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Habitats andConservationWildlife Dissertations -Planning Data Collection and ManagementPM . O . 09 Mar-11 Mar . Fri-Sun . £265 . £190During this course we will look at theprocess of planning and carrying out adissertation project. We will look at aspectsof planning, including managing your time,sampling strategy, data collection andanalysis. We will also look at writing andpresenting the final results. Mark Gardeneris an ecologist with a wide range ofexperience of fieldwork in the UK andabroad.Understanding Wildlife DataPM . I . 12 Mar-15 Mar . Mon-Thu . £405 . £190In this course we will look at some basicmethods of analysing wildlife data. We willlook at commonly used methods ofstatistical analysis. We will also look atways to present your results, including howto produce professional quality graphs.Mark Gardeneris an ecologist with a widerange of experience of fieldwork in the UKand abroad.Putting Wildlife on the Map:Introduction to Biological RecordingEF . I . 24 Mar . Sat . Non-residential . £35This course provides an introduction tobiological recording, which is essentially thesame thing as going out to enjoy watchingwildlife, except that you also record whatyou see! By collating your observations inan organised way you can help add to ourknowledge of wildlife and how to conserveit. Martin Harveyhas worked in biologicalrecording for over 10 years, with WildlifeTrusts, environmental records centres andcurrently for the Open University's iSpotproject, part of OPAL.Habitat Conservation for InsectsEF . I . 21 Apr . Sat . Non-residential . £37.75A course for those who would like to learnhow to conserve, or encourage, greaterinvertebrate biodiversity by supporting /creating habitats and understanding theecological requirements of given speciessuch as bees, beetles etc. Martin Harveyhas worked in biological recording for over10 years, with Wildlife Trusts,environmental records centres andcurrently for the Open University's iSpotproject, part of OPAL.Woodland Ecology and Management: The BasicsEF . B . 28 Apr . Sat . Non-residential . £37.75A course for those working or volunteeringin a woodland environment who would liketo understand how differing managementtechniques affect the habitats and ecology ofa site. This one-day course reviews manyscenarios and no previous knowledge isrequired. Andy Deaneis a lecturer inArboriculture and CountrysideManagement with many years' hands-onexperience in woodland management.Exploring the Rocky ShoreSL . O . 04 May-07 May . Fri-Mon . £325 . £215The rocky shore is a very special place andin south Devon there is much more to see inthe area 'between the tides' than justseaweed and shellfish. This course is foranyone who wants to look more closely atthis habitat and the plants and animals thatlive there. Jo Corkehas organised coursesat Slapton for several years; this coursereflects her continuing interest in thecommunities of the rocky shores.Woodland Conservation and Management OR . O . 04 May-08 May . Fri-Tue . £375 . £295Visit a variety of woodland sites to see theeffect of different management regimes onwoodland flora and fauna. The course willinclude identification of trees, shrubs,woodland plants and other indicatorspecies, as well as practical managementtechniques. Jerry Dickeris a workingarboricultural consultant, a warden for acommunity woodland and a voluntaryspeaker for the Woodland Trust.Coastal Plants of PembrokeshireOR . O . 08 May-12 May . Tue-Sat . £375 . £295Pembrokeshire has an excellent range ofcoastal habitats and you will see thisdistinctive flora at its best in May. Visitingsand dunes, salt marshes and limestonegrassland, you will see a wide variety ofcoastal plants and learn about the factorsinfluencing their distribution. Paul Ashtonis Reader in Botany at Edge Hill Universitywith many years' experience in teachingfield courses.Surveying Hedgerows for theirWildlife and HistoryPM . O . 11 May-13 May . Fri-Sun . £248 . £170This course is aimed at anyone with aninterest in hedgerow ecology and history. Anumber of survey techniques will becovered during the course. It will also offeropportunities to gain a deeper appreciationof landscape-wide patterns and thehistorical origins of hedgerows. BarryWrightis a professional ecologist,experienced tutor and has written widelyon hedges and hedgerow surveytechniques.The Management of Floodplain MeadowsPM . O . 14 May-16 May . Mon-Wed . £248 . £170Flower-rich meadows are an important partof our landscape and our natural heritage.They are a resource that we should pass on,in good condition, to future generations.The course includes visits to improving andcurrent good-condition floodplainmeadows with a view to exploring thehistory and current management of theseincreasingly rare habitats. The FloodplainMeadows Partnershipis a consortium oforganisations focusing on the research andeffective management of these grasslands.Tutors will be drawn from the team andinclude professors of botany andeducationalists. The organisation'ssponsorship has enabled a reduced price. Introduction to Phase 1 Habitat SurveysFM . O . 21 May-23 May . Mon-Wed . £308 . £224This course introduces and gives practicalfield experience in using Phase 1 HabitatSurveys, the standard method for assessingwildlife habitats and sites. Anyone needingto carry out basic ecological surveys inrelation to planning and development orNEWNEWNEWPembrokeshireClive Hurford38*Accredited courses which could count towards a qualification (see page 43).BLBlencathra .DFDale Fort . DGDerrygonnelly .EFEpping Forest .FMFlatford Mill . JHJuniper Hall .KDKindrogan .MTMalham Tarn .MAMargam .OROrielton .PMPreston Montford .RCRhyd-y-creuau .SLSlapton Ley

site conservation and management will findthis course covers the essential techniques.The course fee includes a personal copy ofthe latest JNCC Phase 1 Handbookand a setof colouring pencils. Andrea Kiewittis aprofessional botanist and experienced tutorwith wide experience of assessing plantcommunities. Introduction to Phase 1 Habitat SurveysFM . O . 23 May-25 May . Wed-Fri . £308 . £224See course description 21 May-23 May.Andrea Kiewitt.Introduction to Phase 1 Habitat SurveysFM . O . 28 May-30 May . Mon-Wed . £308 . £224See course description 21 May-23 May.Andrea Kiewitt.Wildlife PondsEF . B . 02 Jun . Sat . Non-residential . £37.75This course is aimed at those wanting tofind out more about ponds and theirwildlife. Epping Forest has around 100ponds with great biodiversity andparticipants will get the chance to dip in arange of these local ponds and be shownmethods to identify what they catch. As aneducation team leader at Epping Forest,Hannah Rosehas a wealth of experience inthe outdoor classroom with groups of allages.Graduate Fieldwork and Identification SkillsMA . I . 15 Jun-17 Jun . Fri-Sun . £160 . £110This course is designed for allundergraduates or recent graduates whowould like to gain experience in ecologicalfieldwork skills and identification of speciesin a variety of ecosystems including rivers,sand dunes and woodlands. The aim of thecourse is to gain experience which can beuseful when entering environmentalcareers such as ecological consultancy,research or teaching. Simon Wardis theHead of Centre at Margam. Simongraduated with a Masters in Ecology andEnvironmental Management from theUniversity of York and has been teachingecology and fieldwork in various locationsfor over nine years.Identifying Coastal PlantsDF . I . 17 Jul-20 Jul . Tue-Fri . £330 . £248Designed to help the beginner, this coursewill give participants practical experiencein the identification of saltmarsh and sanddune plants. There will be time to carry outvegetation surveys and consider theprocess of ecological succession. JohnArcher-Thomsonis Assistant Head ofCentre at Dale Fort. His special interestsinclude diving, photography, ecology andnatural history. *BITrees and Woodland in the British LandscapeFM . I . 29 Jul-03 Aug . Sun-Fri . £590 . £420A comprehensive exploration of the naturalhistory and management of trees andwoodlands. A series of illustrated lecturesare complemented by field excursions tosome of the finest ancient woodlands inSuffolk and Essex plus a visit to the SuffolkRecords Office to look at secondary sources.Oliver Rackhamis the acknowledgednational expert on the history and ecologyof woodlands. Native British Woodland Ecology,Management and EstablishmentSL . O . 30 Jul-03 Aug . Mon-Fri . £420 . £285This three-day course will provideinformation on British semi-naturalwoodland types (National VegetationClassification), distribution and natureconservation interests (flora and fauna).Days will be spent in the field visiting avariety of locally distinctive woodlands ofhigh nature conservation interest includingupland western oak woods, W17, species-rich lowland ash, W8, and the South Hamscreek woodlands. Paul Luntleads the MScEnvironmental Consultancy programme atthe University of Plymouth. He is a leadresearcher for the IUCN and a principalinvestigator with Earthwatch.Fens and Bogs: Plants and ProcessesMT . I . 06 Aug-10 Aug . Mon-Fri . £490 . £338This course aims to demonstrate thevariation in plant communities of fen andbog habitats and investigate the eco-hydrological processes that have given riseto them. It will cover wetland plantidentification, National VegetationClassification sampling, measurement ofbasic environmental variables anddiscussions about wetland management.Some strenuous walking across unevenground will be involved. Ros Trattis afreelance ecologist and part-time lecturer atthe University of Sheffield. She has manyyears' experience of wetland ecology,encompassing a wide variety of fens andbogs throughout Britain.Monitoring and Surveying for ConservationPM . I . 31 Aug-07 Sep . Fri-Fri . £525 . £355A practical course focusing on techniquesfor surveying and monitoring selectedgroups of organisms for the analysis ofhabitat and communities. It is designed forthe Birkbeck, University of London, MSc inCountryside Management as a stand-alonemodule and is suitable for others who wishto study at this level. Sue Townsend, theformer Head of Centre at Preston Montford,has designed this course in conjunctionwith Birkbeck College. She is experiencedin the identification, data analysis andplanning skills necessary for monitoringand surveying. *BBNatural History of HedgerowsEF . B . 09 Sep . Sun . Non-residential . £37.75This course provides an excellent insightinto the landscape and history of south westEssex using maps, aerial photographs andother records. We will visit and examinehedgerows, record species present anddiscuss possible management techniques.Tricia Moxeyis a qualified botanist andlecturer and has worked in Epping Forestfor many years.Managing Coasts for WildlifeFM . O . 28 Sep-30 Sep . Fri-Sun . £288 . £210This course is designed for those withprofessional and strong amateur interests incoastal areas. It will concentrate on thewildlife and habitats of 'soft' coastlines(estuaries, sand dunes, salt marshes andsoft cliffs) and will cover features,processes, wildlife communities and thelegal and other mechanisms whichunderpin active conservation management.Chris Gibson, Senior ConservationSpecialist with Natural England, has spentmuch of his 26 years in nature conservationcelebrating and protecting East Angliancoastal wildlife.NEWwww.field-studies-Habitats & coursePete Boardman39Discounts for shared accommodationShared accommodation is usually available on our residential courses at a discounted price. The cost is(see page 2)normally around £10 per night less than sole occupancy price. Please contact the Centre for an exact price.centreleveldatesdayssole occupancynon-residentialfee FM . O . 01 Feb-03 Feb . Fri-Sun . £174 . £135