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exploringthe natural SnowdoniaBen WorthThe courses within this section introduce thenatural world through exploring andunderstanding the special character of the landscapeand wildlife around FSC Centres. Courses include General Natural History and Walking,Geology and Scenery. For those of a more adventurousnature there are the Actively Exploring the NaturalWorld courses which involve exploring theenvironment through more adventurous activities. Each course within both the General Natural Historyand Walking, and the Actively Exploring sections has alevel which indicates the amount of activity involved.Level 1Up to 3 miles of gentle walking on any one day... no specialpreparation required providing you are used to gentle exercise.Level 23 to 8 miles of brisker walking on any one day, some hillclimbs possible... some regular exercise before the course isrecommended, especially if you do not walk these distancesregularly.Level 38 miles plus of more strenuous walking on any one day,hill climbs likely... regular exercise before the course is essentialto ensure everyone in the group is experienced in covering thedistances.Level 4These courses include a range of activities which aresuitable for individuals with a reasonable degree ofphysical fitness. Please contact the Centre running thecourse to discuss the level of fitness required. worldWave crashingSimon BoothBLBlencathra .DFDale Fort . DGDerrygonnelly .EFEpping Forest .FMFlatford Mill . JHJuniper Hall .KDKindrogan .MTMalham Tarn .MAMargam .OROrielton .PMPreston Montford .RCRhyd-y-creuau 8.SLSlapton Ley *Accredited courses which could count towards a qualification (see page 43).

General Natural History and WalkingWainwright Walks in the Lake DistrictBL . 4 . 24 Feb-26 Feb . Fri-Sun . £220 . £165Alfred Wainwright's Pictorial Guide to theLakeland Fellslists 214 mountains and tops.We will hand-pick two of his historic walksto ensure that you get the true flavour of theLake District from every angle, every cornerand every view point. Taking in spectacularviews and peaks, we will walk along theprettiest footpaths, tracks and lanes and seethe lakes and tarns. The course will be ledby trained Centre Staffwho have a widerange of experiences in the outdoors and inleading groups in the Lake District.Spring Walking: Exploring SouthSuffolk and 'Constable Country'FM . 2 . 03 Apr-05 Apr . Tue-Thu . £236 . £168This stimulating midweek walking courseat the start of the Easter break weavestogether a variety of local history, wildlifeand conservation themes and compares thecountryside we see today with the scenesJohn Constable painted 200 years ago.There are two routes of six to eight miles,breaking for lunch at excellent local pubs!Celia Richardsonused to manage theDedham Vale and Stour Valley Project andhas extensive experience of countrysideconservation.Wanders in WalesRC . 1 . 06 Apr-09 Apr . Fri-Mon . £275 . £150Discover some of the places that makeNorth Wales so special. We will follow inthe footsteps of Darwin, visiting theNational Nature Reserve of Cwm Idwal inthe heart of the mountains, and then head tothe National Trust gardens at Bodnant. Wewill explore how the slate industrytransformed North Wales, visiting the Slatequarries at Llanberis and the opulentPenrhyn Castle built by a Slate baron. Eachday will combine a short walk, places ofinterest and hearty cafes! The course will beled by an experienced member of CentreStaff. All Rhyd-y-creuau tutors live inSnowdonia and regularly take groups tomany of the special places in and aroundthe National Park.Pembrokeshire Spring WildlifeOR . 2 . 04 May-08 May . Fri-Tue . £390 . £310See the fauna and flora of Pembrokeshire inspring, including badgers, bats, seabirdsand spectacular displays of spring flowers.Coast and woodland walks and a visit toSkomer Island will make this a memorableexperience for those interested in naturalhistory. Boat and landing fees included.Clive Hurfordis a professional ecologistand Chris Millicanis Head of Centre atOrielton.London Loop: The Epping Forest ConnectionEF . 2 . 05 May . Sat . Non-residential . £39This 'Walk and Talk' course will follow theLondon Loop through Epping Forest'sSections 18 and part of 19 which will beapproximately seven miles and include anumber of climbs. Participants will learnenthralling facts and fascinating storiesalong the way. David Horne is anexperienced environmental educator andpassionate about the London Loop, naturalhistory and the area's heritage. The Pembrokeshire Coast National ParkDF . 2 . 08 May-13 May . Tue-Sun . £425 . £319Discover Pembrokeshire's diverse naturalhistory, especially the seabirds and wildflowers. We hope to spend one day onSkomer Island with three land-based days.On the last morning there is an opportunityto visit the world famous gannetry onGrassholm. Boat and landing fees notincluded. John Archer-ThomsonisAssistant Head of Centre at Dale Fort. Hisspecial interests include diving,photography, ecology and natural history.Wildlife and Landscapes of the GowerMA . 2 . 11 May-14 May . Fri-Mon . £340 . £240This course introduces the UK's first Area ofOutstanding Natural Beauty with a mix ofgentle strolls over boggy, muddy, sandy,rocky and grassy ground! Well known forits stunning scenery and as a popularholiday destination, the Gower also offersvast areas of wildlife-rich habitats. We shalltake time to explore these together, seekingout plants and animals and discoveringwhat environmental influences in thelandscape have on this wildlife. Ian Smithis an experienced all-round naturalist andinterpreter with an interest in helpingpeople understand the whole landscapeand the natural history within.A Nibble of PembrokeshireDF . 2 . 18 May-22 May . Fri-Tue . £375 . £281Visit Neolithic tombs, dramatic Iron-Agehill forts, holy wells and ancient churches.Combine all this with walks and naturalhistory along the stunning PembrokeshireCoast Path. We also hope to visit SkomerIsland to look at the island's ecology andhistory, puffins, porpoises and seals. Boatand landing fees not included. SteveMorrellis a senior teaching officer at DaleFort with interests in ecology, local historyand painting.Summer Walking Weekend: Exploring South Suffolk and'Constable Country'FM . 2 . 01 Jun-03 Jun . Fri-Sun . £236 . £168See course description 03 Apr-05 Apr.Celia Richardson.A Uist SpringKD . 1 . 02 Jun-09 Jun . Sat-Sat . £1,299North and South Uist, separated byBenbecula, belong to the chain of islandsmaking up the Outer Hebrides, or theWestern Isles. With their crofting culturethey are some of the few remainingstrongholds of the corncrake, while themachair is a botanist's paradise. MartynJamiesonis the Head of Kindrogan FieldCentre. Robin Suttonis Assistant Head ofMalham Tarn Field Centre. Both have ledmany courses to the Scottish Islands.NEWDiscounts for shared accommodationShared accommodation is usually available on our residential courses at a discounted price. The cost isnormally around £10 per night less than sole occupancy price. Please contact the Centre (see page 8)for an exact price.centreleveldatesdayssole occupancynon-residentialfee FM . O . 01 Feb-03 Feb . Fri-Sun . £174 . £1359Exploring the Natural Skomer IslandDave LawrencePuffinJodie PercivalNEWNEW