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3Access to . . .Each Centre has been carefully selectedto enable visitors to explore some of themost stunning environments the UKhas to offer. Some of the flora andwildlife within easy reach of the Centrescannot be easily found, if at all,elsewhere. Our staffEvery FSC Centre has a qualified teamof highly trained teaching staff who areextremely motivated and like to sharetheir enthusiasm about the UK's mostspectacular locations, wildlife and flora.In addition to FSC staff, leading expertshave been sourced where required.Career developmentThe FSC is committed to careerdevelopment and professional trainingin the environment and is one of theUK's leading providers of taxonomictraining. Each year the FSC offers awide range of courses, many of whichare accredited and certified byawarding bodies, to help peopledevelop their skills. Further details canbe found on page 43 of this brochure.Why choose the FSCPhotos:SwanPete Boardman; Pussy willow seedJulian Cremona; Lily pondHannah Rose;Violet coralRobin Sutton; Beautiful demoiselleClive Hurford

4CentresFSCSCOTTISH HIGHLANDSKindrogan Field CentreTel: 01250 870150Email: enquiries.kd@field-studies-council.orgSituated in its own wooded groundson the banks of the River Ardle, theCentre has immediate access to thewildlife and dramatic landscapes ofthe Highlands of Scotland.THE LAKE DISTRICTBlencathra Field CentreTel: 01768 779601Email: a dramatic setting on theslope of Blencathra near Keswickwith some of the most spectacularscenery in the UK.NORTHERN IRELANDDerrygonnelly Field CentreTel: 028 686 41673Email: enquiries.dg@field-studies-council.orgLying in the unspoilt WestFermanagh countryside the Centregrounds include the River Sillees andan excellent variety of habitats.Natural History coursesare offered at these Centresthroughout the UK:YORKSHIRE DALESMalham Tarn Field CentreTel: 01729 830331Email: in a National Nature Reserve inan area of outstanding interest for itsgeology, landscape and astonishingvariety of plant and animal habitats.SNOWDONIARhyd-y-creuau Field CentreTel: 01690 710494Email: enquiries.rc@field-studies-council.orgNestled in the mountains ofSnowdonia, the hills, woodlands,coasts, historic attractions andmountain villages of the area arereadily accessible. KDBLDGMTRC