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46CentreDateCourse TitlePageCentreDateCourse TitlePageMOSSES AND LIVERWORTSRC17 Feb-19 FebMosses and Liverworts32PM09 Mar-12 MarIdentifying Mosses and Liverworts32OR01 Apr-05 AprMosses and Liverworts as Indicators 32of Climate ChangeRC13 Apr-15 AprSphagnum32KD24 Apr-28 AprSphagnum Moss33PM27 Apr-30 AprIdentifying Bryophytes for 41Conservation and RecordingKD28 Apr-05 MayMosses and Liverworts33PM08 May-12 MayAdvanced Bryology Laboratory Course33EF31 May-01 JunMosses, Liverworts and Ferns33PM23 Jul-27 JulIdentifying Mosses and Liverworts33RC05 Aug-10 AugBryophytes and National 33Vegetation ClassificationMT20 Aug-24 AugMosses and Liverworts of Wetland 33and River Habitats PM31 Aug-02 SepIntroduction to Moss Identification33FM28 Sep-30 SepIdentifying Mosses and Liverworts33FUNGIPM18 May-22 MayIdentifying Moulds and Microfungi34KD07 Sep-14 SepIdentifying Fungi34FM12 Oct-14 OctIdentifying Fungi34PM12 Oct-15 OctIdentification of Macrofungi34GENERAL PLANTSPM24 Feb-26 FebUsing the Vegetative Key to 34the British FloraJH11 May-13 MayWoodland Plants: Identification 35and EcologyRC01 Jun-04 JunArctic Alpines 35PM15 Jun-18 JunIdentifying Difficult Higher Plants41FM27 Jul-30 JulWoodland Plants: Identification 35and EcologyRC13 Aug-17 AugSummer Flora of North Wales 35FM23 Aug-26 AugIdentifying Coastal Plants35LICHENSFM09 Mar-11 MarIdentifying Lichens 36KD30 Mar-06 AprLichen Identification36OR11 Apr-15 AprLichens in their Habitats36MT24 Aug-27 AugLichens in the Dales: 36An Introductory CourseFM07 Sep-09 SepIdentifying Lichens at 36Intermediate Level HABITATS AND CONSERVATIONPM09 Mar-11 MarWildlife Dissertations - Planning Data38Collection and ManagementPM12 Mar-15 MarUnderstanding Wildlife Data38EF24 MarPutting Wildlife on the Map: 38Introduction to Biological RecordingEF21 AprHabitat Conservation for Insects38EF28 AprWoodland Ecology and Management: 38The BasicsSL04 May-07 MayExploring the Rocky Shore38OR04 May-08 MayWoodland Conservation 38and ManagementOR08 May-12 MayCoastal Plants of Pembrokeshire38PM11 May-13 MaySurveying Hedgerows for their 38Wildlife and HistoryPM14 May-16 MayThe Management of 38Floodplain MeadowsFM21 May-23 MayIntroduction to Phase 1 Habitat Surveys38FM23 May-25 MayIntroduction to Phase 1 Habitat Surveys39FM28 May-30 MayIntroduction to Phase 1 Habitat Surveys39MA15 Jun-17 JunGraduate Fieldwork and 39Identification SkillsPM22 Jun-25 JunSite Assessment Using Vegetation41DF17 Jul-20 JulIdentifying Coastal Plants39FM29 Jul-03 AugTrees and Woodland in the 39British LandscapePM03 Aug-06 AugSite Assessment Using Invertebrates41MT06 Aug-10 AugFens and Bogs: Plants and Processes39PM31 Aug-07 SepMonitoring and Surveying 39for ConservationFM28 Sep-30 SepManaging Coasts for Wildlife39FM05 Oct-07 OctFreelance Writing: Wildlife and 40 the Environment EF27 OctA Brief History of British Woodlands40EF22 Nov-23 NovHedgelaying40NATIONAL VEGETATION CLASSIFICATIONKD11 May-14 MayNVC: Woodlands40FM25 May-27 MayNVC: Lowland Grasslands40 PM25 May-28 MayNVC: Grasslands40KD20 Jul-23 JulNVC: Grasslands40KD23 Jul-26 JulIntroduction to NVC40KD10 Aug-13 AugNVC: Heathlands40

47www.field-studies-council.orgCentre Booking Informationand Conditions1. Booking Please make provisional bookings by telephoning, faxing or emailingthe Centre of your choice (see back cover for contact numbers andemail addresses). Bookings can also be made via the FSC If the course is full and we are unableto offer you a suitable alternative, we will enter your name on awaiting list and inform you if a place becomes available. Until thedeposit is paid the booking is treated as provisional. Provisionalbookings will be held for 7 days. If you are making a booking on behalf of another person pleaseensure that they are aware of booking, cancellation and depositconditions.Please complete the booking form enclosed with this brochure andreturn with the deposit to the Centre in order to confirm yourbooking.2. Deposits . Full payment will be required to confirm bookings on all day courses and residential courses under £100.. A deposit of £50 per person is required to confirm bookings on residential courses £100 and above. . Full payment is due on bookings made less than 8 weeks before commencement of the course. . The deposit paid in respect of each course is accepted as a first instalment of the charge and is not refundable. . If a booking cannot be accepted, notification and refund of any deposit will be sent as soon as possible. Cheques should be made payable to 'Field Studies Council'.Soon after receiving your booking form and deposit, we will sendyou a receipt and further details - please check these carefully. 3. Balance of Fees An invoice for the balance of fees and final joining instructions will besent to you at least 5 weeks before commencement of the course. Thebalance of payment is due at the latest 28 days before the start of yourcourse. If payment is not received at this time, FSC reserves the rightto cancel your reservation, in which case normal cancellation termswill apply. If you anticipate a delay in making your final payment,please inform the Centre.4. Group Bookings Groups of 10 or more adults may qualify for group discounts. 5. Guests from Overseas The balance due date for guests paying from overseas is 28 daysbefore the start of your course. Guests from overseas should pay onlyin STERLING by one of the following methods: a.By credit card - we accept most Visa, Mastercard and Switch cards.b.By STERLING draft from your bank which should be sent direct to us. Do not send drafts direct to our bank as they may arrive without a name, making them impossible to identify. c. Direct to our Giro account: number 556 2252. d. By Eurocheque. PLEASE NOTE: 1. In each case please include information about the Centre and course dates booked. 2. For method 'd' a surcharge of up to £15 may be made at the Centre to cover bank transfer charges. 3. Please do not pay in a foreign currency by personal cheque as this can result in delay and additional expense.Your contract will be with Field Studies Council (hereinafter referred to as FSC).6. Rooms for Shared OccupancyThe standard fee quoted is based on sole occupancy accommodationbut it is possible to share a room. A discount will be offered if youwish to stay in shared accommodation. Preston Montford VisitorsPlease note that preference for en-suite rooms will be given to FSCmembers who are prepared to share.7. TransferIf, after your booking has been confirmed, you wish to transfer to adifferent course or you wish to transfer your confirmed booking toanother named person who satisfies all the conditions of booking, wewill make every effort to meet your requirements. Alterations madeby you less than 28 days before course commencement will be treatedas a cancellation of the original course booking and regarded as a newbooking for a different course. Cancellation charges as in paragraph8 may apply. 8. CancellationIf it is necessary for you to cancel your booking, please inform theCentre in writing as soon as possible. Cancellation is effective fromthe date your letter is received at our offices and may be subject tocancellation charges as follows: - The deposit is automatically forfeit if the booking is cancelled by thecustomer for any reason. - If cancellation is made less than 28 days before the start of thecourse, whether deliberately or by default, the balance of fees must bepaid in full, a condition which is accepted when the booking isconfirmed. 9. Other ChangesAnyone enrolling for a course will be invoiced for the full fee. Noreductions can be made in respect of late arrival, early departure orabsence during any part of the course.10. Acceptance of BookingsFSC reserves the right to refuse to accept any booking without statinga reason. Travel and Cancellation Insurance The FSC has negotiated a blanket insurance policy with a leadinginsurer which offers reasonably comprehensive cover in respect ofboth cancellation and personal belongings, and also includespersonal accident, legal liability and medical emergency/emergencytravel expenses cover. This cover is automatically provided to alleligible FSC course participants at no extra cost and details will besent to you when you book your first FSC course. If you are unsure whether you are covered, or would like to arrangeincreased cover, do not hesitate to ask for advice from the Centre.