEWNEWThe Amphibian andReptile ConservationTrust (ARC) is theleading NGO working for the conservationof amphibians and reptiles in the UK. TheTrust is pleased to be associated with thefollowing courses run by the FSC, and in2012 are offering several courses at FSCCentres to help promote the conservation ofthe species. For further information on theTrust and how to join please visit theirwebsite www.arc-trust.orgGreat Crested Newts and Licensing for Surveysn/a. B. 28 Mar. Wed. Non-residential. £85This course has been designed forecologists, rangers or land managers whoare looking to undertake professional greatcrested newt surveys. It will cover speciesidentification and ecology, surveytechniques, the habitat suitability index(HSI) and will include opportunities topractise netting, bottle trapping, torch andegg searching. Please note,this course is notbased at an FSC Centre but will be held atRixton Claypits Local Nature Reserve,Warrington, Cheshire, WA3 6EB. DavidOrchardis the Ponds Project Officer withARC. He has been involved with greatcrested newt survey training since 2006. Reptile Surveyn/a. B. 29 Mar. Thu. Non-residential. £85This one-day course will cover reptileidentification and ecology, an introductionto legislation, survey methods and surveyplanning. It will give participants a goodunderstanding of the principles behindreptile surveying and will include a sitevisit to demonstrate best practice. Weatherpermitting reptiles may be encounteredduring the course. Please note this course isnot based at an FSC Centre but will be held atRisley Moss Local Nature Reserve,Warrington, Cheshire, WA3 6QX. RobSmithhas over 15 years' experience ofmonitoring amphibians and reptiles atRisley Moss Local Nature Reserve.Widespread Reptiles and MitigationJH. I. 03 Apr-05 Apr. Tue-Thu. £334. £235This course has been designed to giveecological consultants and otherprofessionals a thorough understanding ofreptile mitigation best practice. It will alsobe useful for local authority ecologists andplanners who need to assess and commenton planning issues relating to widespreadreptiles and development issues. JonCranfieldand John Bakerrun their ownconsultancy businesses which bothspecialise in amphibian and reptile surveysand mitigation.Mark Recapture TechniquesPM. I. 16 Apr-18 Apr. Mon-Wed. £334. £235In this course we will learn some of thebasics of determining the population sizeof some mobile organisms. We will use acombination of theory and practicalsessions to illustrate how to estimatepopulations of animals. Mark Gardenerand John Wilkinsonare both ecologistswith a wide range of experience offieldwork in the UK and abroad.Working with Natterjacksn/a. B. 25 Apr. Wed. Non-residential. £85This course has been designed forconsultant ecologists, planners and FEPagents (working with DEFRA'sEnvironmental Stewardship scheme), butanyone with an interest in natterjack toadsis welcome to attend. Please note this courseis not based at an FSC Centre but will be heldat Millom Network Centre, Millom, southCumbria, LA18 5AB.John Buckleyand BillShaw, of ARC, are nationally recognisedfor their experience of natterjack toadconservation. Reptile SurveysJH. I. 09 May. Wed. Non-residential. £85This one-day course will cover reptileidentification and ecology, an introductionto legislation, survey methods and surveyplanning. It will give participants a goodunderstanding of the principles behindreptile surveying and will include a sitevisit to demonstrate best practice. Weatherpermitting reptiles may be encounteredduring the course. Jim Fosterspent nearly12 years working for Natural England astheir amphibian and reptile specialist. JonCranfieldruns his own consultancybusiness.Reptiles and AmphibiansPM. I. 18 May-21 May. Fri-Mon. £334. £235In this course we will learn how to identifyall the UK's native amphibians andreptiles, as well as established alienspecies. The focus will be on diagnosticcharacters and practical experience ofidentification in the field. We will alsodiscuss ecology, survey techniques andhabitat requirements. John Wilkinsonisan ecologist specialising in herpetofauna.He has over 15 years' experience workingwith amphibians and reptiles. *BIPond Assessment, Creation and ManagementPM. I. 21 Aug-23 Aug. Tue-Thu. £334. £235This course, led by PondConservation, has beendesigned for ecologistsand land managers withan interest in theassessment, management and creation ofponds for biodiversity. It will look atstandardised methods of assessing pondsand best practice for creating andmanaging them. Pascale Nicoletis SeniorFreshwater Ecologist with PondConservation, and National Coordinator ofthe Million Ponds Project. Great Crested Newts, Licensing and MitigationPM. I. 27 Nov-29 Nov. Tue-Thu. £344. £245This course has been designed for thoseecologists with knowledge and experienceof great crested newt survey techniquesand limited experience of licensing andmitigation projects. It will include case-study, syndicate exercises, site visits anddemonstration techniques to helpparticipants understand licenseapplication and mitigation projects. JimFaircloughis Senior Ecologist with GolderAssociates, specialising in applied ecologywith a particular interest in freshwaterhabitats. He is directly involved withmitigation projects at a diverse range ofhabitats and is experienced in providinglicensing and mitigation training.Great crested newtHoward Inns ARCCommon lizardChris Dresh ARC24*Accredited courses which could count towards a qualification (see page 43).BLBlencathra .DFDale Fort . DGDerrygonnelly .EFEpping Forest .FMFlatford Mill . JHJuniper Hall .KDKindrogan .MTMalham Tarn .MAMargam .OROrielton .PMPreston Montford .RCRhyd-y-creuau .SLSlapton Ley

Discounts for shared accommodationShared accommodation is usually available on our residential courses at a discounted price. The cost isnormally around £10 per night less than sole occupancy price. Please contact the Centre (see page 2)for an exact price.centreleveldatesdayssole occupancynon-residentialfee FM . O . 01 Feb-03 Feb . Fri-Sun . £174 . £135& otherflowersThis section introduces the courses offered onthe plant kingdom throughout the FSC.However, as you will see from the list of coursetitles, this phrase is interpreted fairly liberally andincludes 'for convenience' groups such as lichens,plant galls and fungi, as well as the floweringplants. Most courses involve a strong emphasis onidentification skills, starting with general principlesand moving on to more detailed identificationusing appropriate guides and specialised 'keys'.From the experience of the plants you discoverduring our courses, you should leave confident thatyou can recognise and name unfamiliar plants infuture. The process and skills of identification are atthe heart of our teaching, not least because they arethe basis for all further investigations into the worldof plants.The majority of courses listed are open to people atany level of interest. There are also somespecifically designed for beginners and others atintermediate level, where appropriate previousknowledge and experience will be assumed.Courses marked *BI can form part of theUniversity of Birmingham Certificate in BiologicalRecording and Species Identification. Full detailsare given on page 43 of the brochure.For specific courses on biological monitoring andhabitat management please see the Habitats andConservation section on page 37.Comfrey budsPete BoardmanplantsFlower stamen Julian