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53www.field-studies-council.orgDateCourse TitleTutorPageDateCourse TitleTutorPage08 Jun-10 JunIntroducing BeekeepingJulia Pigott and 21Martin Hoggard15 Jun-17 JunMid Summer Birdwatching Geoff Abbott 16Weekend: Minsmere and Flatford15 Jun-17 JunIdentifying FliesMartin Harvey2115 Jun-17 JunIntroducing Grass Identification Jonny Stone30and Ecology22 Jun-24 JunIdentifying Dragonflies andSteve Cham21Damselflies06 Jul-08 JulIntroducing Bird RingingBTO Trainers1606 Jul-09 JulIdentifying Difficult PlantsRos Bennett2713 Jul-15 JulIdentification, Ecology and Brian and 18 Conservation of BatsPatty Briggs 13 Jul-15 JulIdentifying Moths and Butterflies Sheila Wright1920 Jul-22 JulButterflies and Moths on FilmPiers Warren19 and Mike Linley20 Jul-23 JulTrees and Tree Identification inAndrea Kiewitt29Summer22 Jul-26 JulFlatford Mill Active Helena 11Exploration WeekRichards23 Jul-26 JulIdentifying Butterflies, Moths and Richard 20 DragonfliesLewington23 Jul-26 JulWild Flower Identification:Andrea Kiewitt28Using a Flora 27 Jul-29 JulIdentifying Moths: More Difficult Jon Clifton20Macros and Micro Families27 Jul-30 JulIdentifying Bumblebees Paul Lee2227 Jul-30 JulWoodland Plants: IdentificationAndrea Kiewitt35and Ecology29 Jul-03 AugTrees and Woodland in the BritishOliver 39LandscapeRackham06 Aug-10 AugExploring Suffolk: Rachael Moss10Something Different Every Day20 Aug-22 AugDocks and Goosefoots: Identifying Ros Bennett28the Polygonaceae and Chenopodiacae (Amaranthaceae)23 Aug-26 AugIdentifying Coastal PlantsRos Bennett3531 Aug-02 SepOtters, Water Voles and Other Darren Tansley18Riverside Mammals07 Sep-09 SepBird Ringing for BTO Permit BTO Trainers16Holders: Developing Training Skills07 Sep-09 SepIdentifying Lichens at John Skinner36Intermediate Level14 Sep-16 SepEcology, Surveying and Simone Bullion18Conservation of Dormiceand Alison Looser 20 SepIntroducing Lichens 2John Skinner3628 Sep-30 SepIdentifying Freshwater SnailsAdrian Chalkley2328 Sep-30 SepIdentifying Mosses and LiverwortsRobin 33Stevenson28 Sep-30 SepManaging Coasts for WildlifeChris Gibson3905 Oct-07 OctFreelance Writing: Wildlife and Susan 40 the Environment Grossman12 Oct-14 OctAutumn Birdwatching WeekendGeoff Abbott1612 Oct-14 OctIdentifying FungiGeoffrey Kibby3419 Oct-21 OctBird IdentificationBTO Trainers1519 Oct-22 OctWatching Wildlife with Nick BakerNick Baker1022 Oct-26 OctBirdwatching and Bird MigrationSteve 16Piotrowski26 Oct-28 OctBird Survey TechniquesBTO Trainers1526 Oct-28 OctBirdwatching for Tom Forward16Near Beginners30 Nov-02 DecTrees and Tree Identification: Ros Bennett 29The Challenge of Early WinterJUNIPER HALL03 Apr-05 AprWidespread Reptiles and MitigationJon Cranfield 24 and John Baker16 AprBat Ecology and ConservationBat 17 Conservation Trust17 AprArboriculture and Bats: A Guide Bat 17for PractitionersConservation Trust18 AprArboriculture and Bats: How to use Bat 17a FiberscopeConservation Trust20 Apr-23 AprIdentifying Grasses in SpringJudith Allinson3021 AprIntroducing Lichens 1David 36Hawksworth09 MayReptile SurveysJim Foster 24and Jon Cranfield11 May-13 MayWoodland Plants: Identification Andrea Kiewitt35and Ecology12 MayIntroducing Lichens 2David 36Hawksworth01 Jun-03 JunWild Orchids of South East EnglandDavid Streeter2611 Jun-12 JunInterpreting Your Bat SurveysBat 17 Conservation Trust22 Jun-25 JunWild Flowers for Beginners: Ros Bennett27The Top 20 Families29 Jun-02 JulIdentifying Scrophulariaceae andRos Bennett27 Lamiaceae13 Jul-15 JulDiscovering the Flora of ChalkJohn Dicker 28Grasslands and Woodlands21 Sep-23 SepBroad-Leaved TreesRos Bennett2916 Nov-18 NovGetting to Know ConifersRos Bennett29KINDROGAN30 Mar-06 AprLichen IdentificationRebecca Yahr3602 Apr-07 AprSpecial Spring MothsDavid Brown1920 Apr-27 AprScottish Spring Birds, Flowers Russell Nisbet14and Butterflies24 Apr-28 AprSphagnum MossMartha Newton3327 Apr-29 AprBig Tree Country: Introduction to Jerry Dicker28Tree Identification28 Apr-05 MayMosses and LiverwortsMartha Newton3329 Apr-03 MayBig Tree Country: Tree Identification Jerry Dicker28for Improvers30 Apr-04 MayIdentifying Freshwater Craig Mcadam20Invertebrates07 MayGPS Training 1 Day CourseJim Butcher1108 May-10 MayGPS Training 2 Day CourseJim Butcher1111 May-14 MayNVC: WoodlandsBen Averis4019 MaySmall Mammal Ecology and John Haddow19Survey Techniques01 Jun-04 JunBirds by Character for BeginnersJeff Clarke1502 Jun-09 JunA Uist SpringMartyn 9 Jamieson and Robin Sutton04 Jun-08 JunBirds by Character for ImproversJeff Clarke1608 Jun-11 JunReptiles and AmphibiansJeff Clarke2308 Jun-15 JunFreshwater AlgaeEileen Cox 31and Elliott Shubert15 Jun-22 JunIdentification of Highland PlantsBob Callow2715 Jun-18 JunFlora and Fauna for HillwalkersRussell Nisbet1119 Jun-23 JunWild Orchids of ScotlandMartin Robinson 2722 Jun-24 JunMammal Identification WeekendJohn Haddow1922 Jun-29 JunPlant Communities of the Bob Callow27Scottish Highlands22 Jun-29 JunAquatic PlantsNick Stewart3125 Jun-29 JunDiscovering and Identifying Martin 27Wild FlowersRobinson29 Jun-02 JulSpiders: An Introduction to Alastair Lavery22their Identification29 Jun-02 JulDiscovering Mountain FlowersTheo Loizou2702 Jul-06 JulFern IdentificationHeather 32 McHaffie

AnnexesFoundations for Excellence71ANNEXESI Summary of delegates' evaluationsForty seven completed evaluation forms were returned, representing 47% of the total number of delegates, session chairs and speakers attending the conference. High ratings for the sessions were given in terms of both interest and relevance - 100% in several cases, with the least well received session still being rated as interesting by 89% of respondents. There were many positive comments about the excellent organisation of the day, in particular about timekeeping, the inclusion of young people's performances and the effective use of different session chairs. The venue, catering and helpfulness of staff were all highly appreciated.The four most mentioned 'key learning points' were: >> the importance of re-evaluating teaching methods regularly and considering Paul Denegri's 4 Es: Energy, Enthusiasm with Expertise, and Experience>> awareness raising, identification of and support for hypermobility and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome >> the motivational climate and goal setting, including working on task-involving rather than ego-involving goals >> strategies for relaxation and dealing with anxieties Other particular areas of learning noted were methods for training young voices safely; developing more personalised learning for students; and remembering that teaching is a valuable career, not merely a 'fallback' if someone does not become a professional performer. Overall, the conference prompted significant reflection by delegates on their role as teachers, perhaps best summed up by this learning point:The conference was highly successful and recommendations for future events included: >> more discussion based breakout groups and/or longer question times to discuss issues raised in the main presentations and more time for networking>> more separate dance and music sessions (while still appreciating 'cross over' sessions) >> more performances in dance (or showing dance film) to provide a better balance'Treasuring teaching as a trainable talent.'54DateCourse TitleTutorPageDateCourse TitleTutorPage02 Jul-07 JulInvertebrate Surveying TechniquesJeff Clarke 22and Paul Hill06 Jul-13 JulGrass IdentificationJudith Allinson3020 Jul-23 JulNVC GrasslandsBen Averis4023 Jul-26 JulIntroduction to NVCBen Averis4006 Aug-11 AugIdentifying Sedges and RushesFred Rumsey3110 Aug-13 AugNVC: HeathlandsBen Averis4018 Aug-25 AugHighland Butterflies and Moths David Brown2018 Aug-25 AugIdentifying Spiders Mike Davidson2224 Aug-27 AugScottish Mammals John Haddow1824 Aug-27 AugA Weekend with the WeatherAlison McLure1207 Sep-14 SepIdentifying FungiLiz Holden3428 Sep-01 OctHarvestmen Spider Identification Mike Davidson23and Ecology05 Oct-07 OctBird Survey TechniquesBTO Trainers1505 Oct-09 OctSmall MammalsJeff Clarke1905 Oct-12 OctAutumn Birds and MigrationRussell Nisbet1609 Nov-11 NovAstronomy WeekendGlasgow 12 AstronomyAssociationMALHAM TARN25 FebIntroducing Lichens 1Allan Pentecost3613 Mar-15 MarBird Survey TechniquesBTO Trainers1531 MarIntroducing Lichens 2Allan Pentecost3618 May-21 MayBirdwatching in the DalesColin Straker 15and David Sharrod25 May-28 MayWild Flowers of the Judith Allinson26Limestone Dales01 Jun-04 JunSedges Judith Allinson3022 Jun-25 JunLimestone Flora Ian Powell2720 Jul-23 JulGrass IdentificationSarah 31Watson-Jones23 Jul-27 JulButterflies and Moths David Brown2003 Aug-06 AugIntroduction to Freshwater AnimalsSharon and 22Peter Flint03 Aug-10 AugGrasses, Sedges and Rushes Judith Allinson3106 Aug-10 AugFens and Bogs: Ros Tratt39Plants and Processes17 Aug-20 AugExploring the Yorkshire Dales Centre Staff1020 Aug-24 AugMosses and Liverworts of WetlandMartha Newton33and River Habitats 20 Aug-27 AugIngleborough - an Iconic MountainDavid Johnson1224 Aug-27 AugLichens in the Dales: Allan Pentecost36An Introductory Course05 Oct-07 OctFungal FunNoel Jackson3429 Oct-30 OctInterpreting Your Bat SurveysBat 17 Conservation Trust16 Nov-18 NovNavigation SkillsAdrian Pickles11MARGAM13 Apr-15 AprBirdwatching Hills to CoastIan Smith1411 May-13 MayBeetle and Invertebrate Steve Bolchover21Identification 11 May-14 MayWildlife and Landscapes of Ian Smith 9the Gower18 May-20 MayIntroduction to Deer Behaviour Steve George17and Ecology18 May-20 MayBat EcologyRichard 18 Crompton18 May-20 MayIntroduction to BeekeepingChris Adam 21and Gareth Barry25 May-27 MayBotany for BeginnersMark Duffell3515 Jun-17 JunIntroduction to Dragonflies, Ian Smith21Butterflies and Moths15 Jun-17 JunIdentification of the Native and Steve George29Exotic Trees of Margam15 Jun-17 JunGraduate Fieldwork and Simon Ward 39Identification Skills03 Aug-05 AugIntroduction to Grasses, Rushes Mark Duffell31and Sedges26 Aug-31 AugWildlife and Landscapes of Central Ian Smith10South Wales31 Aug-02 SepIntroduction to Reptile and Peter Hill23Amphibian Ecology and Conservation31 Aug-02 SepVegetative Plant IdentificationMark Duffell3502 Nov-04 NovCoastal Birdwatching with Wader Ian Smith 16and Gull IdentificationORIELTON17 MarIntroducing Lichens 1Pat Wolseley3631 MarIntroducing Lichens 2Robin Crump3601 Apr-05 AprMosses and Liverworts as Indicators Martha Newton32of Climate Change 11 Apr-15 AprLichens in their HabitatsPat Wolseley 36and Ray Woods04 May-08 MayIntroduction to Bird IdentificationBob Haycock1504 May-08 MayWoodland Conservation Jerry Dicker38and Management04 May-08 MayPembrokeshire Spring WildlifeClive Hurford 9 and Chris Millican08 May-12 MayCoastal Plants of PembrokeshirePaul Ashton3820 Jul-24 JulPembrokeshire Summer WildlifeClive Hurford 10 and Chris Millican23 Jul-27 JulIdentifying Sedges and RushesPaul Ashton31PRESTON MONTFORD24 Feb-26 FebUsing the Vegetative Key to the John Poland34British Flora25 FebWinter Tree IdentificationMark Duffell2802 Mar-04 MarIntroduction to Diptera - a Dipterist Roger Morris 20Forum Beginners Courseand Allan Stubbs02 Mar-04 MarDolichopodidae - the Long-legged Martin Drake20Flies 03 MarSmall Mammal Ecology and Survey Mammal 19TechniquesSociety Trainers 09 Mar-12 MarIdentifying Mosses and LiverwortsMartin Godfrey 3209 Mar-11 MarWildlife Dissertations - Planning Mark Gardener38Data Collection and Management12 Mar-15 MarUnderstanding Wildlife DataMark Gardener3816 Mar-18 MarBirds of the Meres and MossesAllan Dawes1416 Apr-18 AprMark Recapture TechniquesMark Gardener24and John Wilkinson23 Apr-25 AprWorking Towards a Great Crested Jackie 23Newt LicenceUnderhill27 Apr-30 AprSongbird IdentificationKevin Clements1427 Apr-30 AprIdentifying Bryophytes for Nick Hodgetts41Conservation and Recording08 May-12 MayAdvanced Bryology Laboratory Martha Newton33Course11 May-13 MaySurveying Hedgerows for their Barry Wright38Wildlife and History11 May-14 MayBird Survey TechniquesMartin Godfrey4111 May-14 MayIdentifying Difficult InvertebratesPaul Lee4112 MayWoodland PlantsMark Duffell2914 May-16 MayThe Management of Floodplain 38 Floodplain MeadowsMeadows Partnership18 May-21 MayIdentification of BatsRebecca Collins1818 May-21 MayReptiles and AmphibiansJohn Wilkinson2418 May-21 MayIdentifying Woodland PlantsNick Law 29 and Sarah Whild18 May-22 MayIdentifying Moulds and MicrofungiBruce Ing34